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2017-10-16 08:50 pm
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Puerto Rico Pattern Vivillon

The Pokemon Vivillon with wings that resemble the Puerto Rico flag, lower wings with inverted red and blue

Puerto Rico Pattern Vivillon are complete! I decided to go with my second version, which I liked better anyway, but even moreso after coloring them both in. I also colored a version with all four wings like the flag instead of the bottom ones with colors switched, which you can click to here:

The Pokemon Vivillon with wings that resemble the Puerto Rico flag

And the lineart if you want to color your own can be found by clicking this pic:

Lineart of the Pokemon Vivillon with wings that resemble the Puerto Rico flag

I am 100% cool with these being used for general FLPR promotional stuff, if anyone is interested in doing so.
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2017-10-15 08:14 pm


Soooo I've maybe decided to scribble up a couple of Vivillon with wings based on the Puerto Rico flag to share/use as advertisement for my Buy It Now offer (and [community profile] fandomlovespuertorico in general). I've still got to scan them, but they're inked up, and I'm reasonably pleased with how they turned out. I'm planning to color at least one of each, just so I can make the "This is the Puerto Rico Vivillon!" part extra clear, but I'll also be providing uncolored versions for everyone to fill in themselves. I'm pretty pleased with how the designs turned out, though I think I like the second version better.

Between these, the Butterfree-and-Floette page, and my Pride Moth coloring pages, I'm developing a bit of a lepidopteran habit :P (Which reminds me, I need to get the enby antennae design finished up so I can share it, hopefully get everything scanned at once tomorrow.) I think I need to break out of that box a bit. Hopefully I'll get a taker or two on my offer who want something cool.
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2017-10-13 08:37 pm

(no subject)

Welp, I've decided to offer custom coloring pages for [community profile] fandomlovespuertorico. I hope I get takers; I've been wanting to draw some more of these but have been short on ideas (and distracted by my shiny new fandom).

Make me draw stuff so you can color it! It's for charity :O
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2017-10-12 02:25 pm

(no subject)

Keeping track of podfic offers at [community profile] fandomlovespuertorico right here, because PODFIC. (I have found a total of four for Miraculous Ladybug. I must have more.)

This is getting long and I am getting excited )

These are the only ones listed for now. Note to self: Check again later.
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2017-10-07 07:36 pm


A Christmas Carol, except with Halloween instead of Christmas.

"Keep the spirit of Halloween alive (for certain values of alive) all year" for extra super fun.
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2017-10-03 08:21 pm
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Post-sharing thoughts on All the Names I Know You By

There was an Easter Egg in there that I'm not sure anyone caught, because no one has mentioned it in the comments yet. I was planning on writing something about it and dedicating it to the first person to bring it up, but now I may just have to write it and gift it to myself???

Speaking of, here are some other things I've been thinking of writing in the same 'verse:
- Liveblogging/Hanging Out With Ladybug (short stories in which Marinette goes possibly live on camera with Alya for the Ladyblog and they do fun/silly stuff and/or talk about Ladybug's previous battles; just short things as ideas come to me, which they mostly haven't :P )
- More angsty sequel in which Cat Noir's identity is revealed (There's a lot I need to decide first for this one, such as where I fall on the "Is Hawkmoth [character] or not" issue (I'm currently leaning towards 'not' but do need to acknowledge it), what Marinette's life looks like post-reveal, what exactly I would be doing to Adrien the entire time and how I fix everything for him, etc)
- Liveblogging/Hanging Out With Ladybug and Cat Noir (similar to the first one, except now Cat Noir is a more permanent fixture rather than an occasional guest)

Also, just for fun, here's a few alternate titles I was considering for the fic:
* Love Letters From Paris (as in, to Ladybug)
* Paris Loves Ladybug
* Know Your Name**
* Red Letter Day
* Red Letter Bug

If I do decide to make an official 'verse out of this fic, I may use All the Names I Know You By as the official series name and change the first fic's name to Red Letter Day/Bug.

** For the song of the same name by Mary Lambert, which is an amazing song and also gives me major LadyNoir vibes. I ended up deciding against using it, but it was the driving inspiration for the title I eventually decided on. Anyway, go listen to the song, it is super great. The music video is also way awesome.
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2017-10-03 06:40 pm


Who wants free short stories with queer Jewish characters? :D

Last weekend, online bookseller Gumroad ran a twenty-four-hour promotion, where they donated all the profits from their sales to relief in Puerto Rico. Author Shira Glassman has PDF copies of her stories available at that site and alerted Tumblr and Twitter to the occasion, and I decided to take the opportunity to do a giveaway of some of her short stories!

