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Aside from whatever I'm going to be selling at the Staff Art Table, at any rate. Cutting descriptions for length, not because I have any previews :P

Accessibility Sign Description )

Charity auction flyer description )

Bleh; that's a little more wall-of-text-y than I'd like, but it's late (for me) and I'm opening tomorrow, so I'm going to let it go. Feedback and suggestions welcome! Nevermind; obsessive re-reading and editing strikes again ^^a
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Welp, I've just officially deleted my LJ account. I wish it hadn't come to this, but them's the breaks. I was too late to take advantage of any of the loopholes, which means I did "agree" to the new ToS, but I probably would've been booted sooner or later anyway for existing while not straight and cis.

Anyway, time to settle my roots more deeply into Dreamwidth and do my best to bloom more often.
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Features of LJ's latest clusterfuck:

1) "LiveJournal User Agreement has been changed. We encourage you to review the full text of the agreement. You can also read it in this window:
ATTENTION: this translation of the User Agreement is not a legally binding document. The original User Agreement, which is valid, is located at the following address: ."

The original, legally binding document is, of course, only available in Russian.

2) Via [ profile] ladytharen: "[LJ] updated their user agreement in russian and to make it worse the english version was not “legally binding” and you couldn’t do anything while logged in until you accepted the new user agreement which - even in the english version it had fuzzy language about being able to use users’ content publicly. erm, no? bugger off?" [Link to post]*

3) If you try to do anything on LJ without accepting the new agreement, it forcibly logs you out.

So! It looks like I'll finally be deleting my LJ account in the near future. Probably by the end of the week.

* Official language: "In respect of any Content which constitutes intellectual property, User provides to the Administration a non-exclusive (simple) license to use his/her Content in order to provide the Service by reproducing his/her Content as well as by making it public for the entire period the Content is posted on the Service. If User participates in any rankings or if User’s Content is used in any editorial projects of the Service, User provides to the Administration an additional authorisation to modify, shorten and amend his/her Content, to add images, a preamble, comments or any clarifications to his/her Content while using it, and in certain cases based on the Service functions, an authorisation to use User’s Content anonymously."

Edit: More relevant information ahoy! There's some translationy bits of the Russian user agreement there, courtesy of [ profile] digitaldiscipline, or possibly the related laws? Anyway, here's the summary courtesy of [ profile] suricattus:

Short version, as I see it: nothing obscene by Russian legal standards (in Putin’s Russia, LGBTA discussions could fall within that, much less actual smut), and even if you’re squeaky clean and hetero-vanilla, any and everything you say is subject to their (legal) judgement. So yeah, for’ex, prohibiting “the dissemination of information for the purpose of discrediting a citizen or some categories of citizens on the basis of sex, age, race or ethnicity, language, religion, trade, place of residence and work and also in connection with their political convictions.” could be seen as protecting someone from abuse or libel, and that’s great - but it also means that if the Russian government decides they don’t like your political activism, they have the right to use that post as “abuse” that “shall entail criminal, administrative or another liability in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.” And then “the hosting provider or the person mentioned in Item 2 of Part 9 of the present article shall provide the information allowing to identify the blogger.”

So yeah. Shit is scary.
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Part of feeling better and being more productive means that I'm actually watching some of my (horrifyingly massive) back catalogue of anime now while I crochet. Currently on the docket is Wedding Peach, because I am a shameless Magical Girl addict.

Tonight I just got to an episode where one of the main Devils is all, "The power of the angels' love will never be a match for the power of the devils' hate!" And I just thought, "Man, quadrants would put such an interesting spin on that."


If you can't tell that this now means I want concept art and/or an outline/description for an Alternian Magical Girl series, you don't know me at all.
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I got my meds adjusted just over a week ago, and I already feel loads better. Among the first things I'm noticing are: my enthusiasm at work is less forced, I'm less inclined to nap for the sake of napping during my free time, and I'm crocheting again!

To be fair, I'd been doing a bit of crochet work, but over the past few months it's really fallen down the wayside. Possibly longer. I was almost exclusively crocheting at my friend Steve's crafting get-togethers, and since those dropped off about a month ago, I'd been really struggling to do any crochet - or anything crafty at all! I managed to get this done for Valentine's Day:

Valentine's Day themed crocheted owl

Or, well, Owlentine's Day, as I put it on the Tumbles ;) Where there are also more pictures, BTW.*

(Sadly, I didn't manage to finish up its Feline-tines Day companion (for many Owl x Pussycat = OTP jokes), and it's currently still languishing.)

