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New icon, whee! I finally made some Pokemon GO icons. I'll probably be sharing them over at [community profile] dreamsheep sometime in the near future, but not tonight because I stayed up too late making them already :P

I need to make more Pokemon icons as well, but tired, so. (My favorite plan is to make one with Dreamsheep as Mareep, because obvs. But there will probably be others as well.)
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There's an Eevee nest somewhere in my area, but I'm too lazy to go and find it.

On the plus side, I have essentially located two other spawn points for rare and semi-rare Pokemon in my area, so that's nice.

I also intend to make some proper Pokemon GO icons, but that may take a while.

In not entirely unrelated news, here is the story of how my brother proposed to his girlfriend, and how she proposed back :D


Aug. 16th, 2016 10:26 pm
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Seeking at least one more teammate for Habitica, so we can tackle some bigger quests. A healer would be fantastic, but really, I wouldn't say no to someone of any class.

We want to take on the Call of Octothulu, and a healer is highly recommended. We've got three rouges and a warrior. Yeeeaaaaaah.

Edit: Should have disclosed also that all of us are from Shakesville. If you're not comfortable with playing in such a group, that is totally cool, and I hope you find a good group that works for you instead.
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I don't usually indulge in capslock these days, but it feels appropriate for this:

(My brother is getting married!)

His fiancee is a wonderful young woman who works with an agency that helps young adults with disabilities transition from school life to non-school life. She's also an editor for Strange Horizons, a SFF literary magazine that, in response to getting on a Puppy slate for the Hugos, dedicated their July issue entirely to MOGAI content :DDD She is super great, and I am so looking forward to officially calling her my sister <3
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Just caught a 530 Venusaur :DDD

I've been seeing rare and semi-rare Pokemon "in the area" for like a week now, and decided to pass up on them the past few times I saw them, because I figured they'd come around again. Well, the last one I passed up on was a Scyther, and when I saw that Venusaur silhouette today, I was like, No. No, I'm going for it.

And I caught that grumpy flower toad >:D First time I've seen a wild starter or evolution that wasn't a Squirtle (my own starter, incidentally), and I catch the sucker! Between this and snagging a Dratini last night, I am quite pleased :3

That said, it was humid as a frog's armpit out there, so even though I was walking for less than fifteen minutes, I still could use a shower :P
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So the big boss of the bad guy team in Sun and Moon has been leaked, and...

Spoilers! )

In other news, I need to make myself a Pokemon icon or two. But probably not until after I crochet some more stuff.
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[Content note: Mention/speculation about brake troubles]

Got the call from my mechanic that my car was ready to go around 2:30 this afternoon. I got over there around 4:30 and was able to drive it out of the lot right after paying.

The bill was just under $200, which was much better than I was expecting, but maybe I'm just pessimistic about car repair bills :P

As to the ultimate cause of my car troubles, turns out it wasn't the fuel injectors; it was the fuel line that had gone terrible. The mechanic also replaced the brake line(!!!) for no extra charge(!) while they were in there, because apparently it was horribly corroded. As in, it looked okay, and then they touched it, and it fell off/apart. Thank you, Mom, for letting me borrow your car on Monday - and, in fact, for effectively talking me into taking it! I do not want to think of my brakes going out during either leg of my thirty minute commute.

Anyway, car is back and in good working order. I am quite pleased.
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Where "fun" does not follow the typical definition.

So when I made my car appointment last Friday, I specified that I would be bringing it in on Monday afternoon. I didn't mention why, but it was because I was working this morning and wouldn't have a chance to drive my car over until after I got back from work. I managed to get over there around 1:30.

Turns out the guy I made the appointment with forgot/neglected to include the critical "afternoon" part of my appointment. Why was this critical? Because apparently, if someone doesn't have a specific appointment time at this place, or even a specific time range, and they don't show up by noon, the staff assumes the person isn't going to show up. So you can imagine their surprise when I did show up, still wanting my car taken care of, and my subsequent surprise that "afternoon" had not been specified, thus leaving me somewhat in the lurch.

