AI Planning

Jul. 7th, 2013 02:09 am
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Listing for myself what I need to do so I can be more organized about actually doing it.

Accessibility stuff )

To-do art-wise (lesser priority):

* Finalize/make more of mini pig

* Glue flowers and butterflies to hair clips

* Make more: flowers, butterflies, mini cats, octopodes

* Add prices to everything, basically

* See about printing out crochet patterns to sell? Possibly organize flying pig pattern into trifold to sell

* Consider tapestry-style art contest entry (I totes wish I were better at making my own sprite art; and by "better at" I mean "had even the slightest idea how".)
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Getting very belatedly back to my AnimeIowa 2012 Con Report, here's a set of pictures of the lanterns I painted for the Special Surprise on Friday night.

Image heavy! )

Saturday and Sunday to come eventually, hopefully. Also more pictures, possibly from 2011 and 2010 as well. (Apparently the trick for me is to just skip the photoshoot pics; too many to sort through and label =_= Maybe I'll just zip 'em up, especially if I can figure out how to do a mass re-size.)
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[Content Note: The comment linked to is in response to a discussion of sexual assault and harassment]

I am this close to figuring out a viable way to implement my long held dream of Free Hugs For Charity; I just need to figure out that last thing and make sure that next-to-last thing is a reasonable idea, and then I can see about suggesting it to the Con Execs.

Just. Free hugs for charity! And saying "no" also contributes to charity! And it fits so well into the already established theme of "Free Hugs" signs and conventions! And helps promote consent awareness! And and and!

I may be a smidge over-invested in this.
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H'okay, let's hope I actually remember more than a teensy bit of this. Go!

Thursday )

Friday )

I want to write about Saturday here, but honestly I just spent a good amount of brain power remembering everything that happened on Friday. I also want to catch up on the AI2012 feedback thread, and maybe send in my own feedback form. So, uh, I guess the rest may be going up later.

For more information on some of the things I did, check out my Convention Teaspoon Report.
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Personal con report and pictures will come later, I just wanted to share some of the progress I'd made in establishing the Accessibility Department, some of the ways I still need to improve, and some minor personal teaspooning [Content Note for link: Rape, violence] I did over the weekend.

[Content Note for post: Ablism, Ageism, Binarism] Convention Teaspoon Report )

Edit: After some deliberation, I decided to come public with which convention it is. (You could probably tell anyway by searching through my archives.) I'm on staff for AnimeIowa, which is no longer "Iowa's Best Kept Secret". We seriously need a new tagline, LOL. On the off chance that you're interested in helping out at all, let me know and I can give you details on when and where the staff meetings are. At-con volunteers are also welcome.

Day Two

Jul. 28th, 2012 07:03 pm
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Still exhausting, but I got to go home at six, so I'm calling it a win :3b

Homestuck photoshoot today, so I took a lot of pictures. I didn't have a very good view for a lot of the early ones, but my brother did, so I'll be stealing some of his photos ASAP. Minor spoilers for Act 5 plus (mostly character names) )

If you can't tell, this convention has been doing wonders for rekindling my love of Homestuck. Which is fantastic, IMO, because I've still got WIPs to finish and someone to beta for. With any luck, tomorrow I'll be at the swap meet and giving up a few more of my mini-squiddles for Awesome Stuff. Tonight, though, there will be sleep.
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If not the best sign at the convention this year, it is at least my favorite.

Sign goes here )

RL Update

Jul. 26th, 2012 01:59 am
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I'm feeling better, now!

Here's what I've been doing since Monday:

* I've got a good number of Brain Slug Party pamphlets printed out for my traditional costume (just a crocheted brain slug I wear on my head)
* I've got the Quiet Room Rules written up and printed out
* I've got my speech-thingy for Opening Ceremonies mostly typed up and almost ready to print
* I've got all the bag check charms I can manage made
* I've got the "Use The Mic" signs made up (didn't have time or resources to get them professionally printed but managed pretty well with sticker paper, foam sheets, and extra large popsicle sticks)
* I've got my Staff Art Table goods stickered and priced
* I picked up some blue painter's tape

Some things I still need to do:

* Check with T_J, find out if there's extra gaffer's tape to be had, I don't care what color Gaffer's tape located! Still need to block out a few wheelchair spaces in a couple rooms, but that won't happen until tomorrow.
* Print out a bunch more business cards to sit at my spot on the Staff Art Table
* Write and print out what's up with the Quiet Room for the Bridge
* Plead with heads of Reg to see if they won't talk to the Person about the Thing; I have no f-cking reason to feel guilty or "cowardly" about not talking to them myself if it's a matter of saving spoons, and also because it's something that's mostly out of my hands to begin with

I. Wow. Is that all there really is left? I really thought I had a shit ton more to do, except then I started writing it out and it's practically only three pre-con things, and then it's just stuff at/during the convention which I'm mostly used to. This officially puts me in Excited For Con mode, which is far superior to Stressed The F-ck Out Over Con mode.

In completely different news, my floppy cats are now available for sale at a local store! I am totes happy about that :3b

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