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Jul. 7th, 2013 02:09 am
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Listing for myself what I need to do so I can be more organized about actually doing it.

Accessibility stuff:

* Attempt to locate sticker paper; if unable to find, use regular paper. Either way, finish at least 15 more "Use the Mic" signs for convention.

* Talk to Pubs, make sure Large Print program books are still a go. Ask if they can add the words "Large Print" somewhere obvious on the cover, so people who don't need them don't pick them up thinking they're a deluxe version of the regular program book rather than the same info at a larger size.

* Find out if Mindbridge has an Accessibility Policy; make sure people can find it easily if we do, get to work on developing one if we don't.

* Talk to Tech head, find out if/how we're marking dubbed vs. subbed titles in video schedule. Emphasize importance of this if necessary (unlikely).

* Recruit a bunch of people to watch anime (lol, that's going to be so difficult!) to attempt to identify triggers present in various anime titles. (Most likely will be providing list only at Info Desk/Guidebook app, possibly on back of looseleaf vid schedule, though would love to provide info in Program Book in the future.) Triggers to watch for off the top of my head:
- Incest
- Suicide/Self-harm
- Disordered eating
- Violence
- Gore
- Death/killing
- Sexual harassment
- Sexual assault
- Extra yucky fanservice???? Not sure how to word this one to be "taken seriously"/correctly interpreted...
May need to ask about specific visual/auditory(?) triggers (flashing lights, etc) @ access_fandom or look them up on Vividcon website.

* ...Frick, forgot to find out about "Plz to use stairs if possible" signs. May be too late to get them made. Not that I've had very good luck explaining where I'd want them to be put, which makes getting permission to put them there difficult. ("On the inside of the elevator doors." "You mean on the walls where it's carpeted? Because I don't think the hotel would go for that." "No, I mean on the inside of the doors, where everyone is socially trained to look while riding the elevators and where there is no carpet." "I'm not sure what you mean." "SIGH.")

* Ask if we can't get changing room highlighted on map somehow.

There's more to do at-con, but that's all I've got for before the next meeting. (Honestly, I can probably put the "use the mic" signs stuff off until the night before, but I may as well have it on the list.)

To-do art-wise (lesser priority):

* Finalize/make more of mini pig

* Glue flowers and butterflies to hair clips

* Make more: flowers, butterflies, mini cats, octopodes

* Add prices to everything, basically

* See about printing out crochet patterns to sell? Possibly organize flying pig pattern into trifold to sell

* Consider tapestry-style art contest entry (I totes wish I were better at making my own sprite art; and by "better at" I mean "had even the slightest idea how".)
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