I'm off work until Friday, and told the person on desk as much, and even then I can borrow my mom's car over the weekend if need be, so it's not a huge problem that they probably can't (didn't, since they close at six-thirty) get to my car today. And they were cool with letting me leave the car there, so I didn't have to wrestle with getting it started up another two times. But it's still rather annoying that this hassle could've been avoided with a bit better communication.
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Argh, there's a frickin' Exeggcute in my neighborhood, but I don't have the energy to try and find it! Especially since the footprint thing isn't working [for me/anymore]. (Seriously, did the footprint thing just go away completely, or is it just my phone?) There was a Polywag when I got home from work, a Polywhirl last night, and an Exeggcutor and two Pikachu a few nights ago, none of which I've gotten.

On the plus side, I did manage to snag a cp527 Tentacruel on a bathroom break this morning, so that's cool. I'm currently at level twelve and have joined Team Mystic, because Articuno has always been my favorite of that trio. My workplace has three individual PokeStops, at least one of which I can reach from the employee break room, and downtown there's a huge swath of PokeStops in something like a three block radius. Like, over twenty huge swath. I'm also completely shameless about the fact that my GPS is a little faulty and registers me in slightly different places every few minutes or so while I'm relaxing in bed. Very useful for hatching eggs. Or, well, not that useful, but it makes up for that first day when it couldn't find the PokeStop I was standing right next to.

In 3D space news, my car has a fuel leak :/ I took it in about a month ago as soon as it began having trouble starting, but the mechanics couldn't find anything/reproduce the problem. In the time since then, the problem got a little worse, the owner of the shop suggested it was the fuel injectors acting up and that it would probably be fine as long as I just let the car sit in "on" for a minute or two before starting the engine, the problem got a lot worse, and on Friday afternoon I made an appointment to drop off the car on Monday. Friday saw the car eating up twice as much fuel as usual; today it used more like four times as much as usual, and there was a puddle in the parking place where I had been at work. Getting this fixed will definitely be cheaper in the long run, though I really wish we could've figured it out and fixed it when I brought it in the first time. Though at least they didn't charge me anything for that first appointment, since their testing device said nothing was wrong.

Anyway, the money from the Staff Art Table should help with that a bit. And hours are going to be picking up at work as well, since classes will be starting again soon, so that'll help, too.

And now I think it's food time, while I continue to rest my aching feet. More work tomorrow, and then the car goes into the shop.
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...Was yesterday, but who's counting?

Anyway, something I didn't mention on my Friday report is that I missed making my Opening Ceremonies "Here are things you can do to make the lives of PWD easier" speech, again. Either I missed my cue (entirely possible; I was called to the Bridge in the middle of Opening Ceremonies to deal with a gluten-related problem that may or may not have been an emergency; I'll probably ask for details at the postmortem), or the MC didn't actually give the cue for Staffers With Other Business.

The Staff Art Table closed out having made just over $1,000 before sales tax; about $450 of that was my own sales :3 I may be running a table with one of my costaffers at Icon this year, as well, though I do want to first discuss with her the option of the Art Sho, which would cost her less to participate in.

For acquisitions, I bought a box set of the first three seasons of Slayers, and the season one and two box sets of Wedding Peach, because I am a sucker for magical girl stuff. I also bought the first volume of Fallen, by Ogawa Buruku, one of our guests of honor this year, and some postcards by the staffer I mentioned in the previous paragraph, because she does gorgeous work. In fact, here is a link to her Deviantart account. Definitely check out the Senshi Royalty Project and the Talented Princesses collection, which were originally done in watercolors and both of which she had some postcard/greeting card prints of. She is just ridiculously talented.

Hmm, what else. Oh, apparently there was someone there from Cosplay Magazine, and one of my costaffers really talked up my work in the Accessibility Department to them <3 And I just - alawejfovdisd??? <3 <3 <3? Also, one of our returning attendees (uses a walker, has chronic pain and arthritis) basically showered me with compliments, and shared a really fantastic story from Friday: She had slipped and fallen, knocking her purse and walker down, and before she had even hit the ground, three people had come over to help - one put everything back in her purse, one righted her walker, and a third helped her up and made sure she was okay. She told me that probably 95% of our attendees are just really fantastic about accommodating folks, and I just about burst with pride on behalf of the convention. Anyway, I really, really want some minions next year, because I wasn't able to do nearly everything I wanted to this year, and I just want to reach for the stars now.

