Feb. 8th, 2017

soc_puppet: [Homestuck] God tier "Blood" themed Dreamsheep (Sheep of Blood)
Today I've got the worst case of cramps I've had since that one time in high school, when I had to walk out of standardized testing* and go home because the pain was so bad. I walked home since I lived only a few blocks away, and ended up having to stop half-way there to wait out a bout of cramps, then spent about an hour trying to find the right position or set of stretches that would alleviate some of the pain; I usually defaulted to fetal position, but that didn't work for long.

Thankfully, then as now, pain meds kicked in before too much time had passed, which is why I have the energy and focus to even write a damn post about it. I'm left thankful that I don't have such bad cramps more than once every decade or so. (Also that I wasn't at work, since I don't think I could've focused on driving safely to get home, and am not entirely sure where I could've waited that shit out.) Still, it might be worth contemplating solutions.

Anyway, gonna pamper myself the rest of the day, because damned if I don't deserve a bit after that.

* Which kinda sucked, because I've always liked taking standardized tests, even if now I recognize them as a Tool of the Oppressor. I've always been quick at them, and it made me feel proud and smart, and finishing up early meant I had a nice bit of quiet time to read or write or draw. I ended up finishing the tests on makeup day, which was just straight through with no proctor, and therefore no breaks for finishing early. I was horribly disappointed.

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