Anyway, since starting the increased dosage, I've finished two standard cats in as many days, and anticipate making more soon - probably not tomorrow, or Tuesday, since I've got lots of work both days (plus taxes on Tuesday), but definitely in the near future! I'm feeling a lot more optimistic about actually finishing projects, and just enjoying thinking about crocheting in general, and my stacks upon stacks of DVDs are beginning to see a bit of use as I stitch my way through them.

...I actually contemplated starting up a Patreon for [personal profile] hooked_on_anime a while back, but with my creative slump I just didn't feel up to it - not to mention the fact that I haven't really made any purely fannish patterns since Aviva and Shulamit, and they were the first in a long while themselves. (Ugh. Maybe my depressive spell was longer than I realized =_= I really need to look into some sort of mood-tracking app or something.) If I do decide to go for it, there's more setting up to do, but it's definitely something for me to think about.

Anyway, yes! Chemistry is better. (I am willfully not adding any caveats to that for better mental health.)

* First images uploaded to Dreamwidth, w00t! Though there doesn't seem to be any sort of direct link to a singular image plus description, so that might be something for the Suggestions Box. Or maybe I'm missing something in the linking, IDK.
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This is something really mundane to get this annoyed by, but whatever.

So almost two days ago I changed the time in my DS to reflect Spring Forward. Ever since then, Festival Plaza in Pokemon Sun and Moon has been non-functional. I thought at first that this was a problem that would fade after 24 hours had passed, but nope! It's been nearly 48 and I still can't play the lottery or get my fortune told - or do anything at any of the booths, actually. Everything, literally all choices, count as "sold" or "already done today". ...Except Festival Tickets for some reason? And I only moved the clock forward a single hour, it's not like I changed it to a different day. How irritating!

Bluh. I'm going to look around and see if there's some sort of fix-it I can find online. Otherwise I guess I'll have to open a support ticket or something, IDK.

Edit: Oh look, it fixes itself after 48 hours. I clearly should've waited another couple of hours instead of changing the time back in desperation and hoping that would work. Oops X(

On the plus side, I know not to do this again, especially since having my clock be an hour fast bothers me far less than it being an hour slow.

Chester, no

Mar. 8th, 2017 05:04 pm
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So I was lounging around this afternoon, when about an hour and a half ago I saw a Chikorita on the PokeGo radar. Naturally, I got right up to head out and catch it: Shoes, hat, jacket because it got chilly again. I was at the door to leave and told my dad, "I'll be back in a few, I'm just going to the end of the block and back." (This being effectively where the closest Pokestop is.)

Chester, of course, saw all of the signs that I was about to leave, and then heard me say a word that more-or-less rhymes with "walk", so that was the end of that plan.

A good three paragraphs of story under here, with mention of past animal imperilment (with a happy ending) )

And that's how what I thought was going to be a fifteen minute outing turned into an hour long walk. Thanks, Chester.
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I've got half-baked plans to crochet a weighted blanket.

See, I like to have the weight of blankets on me, but I toss and turn a lot when trying to get to sleep (and possibly even after I fall asleep, though I really can't say), so I can rarely keep even three tucked around me through the night. Plus, if I get too warm, that makes it really difficult for me to fall asleep - which makes summer somewhat fraught, since I can only shed so many blankets before there's none left, and then the 'heavy'/pressure of extra blankets is gone. So I'm thinking of crocheting one to fix my problem.

My first thought was just to go straight for chainmail, but I'm worried about the links catching on stuff if they're not properly closed, and how big the links would have to be in order for the concept to be financially viable, and what sort of material they'd have to be anyway for the desired results, and what about how conducive metal is, etc etc etc. So my next plan is to crochet around a bunch of links in lines/chains, then connect the chains together to form a 'net', so the metal is all covered by yarn but can still be connected. Keychain rings were a very brief consideration, but that's a little smaller than I want to go, and they'll get caught on the yarn besides. There's closed/whole brass rings I've seen in craft stores, though, and they come in a wider variety of sizes, so I may be looking into pricing on those. Aluminum would probably be ideal, but I don't know if I would even be able to *find* closed aluminum rings two or more inches in diameter - maybe I can ask Steve the chainmail guy. Though if I use a duvet cover, I probably don't need to worry as much about washing it, which would simplify my plans considerably.

