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Just a small picdump this time. I would've included pictures of Dragon, since it's done, but I ended up not liking any of them :/ He'll be in the next one with Dr. Whooves and PegaCid (and hopefully also wedding cranes).

Mechazawa Beta )

Nitori )

As far as my other projects go:
* Dr. Whoof and Epic Dragon are done and ready for their photo shoots
* PegaCid has his jacket and scarf finished and his mane and tail attached; I still need to make his face and cutie mark, as well as boots and googles
* Wedding cranes are on my to-do list immediately after PegaCid is finished
* They are to be followed by Time Trial/Constellation epic dragon, who will be gorgeous
* Somewhere in there, either before or after TT/C dragon, will be either something more artsy (I'm hoping for Venus de Milo, though I'd also go for nailing down the pattern on Woman With Plants) or something cute (fruit! with faces!)
* Anything else :P
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I finished him! And am quite proud of him, too :3b He was delivered to his delighted new owner on Sunday, at which point I collected my money, as well as the "Who do I make next?" answer. (Said answer is PegaCid. Yes, we decided that wings were definitely going to be a Thing. And yes, the fact that they are frequently shipped together also influenced the decision. I'll have to see if I can't get a picture of them together when Cid's done. Ooo, maybe I can crochet an extra feather as well, hit up one of the FiM fic pega-shipping tropes ♥ :D ...Okay, I'm done with the terrible pegasus puns now, really.)

Picture time! )

Next on the crochet agenda, in no particular order:
* Mechazawa Beta
* A new Perry the Platypus, with a side-order of re-vamping the hell out of my first pattern. Seriously, that thing is a mess. I'm surprised so many people were even able to use it!
* PegaCid, as mentioned
* Way too many mini-Squiddles
* Full size Lemonsnout?
* Medium size scalemate?
* CHARITY STUFF - oh gosh that total has gotten so high @_@ That's a personal fundraising record, right there. Jebus.
* Venus de Milo, Scream, Thinker, second Woman With Plant(s) to possibly sell at high-end art gallery (still somewhat blown away by that being a possibility) - definitely writing all the patterns down

And looking into Etsy store details can probably fit between projects somehow.

Anywho, back to the hook! ...Or procrastinating, whichever.
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Epic photo dump ahoy! Not only are there three projects I've been sitting on pictures of for far too long, I just finished another three within the past week or so. I've really been booking on my projects lately, which is good :3b

Anywho, pictures.

Kittehs )

Pyralspite )

Senator Lemonsnout )

Bearbee )

Kaien Cross )

Rose and Kanaya )

Today I got to work on FFVIIVincent!Pony. Or perhaps I should say back to work, as his basic body has been done since before AI 9_9a Anyway, I've been using this pic as a reference, and he now has hair and some very fancy horseshoes going for him. The gold isn't quite the right color, but I figure it's probably close enough. I plan to tackle his cloak tomorrow, maybe get his eyes and cutie mark on Tuesday? We'll see how things go. My current goal is to have him done by this weekend, so he can go to his new home (and hopefully I'll be able to start work on one of his buddies).

I also wanted to say that I've been thoroughly encouraged to put together some good crochet works and take them by our local ritzy 3D art shop, see if they wouldn't be interested in selling them :) At first I was thinking things along the lines of Tiny Tiger, but my parents suggested I go with Woman With Plant(s) and the like instead. So now I need to think of other paintings to imitate with crochet. Any suggestions, lovely f'list/circle?

Final thing! Just a quick reminder that I've got a charity offer up at [ profile] fandomaid to benefit Somalia, which is suffering from a terrible drought, famine, and cholera outbreak. Please consider bidding and/or offering to show your support, or at least spread the word.
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Commissions are now open at [personal profile] hooked_on_anime!

Here, have a photo dump of some of my more recent stuff so you can see if you like any of it enough to pay me for it.

Dachshund )

Woman With Plant(s) )

Problem Sleuth )

Heart Bear )

Timcampy )


Okay, I'm done showing off for now. Back to remembering to breathe and waiting on pins and needles tenterhooks for responses/orders.
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Haha, take that memory! I've outsmarted you! I listed the things I wanted to write about while I still remembered them, and then the automatic draft saving thing took care of the rest! I am triumphant!


Humorless Feminist Tidbit: There's going to be this Dan Savage/It Gets Better event sorta thing in a couple of weeks that the Quire has been invited to participate in. I have slightly conflicting feelings about participating in it myself. For one thing, as I'm fairly certain I've mentioned before, the It Gets Better project itself is steeped in privilege. For another, Dan Savage is a giant asshole.

On the other hand, it could be a legitimately fun time. There might actually be nothing that makes me cringe (or at least no more than anywhere else in life - look at my low standards!). It's definitely in support of the community, and while Savage himself may be transphobic and misogynist, not everyone involved in the event will be, I'm sure. And who knows, ways to make it better might actually come up.

So yeah. Conflicted. Humorless feminist tidbit over, for now.

