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A pair of bicolored jeans

Fusion Jeans progress! I have successfully attached two panels (of four) from the lighter colored jeans to the sides of the darker colored jeans. I also hemmed the bottom of the darker colored jeans, since they were originally much longer.

The resulting jeans fit! They sit quite low on my hips, though, so I'm planning to take the remaining light-colored panels and make a waist extension; I already picked up some jeans buttons from the craft store to finish things out.

Since the light colored panels "migrate" more up front when worn, I also bought a couple of paint stencils to put a design on them. I think if they're more visually interesting, they'll look less... out of place? I may also re-hem the bottoms to even them out, but I don't have as much wiggle room there as I might like, so I may wait and see how the slightly uneven edge looks first.

Anyway, they're mostly done, and currently wearable, but I want to finish out a few things to make them 100%.
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Me: Hmm...
Me: *looks up Camembert cheese on Wikipedia for a fic detail*
Me: ...Holy crap, it literally smells like gym socks???

Wikipedia: Camembert cheese gets its characteristic odor from many compounds. These include diacetyl (buttery flavoring for popcorn), 3-methylbutanal, methional (degradation product of methionine), 1-octen-3-ol and 1-octen-3-one (degradation products of fats), phenethyl acetate, 2-undecanone, δ-decalactone, butyric acid, and isovaleric acid (odor of gym socks).

Me: Well. That sure is a thing, then, isn't it.


In other news, it does seem like Camembert can be safely stored at room temperature for a fair amount of time, so I don't need to sneak a Camembert-exclusive mini-fridge into Adrien's room. Not that Plagg would let any go uneaten long enough to go truly bad...
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You know that Tumblr post that suggests Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley was basically throwing shade at her husband and other literary douchebags by writing Frankenstein: The New Prometheus?

AU where Victor's sweetheart finds out about the monster early on and basically adopts and raises him while leaving Victor in the cold: A very unsubtle allegory for fandom/fanfiction when TPTB are fucking asswipes.

Tell me I shouldn't. I probably won't anyway, because Work, but still.
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Me: *posts fic*
Me: Welp! Time to go eat dinner and then do laundry and then anything else I can think of to keep myself from endlessly refreshing my AO3 page!
Narrator: She knew well, however, that eir efforts would likely be in vain.
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Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Summary: Adrien's attitude takes a turn for the worse when Ladybug reveals her identity to the wrong side of him. (Inspired by this post by [ profile] thescuttlebugg.)
AO3 link: Read it here!
Wordcount: 3535
Notes: You ever read a prompt and not even contemplate writing it because it's so far from what you like to write that it's practically in another dimension? Ever do that and have a plot bunny hit you upside the head so hard for said prompt that it knocks it into your wheelhouse from out of left field? Which is to say: This fic is nowhere near angsty enough to do the prompt justice, but once my brain sidled up all, "You know what would be hilarious," I had to write it anyway.
Fic: Revealing Behavior )
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So this is a long shot, but uh. Anyone know anything about making coloring books to sell? (Especially with fandom content?) My PoGO friends have finally convinced me to look into it >_>
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Two pairs of jeans

Inspired by spite at the folks who buy plus-size clothing and turn it into straight-sized clothing, and also by needing more pants, I decided to start Operation Fusion Pants today.

Step One: Buy pants to fuse: Complete

Step Two: The Seam Ripper: Current step

Step Three: Contemplate the merits of hip-side pockets

Steps Four and onward: ???

Let's see if this works!
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I kinda felt like I was spamming yesterday, so here's a couple more belatedly:

The Pokemon Chandelure

Chandelure (I don't have a good title for this one)

Guess who finally figured out a good Pokemon color match for the Nonbinary Pride flag? This person!

Now a shirt!

Gardevoir, Milotic, and Chandelure say that Trans is Beautiful

Trans Is Beautiful Trio

Updated from the first version, which only had Gardevoir and Milotic. (I absolutely cheated on sizing for Chandelure; I'll probably tweak it a bit for the final version that'll go up on TeePublic, but this works better for coloring, IMO.) I always planned to go back and include the Nonbinary Pride colors as soon as I could figure out a good match for them, it just took a bit longer than I expected - plus there was the Redbubble merge, and I was a bit paranoid about that, so. Anyway, finalized TeePublic art is forthcoming! In the mean time, feel free to print and color :Db

Edit: Shirt now available! It turned out really fantastic too, OMG ♥
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TeePublic is running a flash sale for Valentine's Day! It, uh, actually started yesterday, but I wasn't paying attention ._.a

Anyway, if any of you fine folks are in the market for a shirt or a sticker or something else with a Library Frog, or a Violin Dragon, or any number of cute Pokemon (some of which proudly proclaim their stance on trans people), feel free to check my stuff out!
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At last, the culmination of months of sporadic work: The Pokemon Ragtime Show!

Ragtime-themed Totodile

First is Totodile, originally drawn for Pokemon GO's Totodile Community Day.

Ragtime trio Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile

Here's the whole trio together, all ready for the show. It feels like something's missing, though...

Ragtime-themed Pichu

That's it! That's what we need! We need one more Pokemon to make this...

Ragtime pokemon quartet Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, and Pichu

...A Pokemart Quartet! Appearing soon at the radio station in Goldenrod City!