Oh, the Staff Art Table was also one of three tables in the Marketplace selling Pride oriented stuff, and I accidentally drew a lot of folks in by hanging up my Ace Blanket ^^a Unfortunately, I only had two smaller-ticket Ace pride items, and those were snatched up in very short order on the first day of the con, and I had probably at least eight other people asking for some. Moral of the story: I am definitely making at least a dozen Ace Pride Piggies and three Asexuowls for next year. Probably starting now, since I'll likely be too preoccupied leading up to the con next year.

Staffers were also given three Excellent Cosplay ribbons to hand out to people who had, well, excellent cosplays, to encourage them to keep attending. I handed all three of mine out on Friday: One to a Sailor Saturn that I met on the elevator, one to a tiny Captain America who was accompanied by their grown-up Winter Soldier guardian person, and one to a Ms. Marvel just as the Marketplace was closing, who proceeded to freak out happily. [personal profile] lightbird, I also saw a Helga cosplayer who made me think of you, and I made sure to get her picture :)

I think that's about it for highlights. Here's to next year!
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Bleeerrrrgh, I am so tired =_= So very, very tired.

On the plus side, the wheelchair spaces I set up in the video rooms remained mostly intact. On the neutral side, the spaces I set up in most panel rooms did not, but I have come to expect that. On the minus side, the slots I originally set up in Main Programming were so far off as to be effectively useless when I went about trying to re-set things this morning.

Made about $100 in sales today, and I still have a big commission waiting to be picked up. I don't know what else I mentioned yesterday and am too lazy to open a new tab, so I'll just change the subject.

I did reasonably well on our convention's traditional goal of 6-2-1 yesterday, but it fell apart last night. (Oh, 6-2-1 is our reccomendation for attendees (and staff) to get 6 hours of sleep, 2 good meals, and 1 shower for every day at the convention. We call it the 6-2-1 Rule.) Anyway, all of my roommates were out later than I was, and though I did my level best to get to sleep early (and before they came in), it did not work out. I got a few hours of sleep, and about eight hours of rest, but sometime around 2:30am one of them got back from a long shift who is a snorer. I'm a snorer myself, so I don't have much room to complain, but the irregularity of the snoring was not conducive to sleep. Towards the time when I finally got up, my dreaming/half-asleep mind started trying to interpret the snores as speech, with interesting results. The only one I remember is "blue ribbon butter", but there were practically conversations in there. And then they'd break off when the snoring went irregular :/

Anyway, I'm going to try again for sleep tonight, and even if I don't manage it, I've got tomorrow morning "off" and don't have to be staffing anything until noon, so. Relaxation, if nothing else.

And now, supper.
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Phew! Convention day one is effectively over. I mean, there's still stuff going on, but I'm not doing any of it. Instead, I will (very shortly) be sleeping. And then in the morning, back to work!

Oh, sales are also going pretty well at the Staff Art Table. And I've got pics of one of the special desserts I made for the Recharge Room, which I will share later :3b They are Pokeball chocolate strawberries, and they turned out great! The other ones are Mario 1up and grow/shrink mushroom style cupcakes. They turned out less well, but they're still tasty. Possibly more on those later.

Anyway, sleep. That is definitely what I'm going to do next.
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Anyone know if the security risk for Pokemon GO has been fixed? Or if it's limited to certain devices? Because I've got my ultra fancy new phone (Moto-G4 with Android), and my brother has reassured me that I have more than enough data to run the game without going over, so that's my final major concern.
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My brother called me less than five hours ago to ask about setting some Pokemon GO related stuff up at AnimeIowa, since I'm on staff there.

The convention is this weekend, which makes it extremely late notice, but I'm also on a special team that likes to do things like that, so I put him in contact with our team leader, and basically we might be making this happen.

I might be spending all day at the library tomorrow trying to get all my ducks in a row for this, is what I'm saying. Plus everything else I've been putting off and/or not doing.

*flexes fingers* Okay, let's do this!
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Argh AnimeIowa is less than a week away and I still have so much left to do argh argh argh!

Okay, Socchan, just calm down and assess. Here, make yourself a list, you know that helps.

* Finish a second Discord (currently about 60% done? Head/body/tail and left foreleg are done, head/body/tail are sewn together, still need to make the other three legs, the wings, the horns, and sew all of those on, and then the hair; due at AI at some point)
* Make some food type things for a thing
* E-mail a bunch of people a bunch of things
* Print out copies of the current/updated Accessibility Policy for the Info Desk
* Print out also: The ingredients list for the food in the Consweet, the Quiet Room rules and key checkout sheet
* Make different food type things for the same thing
* Pack up stuff to sell
* Pack up display stuff
* Pack for stay at hotel
* Crochet more things to sell???
* Make more magic potions to sell???

