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Ami photo dump time!

Star Dragon is done! I'm quite proud of her, though I will be saying good-bye eventually. I'll probably need better pictures for that first, though.

When she's facing left, the rhinestones on her pelt are in roughly the same shape as the constellation Draco (with a little liberty taken in where connecting lines are drawn). When she's facing right, the stars are approximately in a mirror image of it. It took me a while to place them right, but I think I got them down pretty well :3

Charizard, a commission for an in-law I met in Colorado at my cousin's wedding. I was working on Red Dragon at the time, and she thought it was Charizard, and asked me for my info so she could commission one from me at a later date for her son-in-law. She contacted me in October, and after first confirming that it was indeed Charizard she wanted and not a generic dragon, and then agreeing on a price, I got to work.

I think he turned out pretty well, all things told. His proportions aren't exactly on the nose, but some adaptation decay is pretty much to be expected when switching from one medium to another, especially at this scale. I'll be fiddling a bit with the pattern for his wings, maybe make an entire new Charizard, before I post the pattern, but it'll go up eventually.

Closeups of his face, so you can see the details. The nostrils/eye ridges/lip ridge are annoying and fiddly to make and attach, but damn do they look good in the end.

An angel, commissioned by my grandmother for a friend of hers who's dying of cancer. I sent her off with a few days to spare, but Grandma ended up not caring for the wings, so I had to rush make a few new sets for her to choose from to replace the ones seen in the pictures. I was unable to do it in person, as I might've liked, since Grandma's in Texas and I'm in Iowa :P In the end, we had to get the new wings Fed-Exed, since I finished them in close proximity to Veterans Day and the USPS was closed ^^a We did get them there on time for Grandma's friend's birthday, though, and the angel was well received :)

The original wings are felt with acrylic paint. Her halo and harp are semi-sparkly pipe cleaner; there's also bits of thread on the harp that I attached with (relatively cool) hot glue. The harp itself was definitely an afterthought, which I made after Mom made an off-hand comment about including one. (I had some leftover pipe cleaner from the halo and it was a decent idea! I have no reason to feel defensive about this! [/crafterthoughts])

Cloud pony! Oh man, his hair was a pain and a half. I ended up using both plain white glue (my standard 'hair spray') and, in the end, semi-tying it to his ears to help that spike stay up. I shoulda just gone with hot glue, but I guess it's a live-and-learn situation :/

The color combination turned out a lot better than I thought it would. Dunno why I doubted it; maybe it's just from having grown up with a red-green colorblind sibling. Kinda makes putting purple and blue together an automatic no-no for most situations.

Naked Cloud pony! Blank flank by request of the commissioner, and as per the art inspiration. ...I really need to get off my butt and contact the artist, let 'em know what I've been up to and possibly work stuff out.

...WTF, why is my Pony Picture Gallery the top site for "FFVII ponies" on Google regular search. This has got to be history bias or something.

Accessories! I honestly didn't mean to make Cloud's turtleneck shirt thing have a thong strap, but that's really the best way it worked out. Oh, and I learned to popcorn solely so I could make the stupid boot studs. Should've done it for the shoulder guard too, but I was too lazy or something.

This one cracks me up for no good reason. Who thought Cloud could be so well balanced without his rear legs? Must be a center of gravity thing.

Three characters is also enough for a party! Time to go adventuring :Db

Honestly, most of the pictures I took of multiple characters turned out pretty bad :/ I was at the buyer's condo at the time, and she had a bunch of people over playing Arkham Horror all over the living room floor (I was content to watch/work on Cloud/etc), so I didn't have a lot of space to back up and take pics in. This'll probably have to do.

Shippy bonus ;) I tried to stick Cid's cigarette in Vincent's mouth for more implied kissing, but the stitches weren't cooperating and I was low on time. Maybe next time...

The buyer also spent a good amount of time switching everypony's costumes around X3 I didn't get any pictures of that, though.

Anywho, I'll try and get these up on [personal profile] hooked_on_anime sometime in the near future. In the mean time, I've got some minor pattern editing to do, and a Serious Question to answer.
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