Pichu running for a hug

The Pichu I had to draw first so I could get the hat right :P
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I decided to go through and simplify my first batch of Pokemon coloring pages, removing the concentric lines to make them easier to color. I've got a few more to post after this, including the conclusion(?) of the Ragtime Pokemon set, but some of them still need some editing, and I don't want to do an absolutely huge image dump right off the bat.

Here we go! Click on the thumbnails for nice, big, printable versions of the coloring pages.

Gastly spooks Cyndaquil
"Astonish (Simple)"

Bulbasaur smiling at some cherry blossoms
"Petal Dance (Simple)"

Spinda plays the tambourine
"Own Tempo (Simple)"

Piplup looking up at some bubbles
"Calm Mind (Simple)"

Bellsprout looks up at Solrock
"Solar Beam (Simple)"

Butterfree sniffing a Floette's flower
"Sweet Scent (Simple)"


Feb. 5th, 2019 11:56 pm
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I've got some new shirts for sale, yay!

First off, I'm pretty sure I never linked the finished Violin Dragon shirt on Dreamwidth, so here it is!

Next, I've got a frog reading a book of entomology :3b There's a version with no text over here, and a version that says, "Library Frog Has A Taste For Bookworms" over this way.

Go check them out, and then possibly buy and wear them!
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It boggles the mind that there are people in the world who can live through going from -25 Fahrenheit to +45 Fahrenheit in the same city in the space of a week and still not think that the weather is broken.

(No, I'm not talking about any in particular, this was just the follow-up thought to acknowledging the bizarre weather change myself.)
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Aw yeah, just volunteered as a writer for Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology IX ¦Db We'll see if I get any nibbles (I hope I hope I hope!).
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Just wanted to officially report that I made it to and from work safely yesterday :)b My car is up and running again as well, with a fresh new battery, and I am very much looking forward to listening to an audiobook while driving again.

In other news, the Violin Dragon shirt is now available! And, er, was available ...four days ago, which means I missed signal boosting here while it was still on New Item Sale, whoops =_=a Well, TeePublic does sales all the time, one will come back around sooner or later.

Oh, also, I figured out a Pokemon for an Enby Pride recolor to go with Gardevoir (genderqueer) and Milotic (classic trans): Chandelure! I don't know exactly when I'll get to it, but I'm looking forward to adding it to the Trans Is Beautiful: Solidarity design :)b
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So after calling in because my car wouldn't start at four in the morning, my boss texted me to ask if I could still make it in today! Hahahahah, isn't that delightful!

*sigh* I said I'd try. I'm giving it another go in about two hours, with my same plan of attack: Extra layers, three heating pads, an extra blanket, and a bottle of water on the side.

(For the record, there's only three people on the schedule today: My boss (who has two meetings, apparently), me, and the only other person in the bakery who has a longer drive than I do. I am mystified why my boss didn't offer to put the two of us up at the hotel again. It's possible she ran out of free employee hazardous weather overnights or something, but seems unlikely? I mean, I've known about this cold front since, like, Saturday, and we got a mass text/phone call on Monday afternoon to let us know campus would be closed from 5pm Monday to 10am Thursday, so I feel like she should have taken that as some sort of sign. I'll accept partial responsibility, since I did spend most of the past two days wondering if I should text her to ask about Extreme Weather plans, but I am definitely not the only one who should be thinking about this sort of thing.)
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Guess who (still) has to drive half an hour to work at fuckass o'clock in the morning tomorrow 8D

This normally wouldn't be noteworthy, except that I'm in the Midwest, and according to my weather app, it's supposed to be negative twenty-two degrees Fahrenheit BEFORE windchill when I leave the house.

Fuck everything. I need to see if I still have snow pants for insulation while driving. And if I can borrow both my parents' heating pads. And try not to cry, because my tears will only freeze.

*grumbles* Had to fucking work at a fucking hotel, didn't I. Not someplace that can actually fucking close ever, nooooo, we have to stay open ALL THE TIME. Ugh, if only job hunting were less stressful...

Edit: Moot point, it turns out; my car won't start.

Edit 2: Aaaand my boss wants me to try again. FML.
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(Doing this the old-fashioned way, since I haven't installed that new reblogs-but-on-DW thing yet.)

LGBTQ* Art Prompts

Proposed by [ profile] riotcakes, it's a set of art/creativity prompts for the month of February. To quote the creator:

I’ve put together LGBTQ* art prompts for the whole month of February. If you’d like to follow along use #febuqueery in your posts wherever you post them whether on instagram, twitter, tumblr, whatever! You can follow along with all of these prompts or just some of them, no pressure to do all of them. Any would be wonderful to see and I’m so excited to see what you create! You can use any art medium, digital or traditional.

Please share this if you’d like to participate or to signal boost for other aritsts!

Come to think of it, I haven't actually asked if prose, poetry, and the like are allowed, I just kinda assumed they were. I should go do that.
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One of my coworkers was out sick today, so I got to work nine-and-a-half hours! 8D *collapses*

In other news, I decided to re-activate all of my designs on TeePublic.

Next planned design for TeePublic: Violin Dragon. I made some good progress yesterday, and wanted to get some more done today, but I open again tomorrow (and Sunday) and am Le Tired.

Coming up after that are Library Frog and Disaster LGBTQIAP+ Absol. But Violin Dragon gets to be finished first, because Violin Dragon.

Okay, sleep soon now.

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