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May your health and safety not be compromised;

May your happiness grow and prosper;

May Donald Trump and his team of bigoted scofflaws be thwarted at every turn.
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Fog is my absolute favorite weather*, because it seems like everywhere you go could be a gateway to another world.

* Except to drive in at absurd o'clock in the morning. Who wants to potentially drive into another world that may or may not (probably not) have paved roads while on their way to work before dawn uses her rosy fingers to flip us all the bird? Or for something from another world to drive you off the road when you can't even properly investigate it and have to call in to your boss to let them know why you're going to be late to work and not even be able to properly explain it? Also more mundane "I like to see where I'm going" problems, but definitely those first two.
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*sigh* And I was doing so well with regular updates here for a while...

Anyway, here are a few things I want to crochet based on/inspired by Pokemon Sun & Moon:

* Comfey - Possibly as a necklace or something? Still not sure how I want to approach the whole circle aspect.
* Minior - All seven colors plus removable shield/jacket/cover thing, because awesome.
* Decidueye hoodie - I just really like the look of its hood and think it would be cool to crochet one of my own. Or sew one of my own, but my sewing skills are mediocre at best.

If I had to guess, I'd say I'm about half-way through Sun, which my brother got me for my birthday. I'm planning to get a digital copy of Moon soon-ish. I'm not actually entirely happy with my team, so I may be re-working it very drastically soon. Changes to gameplay mechanics have made teambuilding different, to say the least.

I have more thoughts, but they're pretty spoilery in general, so I think I'll wait on them. Or discuss them in the comments, which is also a fun option :3
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For anyone looking for a cheap, gender-neutral gift for (not necessarily just) kids, the Creatology 100 Piece Art Set is on sale today at Michael's for just two dollars each. I personally like to go and buy a whole bunch when they're this cheap and donate them to a local food pantry, but they're great for younger relatives and friends' kids, too.

Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested!
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So I don't have Pokemon Sun and/or Moon yet, partly because post-car-purchase finances, and partly because I got a secondhand copy of Y and I'm in the middle of a playthrough and don't want to be distracted and completely forget where I left off. Anyway, no game yet, but I'm still quite excited to get a copy, which will probably happen for my birthday at the very latest, and possibly earlier, depending on Black Friday sales.

Since I am so excited, I've been keeping an eye on spoilers at, and decided to go through all the new Pokemon today. And I got to Jangmo-o, and I saw its shiny form and, well.

Tell me it doesn't look like a magical girl mascot/companion animal to you. I mean, a very grumpy one, but gold body color with pink trim and a massive pink heart smack-dab in the middle of its forehead? Definitely magical girl material.

Sadly, the evolutions are not quite as fitting, but the line itself is still pretty dang cool.
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New car has been official since Wednesday :3 I've been busy being distracted by other things, but it definitely exists and is mine.

I moved some money around and paid the entire thing off in one go. On the plus side, no car payments! On the minus side, ouch, my bank accounts x_X

That said, it does get 37 highway mpg, and it's fairly new and reliable, so hopefully that'll help build up my savings again by being less expensive in both fuel and repairs.

Anyway! It's a 2012 black Nissan Versa, and for the first time in my life I am actually thinking about naming an inanimate thing with real enthusiasm??? Usually I'm just like, "I should name it, other people seem to have lots of fun naming their things, it's a cute tradition," and then I never actually name things, or I name them and I feel super weird about it. And to be honest, this time started like that as well. And then, well...

I mean, it's a Nissan? And I know it's not actually the same word, and there's probably subtle pronunciation differences that are currently lost on me, but I started thinking, "LOL, I should name it after some anime character that's called 'big brother' a lot, because Nissan Nii-san." A-and then the first character that came to mind was Edward Elric.

And I mean, I can think of a lot worse characters to name a car after. Plus, I can call it the Fullmetal Vehicle for kicks and giggles. And I'll bet there's also a bunch of cool FMA decals and stuff that I can stick to my new-ish car.

So I guess my car has a name now.

No this definitely didn't influence my decision of whether to buy it, what are you talking about, don't be ridiculous.
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And by "new car" I mean "new-to-me" car, but that's reasonably well understood, I think.

It's about 5k, and I have about 4k lined up, so I should be pretty well set for paying it off.

This has all happened a whole lot faster than I was expecting. I thought for certain it would take a lot longer to get a new car set up, but here I am. Honestly, my head is almost spinning from how fast this went o_O Still, new car! Very likely reliable new car, with cruise control - something I am bound to appreciate at absurd o'clock in the morning.

Special thanks to my grandma, who is pitching in $500 for it, and says she wanted to help more. I am making her an absolutely amazing present for Xmas.
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To top off all the other shit going on in the world right now, my car up and died yesterday morning a five minute drive from work. I ended up waiting an hour and a half for a tow, and thus about two hours late to work. (Technically it was more like one hour fifteen minutes late, since on Sundays I try to show up half an hour to an hour early and was on track to get there forty-five minutes early, but that was still two hours I coulda been working that I was instead waiting in my car.)