Well, we'll see if I have time for those last two things. On the plus side, I have at least two "crochet in the same room as other people" opportunities in the next two days, so that should help me knock out more of Discord, if not the whole thing. And I might even have more time to make more Blue Rays!

Okay, assessment done. I might be able to do this.
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IDK, sometimes I really feel like starting something to be called along the lines of “Pokemon GO With Me” to match up people who don’t feel safe Pokemong GO-ing it alone with someone who would boost their confidence and/or safety, or for people with disabilities who can’t always access where specific Pokemon are.

And then I think not just of how much work it would be, but how much work on top of that it would be to make everything as safe as possible. Because the people most in need of such a service are also the people most likely to be hurt by it.

Makes me wish there was an easy solution. Unfortunately, racism, misogyny, transphobia, ablism, etc etc etc (etc, sob) are probably a lot harder to get rid of than such a system would be to set up and monitor.
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Guess who just got back from Ghostbusters? :DDD

Guess who absolutely adored it and would see it again? :DDDDD

(Also, A+++++ casting in the movie. Especially loved McKinnon. If I didn't already know I was bi at the start of the movie, I would have enough evidence to make a very compelling case afterwards.)

I am buying that DVD as soon as it hits the shelves I swear to you.
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Hello to everyone here via [ profile] bisexualbaker! I hope to ramp up my activity here, at least in part to distract myself, but we'll see how that goes :P Major difference between Dreamwidth and Tumblr? You have to create a lot more of your own content.

And also hello to everyone I already know over here :) Y'all are great <3
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Guess who just got an ultra-fancy new phone? :D This gal-person!

It's a Moto G4, and it is much bigger than my years-old Sprint LG... something. Possibly just LG. So it's not going to fit in my pocket as well, but on the plus side, it'll feel a lot more like I'm holding a phone, and not, for some reason, a deck of cards next to my face.

New Phone is not yet operational; it's registered with our account and almost ready to go, but it's missing a bit of vital inside stuff that makes it go, so I need to go to [city where I work but don't live] to pick that part up and fully activate it.

Projected uses for New Phone:

* Finally have an electronic device that I can use a Square reader with
* Also be able to pull up coupons reliably at craft stores without having to haul my Nook around
* The Habitica app! I do not for a minute trust my internet to never go out again in the middle of the night before I've checked off some of my Dailies
* Same uses as Old Phone, which has been very good to me these past [#?] years.

Possible uses for New Phone:

* Pokemon GO??? I still haven't decided yet! The enthusiasm is very infectious, but I still don't know if it's for me? It's good to know that I have a phone that will work with it if I decide I do want to, heh, GO for it.
* Motivation for extending my pockets on a lot of my pants and shorts, because crap that thing is huge
* Unknown other things

Con idea

Jul. 9th, 2016 04:02 pm
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Just had the best idea for the con!

So, our con's mother organization has a game library to share between the various conventions, right? And it has various board games and tabletop games and card games and so forth that attendees can "check out" with some collateral or something (I need to review this a bit).

And we also have the Quiet Room running, which is a great place to unwind for a bit when you're over-stimulated.

And I thought, hey! Wouldn't it be great to have some stim toys in the Quiet Room? Except the Quiet Room is, by necessity, quiet, and a lot of the stim toys I'm aware of make subtle but definite noises. (Zipper noises, clicking, clinking, etc.) (Though if I can find some silent ones, all the better! I know there are some weight things that could work, but something to keep your hands busy; hmm...)

HOWEVER. From what I'm aware, things are usually relatively quiet and/or uncrowded in the Tabletop Gaming Room, but no one needs it really silent. (I will definitely be double-checking this, of course.) If I talked with the head of Tabletop Gaming, I might be able to arrange to set up a Stim Toy Library in there, so people who need something to stim with but don't necessarily have anything with them for whatever reason can go there and check something out for a while.

I seriously think this could work out, and pretty well. It needs more thought, but I just came up with it this morning, so it hasn't been incubating long. There is definitely potential here.

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