Unfortunately, because it was such a short period of time, and such short notice on top of that, I had no takers. BUT, because I still wanted to do a giveaway and take advantage of Gumroad's generosity, I up and bought seven copies each of Shira's publications: Knit One, Girl Two and Tales From Perach.

Tales From Perach is a collection of short stories from her larger Mangoverse, a cozy fantasy with a majority Jewish cast set primarily in a fantastical Florida-equivalent. There's a lot of Jewish culture in these short stories, and so much queer representation: A demisexual woman saves an aro-ace damsel in distress, a bi man is comforted by his gay basically-husband, a lesbian sets up a scavenger hunt for her girlfriend to help her get inspiration for a graphic novel the queen wants her to write, an elderly trans woman is having trouble with a local wine seller, a teen trans boy and his girlfriend go looking for flowers for his girlfriend's sister's wedding the next day and find more than they bargained for, and more! They are all super sweet and fluffy, two of them take place on or around major Jewish holidays, and in the one with the two aspec women, their shared Jewish heritage is what helps the demisexual woman save the day. Here's a link to my review of the first book in the series: The Second Mango. If you're intrigued, the short stories are a great place to start, and I can assure you that Shira's writing has only gotten better with time and experience.

Knit One, Girl Two is a contemporary romance between a small batch independent sock dyer and a local painter, both Jewish. My summary and review aren't going to do it justice, so I'm just going to quote the author herself for the former, and a friend and fellow fan on the latter.

Summary: "Small-batch independent yarn dyer Clara Ziegler is eager to brainstorm new color combinations–if only she could come up with ideas she likes as much as last time! When she sees Danielle Solomon’s paintings of Florida wildlife by chance at a neighborhood gallery, she finds her source of inspiration. Outspoken, passionate, and complicated, Danielle herself soon proves even more captivating than her artwork..."

You can find [ profile] stilesisbiles's review right over here; it's kinda long, so I don't want to quote the whole thing, but here's the first paragraph:

"I just finished and oh my gosh, I am smiling so much! This story was perfect and so, so sweet! There are queer and trans characters throughout the book apart from the lesbian lead and her bisexual love interest, and even though they only have a couple of lines each (the book is only 68 pages) they have their own individual personalities, and they felt real to me rather than tokens. There are trans characters of all ages, which made me so happy."

Now, the giveaway business! If you are interested in a free copy of either of these books, leave a comment on this post with your e-mail address. All comments will be screened (which means that no one besides me and, if you have a DW or OpenID account, the poster will be able to see them). Alternately, you can like this Tumblr post for Tales From Pearch, or this Tumblr post for Knit One, Girl Two.

In one week, I will randomly pick seven winners for each book, each of whom will I will e-mail a PDF copy. Only win per person, and one entry per book! I'll ignore any duplicate entries. Feel free to spread the word as well :)
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2017-10-02 08:08 pm

(no subject)

Fandom auction time!

[community profile] fandomlovespuertorico for Puerto Rico, naturally.

I don't think I'll be offering anything this time around (though I may change my mind), but I probably will be bidding on stuff. My new fandom has basically three fanfics total. Watch me try to fix this.
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2017-10-01 06:55 pm

(no subject)

*posts fic to AO3 for the first time in years*

*posts fic period for the first time in years*

*screams internally*

Edit: o_o Gushing capslock comment and six kudos within an hour of posting... I think I might be okay.
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2017-10-01 06:37 pm

Fic: All the Names I Know You By

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Summary: In the aftermath of an akuma attack, Ladybug's identity is revealed to Paris.
AO3 link: Right here! *internal screaming*
Beta: [personal profile] redsixwing, who volunteered despite not knowing the fandom, and was simply the best cheerleader I could ask for. Any remaining mistakes are mine. ♥ to you!
Wordcount: 8017?!
Fic: All the Names I Know You By )
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2017-09-27 07:57 pm


That one ML fic I've been working on is basically done! I've written all the scenes, and while I definitely need to do another re-read and a solid tuneup (plus a beta read would in no way hurt), I think it's about where I want it to be - which is shamelessly self-indulgent. Current word count is 7822, which makes it the longest fic - and possibly longest story - I've ever finished. I am slightly astounded by its length.

