Jul. 6th, 2017

soc_puppet: [Homestuck] God tier "Time" themed Dreamsheep (Sheep of Time)
I got a tab suspender extension for Firefox not long after the most recent LJ migration, and it is fantastic; my habit of "storing" things I want to reblog on Tumblr in extra tabs for when I have the spoons to describe them and/or think of good tags no longer makes my browser crash!

Unfortunately, it did result with about fifty extra open tabs that I just systemically closed because I hadn't even glanced at them except to scroll by in weeks, minimum.

Which brings me to this: Is there an extension anyone knows of that automatically closes tabs that have been open for three days but not loaded/interacted with? Because that would seriously add some motivation for me to take care of tabs, and/or just take care of said tabs on my behalf.

Edit: Actually, something to limit the number of tabs I have open would also work pretty well, IMO.

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