After that, it's just a matter of doing a bit of math and deciding which color(s) to use :P
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Today's theme for my life was: Running on fumes. I got a pitiful amount of sleep last night (if I even fell asleep at all), nabbed a medium sized muffin for breakfast, worked for ten and a half hours, played the radio on my mp3 player until it ran out of batteries, drained my phone down to 7%, and just about ran my car out of gas by treating myself to a stop at Half Price Books after work.

Tomorrow I plan to make up for it with lots of sleep, refilling the gas tank, and eating a good breakfast.

...I'll probably still drain my phone, though. Gotta catch 'em all :P
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You know what I want? Soulmate AUs with normalized polyamory.

Not just "So-and-so has multiple soulmates/soulmate identifying marks/what-have-you", though definitely those. Really, though, I'm thinking more along the lines of "Dating people other than your soulmate is normal and healthy and caries no particular stigma" that includes continuing to date people who are not your soulmate once you've met your soulmate and potentially gotten together with them.

I mean, just because you've met the person who is supposedly "the one", that doesn't mean you should have to stop seeing the person (or people) you're already seeing. And just because "the one" supposedly exists, that doesn't mean you should never date anyone else. Hell, you don't even have to date "the one" if you meet them; normalizing polyamory would, IMO, better enable people to define what they want their relationship with their soulmate to be.

I dunno, maybe it's just my tendency to stick to my preferred ships in my various fandoms and not read far outside them, but I feel like this is the sort of thing that doesn't get written about a lot? Or even considered much in terms of worldbuilding. And I think it would work pretty well. ((TBH, I'd probably be more interested in reading it in origific, but I still want it to exist. (To be even more honest, I should read more non-OT3 polyamory anyway.))

(Also, I am abnormally tired and honestly don't know how much sense this makes at the moment. Though I do hope it's at least some.)

Anyway. That.
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Today I've got the worst case of cramps I've had since that one time in high school, when I had to walk out of standardized testing* and go home because the pain was so bad. I walked home since I lived only a few blocks away, and ended up having to stop half-way there to wait out a bout of cramps, then spent about an hour trying to find the right position or set of stretches that would alleviate some of the pain; I usually defaulted to fetal position, but that didn't work for long.

Thankfully, then as now, pain meds kicked in before too much time had passed, which is why I have the energy and focus to even write a damn post about it. I'm left thankful that I don't have such bad cramps more than once every decade or so. (Also that I wasn't at work, since I don't think I could've focused on driving safely to get home, and am not entirely sure where I could've waited that shit out.) Still, it might be worth contemplating solutions.

Anyway, gonna pamper myself the rest of the day, because damned if I don't deserve a bit after that.

* Which kinda sucked, because I've always liked taking standardized tests, even if now I recognize them as a Tool of the Oppressor. I've always been quick at them, and it made me feel proud and smart, and finishing up early meant I had a nice bit of quiet time to read or write or draw. I ended up finishing the tests on makeup day, which was just straight through with no proctor, and therefore no breaks for finishing early. I was horribly disappointed.
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You know what I think would be really, really great? (Well, aside from the political, at any rate.)

A kids show where the Aesops covered the Geek Social Fallacies. That would be so awesome.

Like, I watch kids shows for fun/to pass the time? Mostly because Animal Planet has gone sadly downhill in the past five plus years, and I'm usually more interested in whatever's animated than whatever's not, so I tend to catch more than a few episodes of, say, Sophia the First while eating brunchfast. (I do love me some Octonauts, even if the science does make me cringe a lot.) It's good visual/mental distraction, and I don't have to split my hand use between reading/playing DS and eating/preparing food.

But some of the episodes of the shows, while I know are really trying, are definitely setting up Social Fallacies in the future.

