Aug. 22nd, 2012

soc_puppet: Dreamsheep with a ball of white yarn for a body (Crochet)
Only two for now; I took a lot of time off for AnimeIowa, and then haven't really picked it up too well since. Though I did pick up a pencil again, as mentioned in the previous post. And also typed up more patterns, which is yay. Anyhow!

Tiger Griffin )

Yellow Dog )

Immediately next on my to-crochet list is Clubs Deuce, for when my brother starts part two of Plush Sleuth upon moving into his new apartment. The original is quite hilarious, I recommend everyone read it :3
soc_puppet: Words "Language Barrier" in yellow (Language Barrier)
Is there anything more complicated to copyrighting things than just slapping "Copyright [name] in [year], no unauthorized reproduction," all that jazz, on the end of whatever? Because that's about all that's holding me back from putting a couple of my crochet patterns up for sale.

Edit: Checked with Mom, the answer is "Yes, that's all you have to do." Should've known to check with the librarian first :P (She also says, "You can register your copyright by sending a copy of it to the Library of Congress." Good to know!)

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