Nov. 21st, 2012


Nov. 21st, 2012 05:09 pm
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You know those plastic/rubber wristband dealies with the words on 'em that were really huge a few years ago and are now basically a footnote in the annals of '00-'10 history?

Well, back in the day, this toy/other interesting products manufacturing company made up a nice slew of snarky/ironic ones, and I picked up a set on principle. Or possibly a whim. Whimsical principle? Whatever. Anyway, they promptly went into hibernation, because I only ever wear a watch on either wrist, and how was I supposed to read the time with some glorified rubber band in the way?

Last night, my (most recent) watch finally gave up the ghost. I'm probably going to have to get used to not wearing one anyway (*shudder*), since I'm going into culinary stuff and the only jewelry allowed is "a plain band ring", probably singular or at least not two in a row/on any given finger. But that's not happening yet, and in the mean time my wrist was getting lonely, since I'm holding out for a watch for my birthday (the thirtieth). There's a nice leather wristband I have that I'd love to wear, but I couldn't locate it.

Instead, I found those nifty rubber wristbands that I hadn't ever really worn, and decided, what the hell, why not?

So now I've got the seven sins on my left arm, covering up the really obvious "There used to be a watch here!" tanline I'm sporting, and "Nihilism", "Despair", and "Corporate Whore*" on my right wrist, because while my right arm has never felt lonely before, ten wristbands on one side seemed like a little much.

Still, I don't know if I'll keep them past my birthday. Again, I basically never wear them, and they're essentially "Chew me!" signs for my pet rats, so it'll be a lot of juggling to get them on and off when I say "hello" to my boys. Maybe I'll put them up for auction at [ profile] fandomaid or see if a friend wants them. We'll see, I guess.

* All of these were purchased pre-red pill, but this the only one I particularly object to at the moment. I still don't have the heart to leave it off, though; what if it got lonely?
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Woo, more amigurumi pics!

Katia Managan from Prequel )

Isaac from Golden Sun )

Black Opal Dragon )

In addition to the black opal dragon, I added another two plain-colored griffins to my Etsy store, one in black and one in brown. I figured I'd skip pics of them for now, though :P With any luck, I'll be adding my Tetris blanket there sometime soon as well.

Quick reminder: I've got offers up at [profile] fandomaid to raise money for Superstorm Sandy relief. My customary offer is up here; I'm also making Dr. Hooves available in the auction.

Edit: Now with Etsy links! (Good grief, self...)

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