Just got a call from my mechanic a little bit ago; the drive shaft went kerflooie, and the engine is completely shot. I need to look for a new car.
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Welp, either the reality of the election has finally hit me where it hurts, or I'm coming down with something.Possibly both. Do Not Approve.
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Anyone have that post saved by that person who made an assassination joke about W back in the day and ended up on the No Fly list? I need to get that spread IMMEDIATELY.

Oh, right!

Nov. 6th, 2016 10:52 pm
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Fun conversation I overheard at work today:

Coworker 1: Is it weird that I like to arrange the juice in alphabetical order?

Coworker 2: I do that, too!

Coworker 2: Apple, Cranberry--

Coworkers 1 and 2 together: --Grapefruit, Pineapple, Orange!

Me: *silent delighted laughter*
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Blargh. I haaaaaaate ten hour work days. So much. So, so much. I wish my supervisor would stop giving me two people's worth of work on days I work alone. Or even just stop making me go downstairs on Sundays, since I have to track down a key that I shouldn't even technically be able to borrow from anyone myself.

On the plus side, I got to follow it up by hanging out with my mom, my future sister-in-law, and F!SIL's mother and sister to taste some cupcakes and watch F!SIL try on dresses. As a bonus, the dress store was literally right next to Half Price Books, and Mom bought me a couple of things there <3 One of which was the S.A.V.E. edition of El Cazador de la Bruja, which I look forward to trying out. Sometime. Eventually. I should maybe watch Noir first? I've seen Madlax already, and they aren't technically connected, even if they do share some themes...

And hey, I don't have to be in to work tomorrow until one in the afternoon~ So that's something as well. Gonna catch up on some sleep and enjoy it :3b
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I have discovered the attention-sucking black hole that is John Oliver's Last Week Tonight, which is probably only as bad as it is because I haven't seen many episodes. I've managed to close the tab for now, mostly because I definitely need to sleep before tomorrow, but it'll likely be open again in short order when I get home after work.

In completely different news, ICON was last week, and Seanan McGuire is an absolutely lovely person and defaulted to singular they when she saw my "I'm a Genderqueer Sea Monster" shirt. Jim Hines also did a fantastic job as Toastmaster (as usual), and due to him asking not-exactly-standard questions in the Guest of Honor Q&A session, I think I might be ready to give Seanan's Rosemary & Rue another try. I was already fully prepared to give her Every Heart A Doorway a chance after having not-quite ragequit Rosemary & Rue some years ago, because ace protag plus portal fantasy equals gimme gimme, but knowing some of Seanan's history in genre writing has... hmm. Softened my anger at the book and some of the narrative/plot-related choices she made? Anyway, yes, potentially another try.
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So anyone remember how Dom/Sub AUs were the big thing before A/B/O AUs? And I mean, there was some overlap in the time periods, as there tends to be when switching from one trope to another, but I definitely feel like D/S AUs used to be more popular and that ABO has kinda taken their place and filled a similar niche in fandom.

And for the most part I'm neutral about it. I've seen some great ABO fic that played with the trope really well, but it doesn't really address how female-assigned biology plays in that system very well. Or with any frequency. Meanwhile, D/S AUs don't tend to talk about non-kinky people or seem to acknowledge the existence of Switches? I've read fewer of those, and naturally fewer good ones that really play with and/or challenge the dynamics.

Also, anatomy aside, I feel like there's a whole lot of worldbuilding that both types of AUs tend to ignore. Like, for ABO fics, I feel like there should be a minimum of three pronouns, since there are basically three "genders": Alpha, Beta, and Omega. If we want to get really complicated, we could go upwards of eight sets of pronouns: Female/Male Alpha, Female/Male Beta, Female/Male Omega, and Female/Male child/no dynamic presented. And then for D/S AUs, I feel like gender dynamics aren't explored nearly as well as they could be, even if "Dom" and "Sub" are the only acknowledged "genders." (They aren't; again, see: pronouns. Every D/S AU fic I've ever read has included genders and pronouns analogous to those in our world, though again, not for the Dom/Sub divide).

Anyway, part of me is screaming inside about the lack of worldbuilding, though usually it's drowned out by the part of me that's soothing it and pointing out the fics are written for entertainment and escapism and it'd be harder to do that with the introduction of extra pronouns and extreme worldbuilding.

But the other part of me, oh man. The other part just wants to smoosh the AU types together and delight in the chaos that results. *quietly creates a Submissive Alpha Trans Woman character and squishes her*
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Welcome to another late-night post by yours truly! Tonight's topic is the intersection of Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and Privilege.

So on the one hand, I have privilege, and I do sometimes make mistakes that harm people, as hard as I try otherwise, and I should absolutely be called out when I do that. I want people to call me out when I screw up, so I can stop making that particular screwup and do better.

On the other hand, as seen in the article above, feeling like I've failed at something, especially something important to me or in a way that harms someone I care a lot about, can do significant emotional damage. And part of me really hates myself for saying it, but phrasing a call out "nicely" really does help me process better, and get back to trying to screw up less in the future.

