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Here are some summaries/not!fics for several Miraculous Ladybug fics that I will probably not be writing.


Obligatory Animal Transformation Fic:

Listen, the superhero name of one of the main characters literally means "Black Cat". I've been trawling through the fanfic page starting with the most kudos'd stories first, and I think I've seen one with an actual animal transformation in the top fifty-ish? Which really surprises me. Though I've seen several where the human Cat Noir ends up with some catlike traits.

This one might be the most likely to get written, because I have actually thought out how it would work. It starts with the latest close scrape in the de-transformation countdown and Marinette groaning, "Even an extra five minutes would help!"

"Five minutes? Is that all you want?" says Tikki.

"OMG Tikki, is there a way to do that? Because YES PLEASE."

Blah blah, Ladybug has to figure out a way to contact Cat Noir while they're de-transformed, because darned if he couldn't also use the extra time (which Tikki mentions is a good thing, because they're going to need his help for this anyway). Turns out there's some magical artifacts that can extend the kwami's energy after using the extra special magical attacks, they just have to find/summon it or something. They get the items, and then Cat Noir rushes in headfirst, just like he did with the ring.

Turns out there was some fine print that the kwami were going to go over with Ladybug and Noir before they were supposed to use the items! Cat Noir is turned into a literal black cat, and Ladybug is naturally obligated to take him home with her. Also naturally, this involves revealing her secret identity, and now that Cat Noir knows who Ladybug is, Marinette figures what the hell, and starts talking to him about her real life, including her crush on Noir's civilian identity.

Eventually the kwami figure out how to change Adrien back, mutual reveals, some embarrassment/angst on Marinette's part because she pined over her crush to her crush, mutual feelings reveal, happily ever after.

Details to work out: How the hell do I explain Adrien's absence.

Details to include: Adrien-the-cat is "named" Noir. "Oh, after the superhero?" ask her parents/Alya. "Haha, yeah, his owner's a big fan!" Marinette doesn't exactly lie. Adrien-the-cat is in the lanky, post-optimum-cuteness/adoptability stages of kittenhood. Marinette claims she's catsitting for a friend, and Adrien-the-cat has some very strict dietary requirements (including Camembert cheese, which is actually for Plagg). Marinette can also enforce No Feather Toys, and has some fun designing a few cat toys for "Noir" to play with. Obligatory kitty cuddling and cat behavior stuff.


Shenanigans Split Them Each Into Two People Fic:

Honestly, this one is much less developed than the previous idea, but is probably slightly more original. Shenanigans happen and each of the main characters is split into two people: Their civilian identity and their superhero identity.

I've got a vague idea for how this would happen (somehow Ladybug wouldn't summon Lucky Charm before they defeat and cleanse the akuma, so she summons it after and it magically makes two people into four, probably because the "problem" it thought it was "solving" was related to their secret identities rather than the akuma). Their civilian identities would magically appear somewhere they would have claimed to have been hiding (probably where they transformed), and Ladybug and Cat Noir would be unable to transform back. Shenanigans ensue.

I honestly have very little idea of what to do with this, aside from Adrien and Marinette taking the opportunity to establish air-tight alibis, and Adrien speculating with Cat Noir about Ladybug's secret identity, because hilarity. Probably also the superhero identities would help the civilian identities with homework and stuff? IDK.

Problems: I have basically no idea what else to do with them aside from the above. Like, it's a fun idea to contemplate for a while, but there's not a lot of places I can think of to go with it? ...Probably more places if I decided to let them in on each others' identities, actually, but I still don't have enough to really work off of.

Poooooossible idea for re-combining these dorks: Civilian!Arien and Marinette have to transform into a second Cat Noir and Ladybug respectively, and the Ladybugs have to summon Lucky Charm together - which actually would also probably make some good fic plot shenanigans. Double the superheroes! Still not quite there yet, though.


Marinette Figures Out Cat Noir's Identity and Freaks Out Fic:

I saw an author mention in their fic notes that there's a lot more Adrien-figures-it-out fics than Marinette-figures-it-out fics, and it seems to hold true. I'm willing to bet that part of it is because, canonically, Marinette is less interested in learning who Cat Noir is than Adrien is in learning who Ladybug is. Still, no harm in evening things out a bit :P

Blah blah, Marinette somehow figures out that Cat Noir is Adrien, the boy she has a massive crush on and can barely speak around. She tries to keep going with the knowledge and without letting Adrien on that she's figured out his identity, because she still wants to keep hers a secret for a while (though Tikki isn't sure she agrees with Marinette's reasoning, whatever I might decide it is).

Marinette also has a crisis of ...affection? Something like that. Basically, she doesn't think she's interested in Cat Noir romantically, but she is interested in Adrien, and now that she knows they're the same person, she's not entirely sure how to reconcile her romantic feelings for Adrien with her more-or-less platonic feelings for Cat Noir. And if she missed all the signs that Noir and Adrien are the same person, can she really say she loves Adrien after all?

After a near-disastrous akuma attack wherein Ladybug acts around Cat Noir in just about the same way that Marinette acts around Adrien, Marinette decides she has to do something. That something, she decides, is forcing herself to learn how to interact with Adrien, and figure out how she feels about both him and Cat Noir in the process.

Things to include: Scenes in the bakery! At least one baking lesson, wherein I cram as much Knowledge For Newbies as my professional self can. (Wettest ingredients first unless specified otherwise! Use instant yeast and mix it into the flour before beginning! Break the egg yolks before adding the eggs to the mixture! Cookie Scoops! The Straight Dough method (and possibly my bi!Alya headcanon)!) Marinette's Baker's Biceps. ...Possibly a flour fight. Gratuitous confessions/reveals, get-together/smooching, etc.

This one seems like a lot of fun, actually, but is holding my attention somewhat less than the first, possibly because there's less magical shenanigans. ...Also possibly because I haven't figured out how Marinette would figure out, so.


Adrien Finds Captain Awkward (And Also Boundaries) Fic:

This one is mostly just for thinking about. I've daydreamed idly before about an imaginary Captain Awkward equivalent just for answering questions for people who have to deal with superhero and/or supernatural/magical whatnot. ...I've also thought about writing at least one other example letter and response, because after reading Captain Awkward for long enough, I really can't help myself: I find myself wanting to pass the good Captain's advice on to fictional characters. (And unable to, because they're fictional.)

Anyway, this would be all about Adrien discovering boundaries, enforcing them with his father/Natalie and Chloe, and learning to respect them with Ladybug. I mostly like thinking about this because I want Adrien to have good things, and I feel like Chloe and Gabriel need to be told 'no' more often. That said, it would be very difficult to write, because I'm not entirely sure what Adrien's long-term goal would be, and therefore what the goal for the fic would be. Also, I'm not sure how long I want to deal with thinking about Gabriel's or Chloe's actual reactions to Adrien enforcing boundaries regularly for the first time. Maybe I could just figure out how to write the letters and leave it at that :P


And that's all that's in the plunny hutch at the moment. Or, well, that's all the new arrivals in the plunny hutch, at any rate. Probably won't get written, but they ought to keep me entertained at work, at least.
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