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Oh my Maude, y'all, I so totally love my baking classes. I am learning so much about baking! And not just about the baking of things, but also about the history and makeup of various ingredients! For example, I did not know that baking soda was a naturally occurring mineral, nor that baking powder was only developed in the 1800s.

Also, reportedly bakers were the second strongest folks in the village, right after the blacksmith.

It's like everything I'm learning is reinforcing my decision to have the dwarfs run a bakery instead of being miners in my Snow White reboot.

I need to see if we've got a history of food course available as an elective, because that stuff is both interesting and helpful.
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Due mostly to various conversations at Shakesville, I've been thinking a lot lately about my potential Snow White reboot. Last Wednesday (yes, the Fourth), I had an opportunity to sit and wait with some paper and a pencil on hand. I do some of my better creative thinking while sitting and waiting, and I took the chance to finally work out how I wanted to address Dwarf politics and society in the story.

I was pretty pleased with myself until I mentioned it a couple hours later, and my friends and I got into a discussion about fantasy as a genre and how Tolkien basically defined modern Euro-USian fantasy, laying down tropes that creative people have come to rely and build on for many years to come. Due to my mention of Dwarf politics and how it played into the conversation, there was a focus on how fantasy Dwarfs now always live in mountains and caves and tunnels - and I realized I had fallen into exactly that trap.

At first, I was only quietly horrified by my own creative bankruptcy. Then I tried to reason with myself: It made sense for the story! I could totally keep it that way! It wasn't lazy! But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it not only was lazy, but it was necessary for my story that I expand Dwarf society beyond caves and mountains. What about forests and plains? What about swamps?1

What about the fact that I was having trouble figuring out how to make a poisoned apple with rock-dependent Dwarf magic? Wouldn't it make more sense if Dwarfs also did cooking magic, and tree magic, and farming magic, even if it was still different from Human styles of magic? Wouldn't it just plain be more fun if the Seven worked in a Dwarf bakery instead of selling jewelry and metalworks?2

I'm going to have to re-think at least half of my Dwarf politics and society building now, but it'll make the story better, and that's what's important. Though it helps that I relish a creative challenge ;)

1: I am totally going to have to write a swamp fantasy story eventually, because wetlands basically keep the world going. Okay, that's hyperbole, but they're still incredibly environmentally important.
2: Not that I object in principle to fantasy Dwarfs selling jewelry and metalworks, but if that's all they do then there's something clearly wrong.
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The one that goes with this.

Posting because of a conversation over at Shakesville, and how "I have been contemplating writing my own Snow White reboot for close to three years now, in which SW is the other kind of fairest and not really conventionally attractive. Also it's a fusion with Snow White and Rose Red, because the same name. And dwarf mining politics. And yes. (And also Red Riding Hood, but I didn't mention that there.)" Posting it here instead of over there because it's hella long and I have doubts about the Disqus comment limit.

[Content Note: Violence against a pregnant woman; assassination and attempts]
Outline )

There's still several other things I need to decide in addition to wherever I left notes in the outline: how old everyone is going to be, how old the target audience is, what skin color everyone is going to have because I don't want everyone to be white but need to figure out about other countries and stuff, what SW and RR's names are actually going to be, who eventually does end up ruling the country, more details of Dwarf politics, etc. I am fairly certain that RR/SW's family line has some elvish/fae ancestry, which is one of the reasons their country has been so reluctant to let that iron vein get tapped, but there's still more to be decided there.

I've also got a bunch of stuff planned about Redcape's family and circumstances (the whole rebooted Red Ridinghood event took place in her childhood, and I'm pretty sure she lost a limb to the incident), and may look for an opportunity for RR to meet them.
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It has been a long vacation so far, with far too much getting lost, and to top it off, the Half-Price Books tour we had planned for tomorrow is now canceled. I need something to make up for it (especially since I'm not sure I'll even be able to do my back-up "what I want" tomorrow of going to the new books store and, say, Best Buy), so I'm typing up a piece of what I've written for NaNo. It is fairy-tale-ish, and involves lesbians and bears. Responses would be quite happy-making.

Origins of the Highbear Family )

Anyhow, back to actually writing my NaNo now. Really. I swear. Okay, no, I'm sleeping and/or reading other people's books. Happy now?

Edit: Have just added a NaNoWriMo tag to my tags on DW, yay! It is now the tag I have used most so far. I am unsure how I feel about that.

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