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There's this Teen Wolf Sterek fic that I've been wanting since the earliest rumors of Jennifer in Season Three. It's basically all I really wanted (and continue to want) out of a "new [het] love interest for Derek" storyline, because Derek deserves nice things, dammit. (Also, I read at least two otherwise well-written fics between the rumors and the start of season three where Derek's new love interest was basically evil and out to seduce him/kill everyone, and it annoyed me. And then it happened in canon, and now it just makes me sad.)

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Aug. 21st, 2007 08:16 pm
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And also a little bit of whining, but that'll be over with after just another sentence or two. First day of classes at CR campus, which is large and confusing, and I think I like the IC campus better; also, the IC campus comp labs have not yet changed their schedule to read "8:00 AM to 10:00 PM", leading me to believe that the 8:00-8:00 thing is somewhat more permanent than I at first thought and would like. So, boof. Whining over, yay!

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And I end it there. Want to update before my time completely runs out anyway. Note to self: make artsy icon.

Edit: *tags the hell out of the entry* Ell oh ell.

Edit 2: Holy figs and pudding, there's a lite version of Morton's List! And it's freeeeeee.... o_o *...downloads* Someone buy me the complete book, or even the box set or something! Maybe for my birthday?
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Dr's appt went very well today ^__^ Managed to get a note excusing me from today's French test, so I have the next half-hour or so open. Planning to take it in the test center tomorrow if possible, and monday if not. Will hopefully feel better then.

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Three fics I want to write sometime:
* Five fish Kaito wishes he didn't have to deal with (have four thought up, need to come up with a fifth)
* Five times Ran didn't kiss Shin'ichi (and possibly one time she did? I dunno.)
*Five times Heiji made an ass of himself (because it would be just damn fun :DD)

...I hate to admit it, but much though I love CFUD, it really put a damper on my creativity/ficcing ability. If nothing else, the break from it is helping me with that. Wish I could have both, though.

Also, I should do a five things fic meme sometime. And a one/two page comic meme. And other fun stuff. Yanno, since I'm being productive again and all.
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Hakuba? Kaito? I really didn't need the idea of the Kid getting a full body cavity search upon capture. Okay? Especially since it wants to turn into a Black-and-White lemon fic.

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