Aug. 25th, 2011

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I finished him! And am quite proud of him, too :3b He was delivered to his delighted new owner on Sunday, at which point I collected my money, as well as the "Who do I make next?" answer. (Said answer is PegaCid. Yes, we decided that wings were definitely going to be a Thing. And yes, the fact that they are frequently shipped together also influenced the decision. I'll have to see if I can't get a picture of them together when Cid's done. Ooo, maybe I can crochet an extra feather as well, hit up one of the FiM fic pega-shipping tropes ♥ :D ...Okay, I'm done with the terrible pegasus puns now, really.)

Picture time! )

Next on the crochet agenda, in no particular order:
* Mechazawa Beta
* A new Perry the Platypus, with a side-order of re-vamping the hell out of my first pattern. Seriously, that thing is a mess. I'm surprised so many people were even able to use it!
* PegaCid, as mentioned
* Way too many mini-Squiddles
* Full size Lemonsnout?
* Medium size scalemate?
* CHARITY STUFF - oh gosh that total has gotten so high @_@ That's a personal fundraising record, right there. Jebus.
* Venus de Milo, Scream, Thinker, second Woman With Plant(s) to possibly sell at high-end art gallery (still somewhat blown away by that being a possibility) - definitely writing all the patterns down

And looking into Etsy store details can probably fit between projects somehow.

Anywho, back to the hook! ...Or procrastinating, whichever.

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