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Getting very belatedly back to my AnimeIowa 2012 Con Report, here's a set of pictures of the lanterns I painted for the Special Surprise on Friday night.

In order of size from smallest to largest:

Goldfish lantern! Four views so you can see all the fish and plants. I like the "classic" feel of it.

Pokeball! Just one pic; I think that communicates the idea well enough.

Nyancat lantern! All the way around this one. The two photos in the middle miraculously had good enough lighting that I didn't need to adjust them at all.

Phoenix and Dragon lantern! I really love how this one turned out. I used gold paint for the phoenix's eye and claws and silver paint for the dragon's eye, horns, and claws. I got a lot of questions about this one particularly as to whether I was selling the lanterns; alas, they're apparently for AI display only. I'll have to ask the lantern event coordinator where she ordered them, maybe see about painting and selling my own.

MLP:FIM cutie marks! Mane six plus bubbles. It seemed like an obvious enough idea when I was trying to decide what to paint on all of them.

I'm really pleased with these, especially the Phoenix-and-Dragon one; it made me extra disappointed that the lanterns weren't displayed very well from a visual perspective.

Saturday and Sunday to come eventually, hopefully. Also more pictures, possibly from 2011 and 2010 as well. (Apparently the trick for me is to just skip the photoshoot pics; too many to sort through and label =_= Maybe I'll just zip 'em up, especially if I can figure out how to do a mass re-size.)
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