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It has been a long vacation so far, with far too much getting lost, and to top it off, the Half-Price Books tour we had planned for tomorrow is now canceled. I need something to make up for it (especially since I'm not sure I'll even be able to do my back-up "what I want" tomorrow of going to the new books store and, say, Best Buy), so I'm typing up a piece of what I've written for NaNo. It is fairy-tale-ish, and involves lesbians and bears. Responses would be quite happy-making.

Origins of the Highbear Family )

Anyhow, back to actually writing my NaNo now. Really. I swear. Okay, no, I'm sleeping and/or reading other people's books. Happy now?

Edit: Have just added a NaNoWriMo tag to my tags on DW, yay! It is now the tag I have used most so far. I am unsure how I feel about that.
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After my previous entry, who's really surprised that I've actually been thinking about a premise for a Perfect-For-Me Sci-Fi Show? :P Although, if you are surprised, it's probably because I haven't been telegraphing well enough, sigh. I do technically have a Long History of wanting to fill perceived gaps in fiction and fanfiction alike, especially once they're mentioned, but. I don't know that I've been particularly apt to demonstrate it ._.a Guess I'll find out.

Which basically means it's time for another Dreamwidth Exclusive! \o\ My previous one (and only other one so far) is over here; I have actually finished the line art in the first pic (and pretty much scrapped the plot as well, sadface :{), so I should really get around to scanning it and posting it, but wev. That would be following through on things :P

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...And that's really all I've got for the moment. But the brain, she's a-buzzin' :3b Argh, the research invollllved ;_; AT LEAST I WILL LEARN STUFF?

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