Time now for crochet pictures, yay! Ted Kord, AKA the Blue Beetle II )

Anyway, he, the Hetalia boys, and Dobby are all now in a box, ready to be whisked away by the USPS to their new home <3 And I am ready for a break from crochet. Er, as soon as I can convince my craft-hungry brain of the idea, that is.

My current crochet-related plan(s) are as follows:
1) A month off from crochet to let my hands have a break. This will be somewhat difficult, as my brain is currently fully in Crochet Mode, but I will be doing my best.
2) Two Despicable Me minions for my mom.
3) A legitimate medium-sized person plush or three. (Princesses, maybe? I've been meaning to get to them for a while, after all...)
4) [MLP:FiM] Ponies, probably. (Fluttershy and Rarity, perhaps? Though how I'll manage Rarity's curls, I've no notion.)
5) ???

All of that is in order, though one or more things may be interrupted if [ profile] help_japan has a second full round. I mean, I'll probably try to avoid putting off giving my hands a break, but if it comes down to it...

That's about all from my end today. I'll probably try to distract myself from crochet with Pokémon White (and/or Black, etc) for a while, though hopefully I'll also be able to distract myself with writing, drawing, and updating [personal profile] hooked_on_anime. I guess we'll see how it goes.
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Treats for lurkers! And non-lurkers, whatever.

Anyway, some of you may remember that steampunk-ish story I keep talking about from time to time. I've had a few scribbles of various Steampunk Vet Outpatients saved up, so I thought I'd share them :) Uh, possible [Trigger Warning] for animals who have completely recovered from severe harm?

Steampunk Vet Outpatients )

And now for something completely different (with no trigger warning, even):

Unfinished Business )

Anyway, I guess that's it for now, or at least until I get the vargouille pattern up :) I hope you all enjoy the rest of Lurker Day, however much of it is left for you ♥ And every day, really ;)
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Two commissioned amigurumi.

Vargouille [AD&D, version 3.5] )

Xellos[s] from Slayers )

Now that I have the project that's unofficially due on Saturday out of the way, it's time to rock the hell out on getting my charity projects made/finished. Sob sob, I have eight-and-a-half things to make T-T A-at least I already have patterns for four-and-a-half of them, and Xellos[s] and Karkat give me a rough pattern for the other four? [/self-pity (I'm really not too upset over this, I just like to complain X3 I mean, it is a little more than I thought I would be making right away back in the beginning of January, and the timing WRT Valentine's Day and my job at a flower shop is a bit rough, but I'll live, really. I got myself into it, after all :P Besides, I relish a challenge :3b)]


Jan. 18th, 2011 12:20 am
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Grumpiest troll is essentially done, yay! )

And now, we'll see if I can actually manage a self-imposed twenty-four-hour crochet break. After which, I've got two commissions for friends, which I can hopefully finish before I have to start the stuff for [ profile] qldfloodauction. I may also sign up for [ profile] helpbrazil2011, because I am apparently just that much of a masochist into making things for charity. I mean, I already feel guilty that I haven't signed up for it yet, and I just found out about it tonight - though I was expecting something as soon as I heard about the flooding and landslides there as well. Even if I do sign up, I'll probably still feel bad, because I don't think I can handle more than one more winning bidder, though I will feel less bad than if I don't sign up (yay, Catholic upbringing!). Sigh; maybe something awesome will happen and I'll get a windfall of cash to bid with instead/in addition...

Which reminds me; I need to bug the AI execs about that one thing some more. *commences plotting*

Edit: Thread for Help Brazil is up here. I couldn't bring myself to say "only one winner", sob sob :( I hope my various winners are understanding and flexible about time/deadlines and such; I don't want my hands to quit on me ;_;
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Holy fuck, that Homestuck update. Holy fuck, that Homestuck update...!

Well! In order to celebrate the many and varied ways in which that update was absolutely mind-blowing, I feel the need to share some crochet WIP pics. Remember that present I mentioned wanting to finish for my brother before his birthday yesterday? Y-yeah, didn't manage that. I blame sleeping through most of Friday. But I am a lot closer than I was this morning!

Anyway. Grumpiest troll )

Anyhow, I'm hungry, and so are my rats, so I'mma get to work on taking care of both of those things. And then probably sleep. Because I like sleep. Here's hoping all the html will work in the actual post here and on LJ... And work it does! Score :Db
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Blarg, gotta get to sleep so I can get up in the morning and go to work...!

Really quick amigurumi time :Db

Bubby the Bubble Boy from Sister Claire )

Squiddle HorrorTerror )

Anyway, yes. Sleep. That. *flops over into bed*
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Oh holy fuck MSPA updated O_O Oh holy fuck did it ever update. W-wow.

Cut for spoilers )

I've got it downloaded and can upload, uh, somewhere if anyone has trouble accessing the update via the site or the mirror.