And the reason I feel horrible about it, is because that's the tone argument. Or, at least, it's a sibling to the tone argument. "Please make the way I hurt you sound not as bad as you might be feeling, so I can comply more quickly with not hurting you more." I mean, that sounds bad, right? Maybe not terrible, but bad. At the same time, while I do want to be called out when I screw up and to do better, I also don't want to spend days after said callout feeling like a worthless human being. It's not a productive feeling, and while I'm pretty sure it might be satisfying in the short run, I'd like to think that no good person actually wants the person they're calling out to go into a depressive episode over it. (And seriously, how fucked up is it that my brain chemistry has done that?)

So this is what I've got so far:

"I have something called Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. [Include above link] While I absolutely do want you to tell me when I screw up, I would really appreciate it from a mental health standpoint if you did so gently. That said, I understand that your feelings are valid, and my responsibility to do the right thing is not contingent on how "polite" you are when you tell me that I've done something to hurt you. However you call me out, whatever tone you use, I will do my best to own my mistakes and correct myself going forward. Thank you for your time."

I think that does an okay job of stating my case while still circumventing the tone argument (in that I'll absolutely still listen no matter what), but it could probably also still use some work. Plus, I have no idea how to implement it. At least it's a starting point, though. Maybe. *sigh*


Oct. 12th, 2016 12:30 am
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So Shaker Meganology found a kitten in her backyard! Actually two kittens, but one of them got away before she could catch it. She did catch one, though, and the kitten is super cute and also blind, and I was just like, I have to crochet her.

You can find pics of the original adorable miss over here, and pics of the crocheted cat charm lookalikeunder the cut )
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After drawing stuff for longer than I can remember, I have finally discovered the joys of tracing.

Just my own stuff for now, mind, but I might use official art and photographs for reference in the future.

The thing about tracing that I didn't understand until just recently, is that it's essentially a more efficient way to erase things. I get a pencil draft down on paper, there's messy lines everywhere, I plop another piece of paper down over it, and boom! Only keep the lines I want to keep, no more worries about ripping or bending paper from erasing too hard, no more worries about smudges, just moving my art to a clean work space.

Obviously this only works for certain types of paper, and I imagine that a lot of people are already doing this electronically with this "layers" thing I keep hearing about, but I've always loved pencil-and-paper and definitely appreciate the new directions this is giving me.

Here's some examples, so you can see what I'm talking about; the Tumblr posts include image descriptions.

Whisper Hair: Draft | Final | Post on Tumblr

Pokemon Professor Holtzmann: Draft | Final | Post on Tumblr

I seriously wish I'd thought of doing this when I first drew the Violin Dragon. I might try it anyway; I think I still have the original pencil drawing, and if not, there's always printers.

Anyway! This totally beats out my previous understanding of tracing, which was just, "Use tracing to replicate something and move it elsewhere. Also, tracing paper exists." Bo-ring! This is much more useful. I may finally get some good use out of my lightbox.
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I worked ten and a half hours today! 8D I am very, very tired now and need a different job.
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I'm posting this absolutely everywhere, because it is fucking game changing for me.

[Content Warning for suicide mention at the link]

How ADHD Ignites Rejection sensitive Dysphoria: "Rejection sensitive dysphoria (RSD) is an extreme emotional sensitivity and emotional pain triggered by the perception – not necessarily the reality – that a person has been rejected, teased, or criticized by important people in their life. RSD may also be triggered by a sense of failure, or falling short – failing to meet either their own high standards or others’ expectations."

As a person with ADHD, I would have loved to know why, exactly, I cry like the world is ending whenever I make the slightest screwup. I'm nearly thirty years old, and I finally have an answer. At least now I can use it going forward.
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[Content warning: Blood mention (in the context of donation)]

So I went out to donate blood yesterday afternoon, and finally made the iron cutoff! Hooray! The center switched machines recently, and the new ones aren't as fast as the old ones, which was a bit irritating, but I got the job done and made it home a pint lighter.

Almost as soon as I get settled in, this conversation occurs:

Dad: So, Socchan, what's tomorrow look like for you?
Me: *already suspicious* It's pretty wide open.
Dad: Think you can help me move a heavy couch into the house? :D?
Me: *...facepalm* Can it wait until the afternoon? I don't remember if it's twelve hours or twenty-four hours after donating that I'm supposed to wait to lift heavy things, but I'd rather play it safe.
Me: *thinking* I'd rather play it really safe and not do any heavy lifting at all for at least three days, but that's not gonna happen.
Dad: Sure, whenever you're ready!

So this afternoon I went out and helped Dad move the old couch out, and the new, much heavier (as advertised) couch in. It was a huge chore that took well over an hour and included a break for me to go to the store to get Poweraide. I don't normally go for sports drinks, but after drinking probably a quart of water and still feeling sluggish, it was very well justified. Worked wonders.

I still told Dad that he's getting someone else to move the couch the next time he wants to make a switch.

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