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AnimeIowa is coming up, and I want to put more ships in bottles so I can sell them like hotcakes and make out like a bandit. Only I don't exactly have my finger on the pulse of anime fandom anymore these days, so I have no idea what's popular. And while I'm happy to provide non-anime ships*, since it's an anime convention I really would like to have at least an equal number of anime ships.

My solution? (After asking around at Saturday's AI meeting failed miserably, of course.) Check AO3 to find the top listed fandoms for number of fics, and then the top relationships in each of these fandoms.

The only problem? I'd forgotten that there are not only ships but fandoms that I am actively disinterested in. Anti-interested, even. And that they are wildly popular.

*sigh* Such is life, I suppose.

* Oh! Oh oh oh! I should totally deviate from my normal heart-shaped bottles and find a flask or beaker to put Science Bros in! That would be fab :DDD

Also, have I mentioned lately how much it totally bites that selling 3D Homestuck stuff is off limits? Because it totally bites.
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Hopy shit, I got second place! Score!

I was totally doubting that I'd place for a while, 'cuz there's some truly awesome stuff that got submitted, but I made it!

Now I just gotta watch the winning video, so I can see how thoroughly I was blown out of the water :P
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It's done! Or, well, it was done half an hour ago. It then promptly become unfinished for a number of reasons, partly to do with my desire for perfection and the fact that I made the figures too tall so now I need to go in and re-apply the wax so it's about half a cm lower to keep the glass from distorting their heads, but mostly because hot glue really doesn't hold that well to wax. Don't get me wrong, there were totally advantages to that in the setup process, but there's definitely something to be said for the toothpick application method.

Anywho, pics! Ship In A Bottle )

Edit: Second place, w00t!
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With significant progress made on my two trades, I've begun work on the Ship in a Bottle.

By which I mean I've melted exactly nine crayons in the base of the bottle. See, I'm using a bottle like this - I'd go so far as to say it's exactly that type of bottle except it's more than three-and-a-quarter inches tall - and I wanted to have a base in the bottom of it to raise the characters up a bit. Gives 'em a bit more room, see. And while the crayons initially looked like they'd be the perfect solution, well. Completely drying left something of a sinkhole in the middle of wax, which isn't exactly a solid place for two polymer clay characters to be standing, let alone in close proximity to one another.

My next plans are either MORE WAX or more polymer clay, but if anyone has a suggestion for how I can get the wax to not do that sinkhole thing instead I'd love to hear it.
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Trade One: Small scalemate - Almost done! Just need to sew on the spines and the button eyes, and then get in contact with my trade-ee, find out where they are on their project. DONE! I'll be sharing pics with my trade-ee and then talking more details.

Trade Two: Griffin - Still need to get off my butt and contact [supplier] about whether they have clear eyes in 15mm; I'll order pre-colored if I have to, but I'd totally love some I could paint myself. Otherwise, have the pattern and materials, not too concerned about timing, etc. Conversation started with [supplier]; we'll see how this goes. Clear eyes ordered! Yay \o/

Commission One: Hani-senpai's bunny from Ouran PigBunny from this K-drama whose title I don't remember - Absolutely nothing done. Which is actually okay, considering that I had nothing done on the first one and the commissioner decided she'd rather have something else. I need to ask her for screencaps/other images so I can get started brainstorming and finding colors.

Commission Two: Dobby - Just got the order on Friday. I've got at least most of the materials and I already have the pattern, so it shouldn't be much hassle.

Pattern: Griffin - I figured out my foreleg problem and am just getting some last few pics taken. After that, it's editing and inserting them into the pattern, and then I can finally get the pattern up online. Woot! Pics are taken and edited and now just need to be put in their proper places in the pattern :3 LISTED, heck yeah! Messages sent to the folks who've expressed interest in buying a copy as far as I remember them.

NEW PROJECT: Ship in a Bottle - Finally going to make this happen! See, there's this contest and - well, never mind that. The point is, it's going to happen, and it's going to happen by the end of the month so I can actually get into the contest.

The pattern and Trade One are my current priorities, followed by Trade Two, with the commissions and Ship Bottle vying for the next slot because I only have a deadline for one of them. In addition to all of these, I want to get more floppy cats/canines and flying pigs made and find an art show where I can hawk my wares, because MONEY.

I know I said I'd be writing this month, but it's looking less likely :/ The backburner projects may be sitting there a while longer. If anyone figures out how I can duplicate myself temporarily, let me know so I can get more stuff done!

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