Steampunk-y stuff:

Overcoming the Noble Savage & the Sexy Squaw: Native Steampunk
Very nifty article. Found in Shakesville's Wednesday Blogaround this week. I totally need to dig into the extra links when I'm in a research-y mood.

I also finally got around to ordering/sending the money in for those four copies of Steam Powered last Wednesday/also kinda two Tuesdays ago, so uh. I should get around to organizing that :|a

For anyone who's interested in that Steampunk story I've been planning for a while now, I finally got a couple of my (very initial) sketches scanned. I'm only sharing one at the moment, though: Adorable animal companion

Very, very not finalized; for one thing, I need to decide whether I actually want my steampunk tech to actually look even vaguely functional ^^a It's also chibified, which influences its design to a certain degree. I think it looks pretty cute though, all in all :3b
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You know what? Yes. Yes, I am going to use my Tentacles icon for this post rather than my Creative Process icon. Because I can. Also, I happen to think it looks quite smashing in Pragmatic/Neutral Good (DW's new default layout, though I picked it anyway).

Pictures time!

From that meme forever ago that I haven't actually forgotten: What I sent to Inarticulate )

For my younger brother, for Xmas: A pair of Tangle Buddies from Squiddles/MSPA/Homestuck )

Leaving things there for now. Time to sleep, if I can manage it.
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As a reward to myself for finishing and sending in an application, I decided to go ahead and do a bit of work on that project I asked for opinions on. ...And then ended up more-or-less finishing it - or at least this version of it. Er. Go me? (I'll finish and send in another app in return, I promise. Or at least get as far as a boring aptitude/personality test part, which suck online because I can't ask clarifying questions, but I still seem to do better at actually turning in apps via computer, so. ...Where was I? Oh yeah, fanart.)

Anyway, to understand absolutely all of the jokes related to this, it would be helpful to read the short story, The Creature in Your Neighborhood by [ profile] jimhines (which is not yet up on his website, but one can hope that it may make it there someday). It is currently available in the suburban fantasy anthology Strip Mauled, edited by Esther Friesner. Previous art for this story can be found here, along with solid proof that publishing companies should totes be hiring me to promote writers ;) (Come to think of it, maybe I should see about offering my services for such a thing. Now, how would I go about doing so...?)

Without further ado, I present the preview poster for the upcoming series Rainbow the Werewolf Hunter (mild spoilers for the story) )

Blah blah, back to work! At, uh, finding work ._. Then maybe more art. Maybe.
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And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, Perry the Platypus!

Oh, there you are, Perry! )

And that's all for today, I think ¦3
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Exciting news! Tomorrow, International Talk Like A Pirate Day coincides with our local Zombie March! It'll be March Like A Zombie Pirate Day! Yarrr, braaaains ;)

Anyhow, I promised amigurumi pics, and so amigurumi pics I shall deliver :3 Also, there will be two posts, because one of the amigurumi is just way too cool to share with the others.

Amigurumi~ )

So yes, those are most of the amigurumi I have made recently. As a bonus, this is the henna design that is currently on my left hand. And fading fast, but I did apply it almost two weeks ago. I'll probably re-do it in a way that looks slightly less like exclamation points over this weekend.
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Fanart time!

Featuring characters from The Stepsister Scheme, and a scenario inspired by the author. It's totally non-spoilery, too, so even if you haven't read the book yet (WHY HAVEN'T YOU!), you should be able to get it.

There's no ass-kicking, and it's probably at least a little OOC, but it is fanart of the princesses and a zombie )
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Lovely little original fiction prompt tree set up by [ profile] ruffwriter over here (thanks for the heads up, [personal profile] branewurms!); I contributed a scribble in this thread, and [ profile] lacunarity followed up with an adorable snipped based on it ♥ I'm hoping to maybe add some prompts of my own and possibly respond more later.

I also find it interesting how much more easily stories come to me when I do the art first. I mean, it may just be basic details and outline, but I don't think I dislike the trend. I wonder if I can't use this to my advantage when I'm stuck in origific, just draw something and try and find a way to fit it in...

Today, I discovered the absolute deliciousity of frozen watermelon. It surpasses sherbet in tastiness, and easily rivals ice cream. Never will I go back to unfrozen if I can help it! Though damn, it's probably gonna end up a summer-only treat, considering the price and availability of watermelon in winter :|

New Roommate's cats are settled in now, and I seem to be getting along with them swimmingly. I still think I like my rats better, but they are awfully cute ^^a I'll probably try and provide photos at some point in time.


Jun. 15th, 2009 08:23 pm
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Just two pics today. Maybe more later, Iunno.

The first is for Ytak, the second is mostly for me )

I'm pretty sure I'm going to start cross-posting my entries to at least my IJ account, maybe my IS as well. Don't think I'm going to be doing anything in particular with my JF account, though :/
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Just dumping links to a bunch of art I don't think I've actively collected here. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, etc.

Just links and short descriptions, but I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a lot of 'em )

And I think that's it. Lotta art ._. Amigurumi dump sometime soon, I'm hoping.

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