Apr. 20th, 2012

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This post will include a minor Griffin Surge! Be prepared for griffins!

Godric the Griffin )

Seal-point Griffin )

Commission Griffin )

Colbert Eagle )

Klein Bottle )

Next up: Sephy-kins!
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Help me out here: For a griffin that's part tiger instead of part lion, should it have gold eyes (circular pupil) or green eyes (slit pupil)? Those are the only choices - well, the only ones I'd use for standard tiger type, anyhow. Blue is obviously what I'd go for with a white tiger-griffin, but I really can't decide for the orange tiger one.

Ooo, now I wanna make a cheetah one, too. It'd be a challenge to place all the spots in a way that I like, but I do love me a good challenge. Definitely gold eyes for a cheetah-griffin, though the green would go much better with the color of yellow I'm contemplating for it.

Incidentally, are they still called "griffins" when they're not part lion but still part cat? And if I go the other way, switch the birds around, and it's part pigeon or something: still griffins?

Now devolving into stream-of-consciousness about more birdlike griffins )

In other news, I am seriously tempted to try my hand (or voice, as it were) at podficcing. I've been listening to a lot of them and have become thoroughly addicted, though I am balancing them out with the odd original novel or two. I really, really don't need another hobby, but, well, tell that to the two computer mics I picked up today. At least they were really cheap? And I keep reading fics and wondering, "Why isn't this a podfic so I can experience it while crocheting!" S-sigh. Maybe I'll sign up for the next track of [community profile] remopodmo; that'll at least help me put it off for a little while.

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