In fact, I specifically mentioned Sophia the First because there was an episode that I thought would have been perfect to counter a Geek Social Fallacy: All My Friends Have To Be Friends With Each Other (or however it's worded). MC's new friend, New Girl At School, and MC's sister, get off to a rocky start. MC wants to hang out with both of them, but can't because New Girl and Sister don't get along and kinda start actively hating on each other. I would have loved if the episode had gone in the direction of, "You don't have to like each other, but if you could act civilly towards one another, I would appreciate it." But I guess that's not a lesson we're ready to teach kids that young, or something.

*sigh* Someday...

Edit: Oh man, and also consent! That would be a fantastic lesson for a kids' show. Gotta start those lessons early, to combat the equally early consent-hostility lessons.
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Today did not start out fantastically! I think I got something like four hours of restless sleep last night, which is not ideal when opening at absurd o'clock in the morning. Or ever, really. Still, I got to the bakery safely and got through the morning routine with no real hassle...

And then, around 10:30, our big rotary oven malfunctioned.

Long story short: Loud oven alarm for way too long makes Socchan want to cry )
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I woke up today at a very decent hour (after having to open yesterday and thus having to be up at absurd o'clock) to hear whining and scratching at my door. I thought seriously about going back to sleep, but when the whining continued for another minute, I figured it was time to get up.

"Okay, Chester, I'm coming."

Soon as I got the door open, Chester trotted in, tail going a mile a minute, ready and eager for attention. I left him on the bed so I could hit the restroom, seriously expecting him to (most likely) follow me or head back upstairs.

Instead, he was still there waiting for me when I got back to my room. After a quick face washing, Chester settled in for a nap under the blankets while I grabbed my laptop. He's been sleeping next to me for about an hour and a half now, and I'm starting to get hungry. Darnit, Chester, why must you be so cute!
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May your health and safety not be compromised;

May your happiness grow and prosper;

May Donald Trump and his team of bigoted scofflaws be thwarted at every turn.
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Fog is my absolute favorite weather*, because it seems like everywhere you go could be a gateway to another world.

* Except to drive in at absurd o'clock in the morning. Who wants to potentially drive into another world that may or may not (probably not) have paved roads while on their way to work before dawn uses her rosy fingers to flip us all the bird? Or for something from another world to drive you off the road when you can't even properly investigate it and have to call in to your boss to let them know why you're going to be late to work and not even be able to properly explain it? Also more mundane "I like to see where I'm going" problems, but definitely those first two.
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*sigh* And I was doing so well with regular updates here for a while...

Anyway, here are a few things I want to crochet based on/inspired by Pokemon Sun & Moon:

* Comfey - Possibly as a necklace or something? Still not sure how I want to approach the whole circle aspect.
* Minior - All seven colors plus removable shield/jacket/cover thing, because awesome.
* Decidueye hoodie - I just really like the look of its hood and think it would be cool to crochet one of my own. Or sew one of my own, but my sewing skills are mediocre at best.

If I had to guess, I'd say I'm about half-way through Sun, which my brother got me for my birthday. I'm planning to get a digital copy of Moon soon-ish. I'm not actually entirely happy with my team, so I may be re-working it very drastically soon. Changes to gameplay mechanics have made teambuilding different, to say the least.

I have more thoughts, but they're pretty spoilery in general, so I think I'll wait on them. Or discuss them in the comments, which is also a fun option :3
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For anyone looking for a cheap, gender-neutral gift for (not necessarily just) kids, the Creatology 100 Piece Art Set is on sale today at Michael's for just two dollars each. I personally like to go and buy a whole bunch when they're this cheap and donate them to a local food pantry, but they're great for younger relatives and friends' kids, too.

Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested!
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So I don't have Pokemon Sun and/or Moon yet, partly because post-car-purchase finances, and partly because I got a secondhand copy of Y and I'm in the middle of a playthrough and don't want to be distracted and completely forget where I left off. Anyway, no game yet, but I'm still quite excited to get a copy, which will probably happen for my birthday at the very latest, and possibly earlier, depending on Black Friday sales.

Since I am so excited, I've been keeping an eye on spoilers at, and decided to go through all the new Pokemon today. And I got to Jangmo-o, and I saw its shiny form and, well.

Tell me it doesn't look like a magical girl mascot/companion animal to you. I mean, a very grumpy one, but gold body color with pink trim and a massive pink heart smack-dab in the middle of its forehead? Definitely magical girl material.

Sadly, the evolutions are not quite as fitting, but the line itself is still pretty dang cool.

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