Aug. 1st, 2016

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...Was yesterday, but who's counting?

Anyway, something I didn't mention on my Friday report is that I missed making my Opening Ceremonies "Here are things you can do to make the lives of PWD easier" speech, again. Either I missed my cue (entirely possible; I was called to the Bridge in the middle of Opening Ceremonies to deal with a gluten-related problem that may or may not have been an emergency; I'll probably ask for details at the postmortem), or the MC didn't actually give the cue for Staffers With Other Business.

The Staff Art Table closed out having made just over $1,000 before sales tax; about $450 of that was my own sales :3 I may be running a table with one of my costaffers at Icon this year, as well, though I do want to first discuss with her the option of the Art Sho, which would cost her less to participate in.

For acquisitions, I bought a box set of the first three seasons of Slayers, and the season one and two box sets of Wedding Peach, because I am a sucker for magical girl stuff. I also bought the first volume of Fallen, by Ogawa Buruku, one of our guests of honor this year, and some postcards by the staffer I mentioned in the previous paragraph, because she does gorgeous work. In fact, here is a link to her Deviantart account. Definitely check out the Senshi Royalty Project and the Talented Princesses collection, which were originally done in watercolors and both of which she had some postcard/greeting card prints of. She is just ridiculously talented.

Hmm, what else. Oh, apparently there was someone there from Cosplay Magazine, and one of my costaffers really talked up my work in the Accessibility Department to them <3 And I just - alawejfovdisd??? <3 <3 <3? Also, one of our returning attendees (uses a walker, has chronic pain and arthritis) basically showered me with compliments, and shared a really fantastic story from Friday: She had slipped and fallen, knocking her purse and walker down, and before she had even hit the ground, three people had come over to help - one put everything back in her purse, one righted her walker, and a third helped her up and made sure she was okay. She told me that probably 95% of our attendees are just really fantastic about accommodating folks, and I just about burst with pride on behalf of the convention. Anyway, I really, really want some minions next year, because I wasn't able to do nearly everything I wanted to this year, and I just want to reach for the stars now.

Oh, the Staff Art Table was also one of three tables in the Marketplace selling Pride oriented stuff, and I accidentally drew a lot of folks in by hanging up my Ace Blanket ^^a Unfortunately, I only had two smaller-ticket Ace pride items, and those were snatched up in very short order on the first day of the con, and I had probably at least eight other people asking for some. Moral of the story: I am definitely making at least a dozen Ace Pride Piggies and three Asexuowls for next year. Probably starting now, since I'll likely be too preoccupied leading up to the con next year.

Staffers were also given three Excellent Cosplay ribbons to hand out to people who had, well, excellent cosplays, to encourage them to keep attending. I handed all three of mine out on Friday: One to a Sailor Saturn that I met on the elevator, one to a tiny Captain America who was accompanied by their grown-up Winter Soldier guardian person, and one to a Ms. Marvel just as the Marketplace was closing, who proceeded to freak out happily. [personal profile] lightbird, I also saw a Helga cosplayer who made me think of you, and I made sure to get her picture :)

I think that's about it for highlights. Here's to next year!

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