Anyway, soon as I get this tuned up, it'll be on to the next fic! Gosh it feels good to write again.
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2017-09-18 07:58 pm


Cut for image )

Doll-finzzzz~! I'm giving the image hosting site Imgur a try at a friend's recommendation, after ranting hardcore at them about Photobucket being a butt. (Dreamwidth, I love you, and I am 100% going to store more images here and love it, especially for accessibility, but you currently don't have the image organization tools that I require. I have well over five hundred pictures of crocheted things alone, and don't care to try and sort through all of them every time I want to get to a Dreamsheep icon, for example.)

Anyway, these are all of the dolphins I've made so far for ICON, the local SFF con, one of whose staff members commissioned me to make a little somethin' for the Con Benefactor bags. They only need seventeen, but I'm like, why stop there? So I'm currently up to twenty-six, and there's still another week-and-a-half before the con for me to make more.

Lots of colors were specifically requested, or I probably (definitely) would've gone with all pale blue/periwinkle/gray/vaguely-real-dolphin-color-ish. (The color of the four light-blue-ish dolphins in the top of the picture is listed as "lavender" on the yarn. I mean, it looks a lot more blue-ish to me, but there's something like a 25-50% chance I'm a carrier for red/green colorblindness, so.) I think I'm kinda glad for that request, because it's actually made using the same pattern over and over again less boring :P I love how naturally the yarn tends to stripe, too.
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2017-09-15 11:30 pm

\o/ Pun success!

I've finally found it: The perfect pun to use for romantic orientations in my Potions collection!

Roman-tonic :D

I gave serious thought to just adding "oil" to the end of romantic orientations, but it just didn't sit right with me. I'm definitely glad I gave myself the time to find something else.

Now I just gotta find something good and punny for gender identities. Gender Fluid and Genderflux Capacitor only cover two identities, and there's a lot more out there to think about.
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2017-09-12 08:10 pm

(no subject)

Having realized because of a fic that I spend a lot of time cheating at/faking eye contact, I have come to the conclusion that I would probably recognize faces better if I spent more time actually looking at them.

The things you inadvertently learn/figure out because of fic, I tell ya.
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2017-09-06 09:47 pm
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Another Imaginary Pantheon denizen

Content warning: Death, abuse/neglect mention, illness mention

Read more... )
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2017-09-02 10:10 pm

(no subject)

Today I spent an unholy amount of time downloading images, one by one, off of my Photobucket account.

I'd been meaning to back them up since I found out that PB had decided to be horrible and disable all third-party links (AKA any pictures I shared that did not link to Photobucket proper), but had other things on my mind.

First I tried an add-on that re-enables the images. No go.

Next, I went to the source and tried clicking the handy "Download album" link. Nope.

I tried disabling first my adblock, then my HTTPS Everywhere addon, also with no success.

Frustrated, I turned my adblocker back on and went to check exactly how much PB was charging to re-enable third party hosting. I'd be willing to pay ten bucks to be able to download all of the images I cared about, and then I'd be done with that nonsense.


The amount of money Photobucket is charging to enable third party hosting? Forty bucks A MONTH.

Forty bucks a year, I might've considered it. But forty bucks a month? HELL no.

And that's how I ended up spending several hours this evening, individually downloading most of the contents of my Photobucket account. The images I care about from my primary "bucket" and all but one of my sub-albums have been more-or-less successfully downloaded. All that's left is my "Original Art" album, whiiiiich includes my "Crafts" sub-album (and thus all of my amigurumi pics). That will be a lot to download, and I don't even want to contemplate re-uploading right now.

But at least I'm getting it done.
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2017-08-26 08:48 pm

(no subject)

My first fic in forever is almost finished. I've got maybe two scenes left to go, and a bit in the late middle to overhaul, but things are looking promising! It's entirely possible that I'll be posting it before the end of the month.

...I mean, if new fandom jitters don't override my desire to post.

Fic is also nearing six thousand words already, not counting the bit I have to rework, which, upon finishing (which I'm still pretty sure will happen), would make it my longest completed fic to date. It's very cozy/feel-good/fluffy, because that's what I need right now, and honestly my brain is already bugging me to write extra scenes/snippets set in the universe. Let's finish this one first, brain, then we can talk. (It's also tempting me with ideas for an actual sequel, which, no. Too angsty, brain, will not happen. I have no wish to write such heartbreak, happy ending or no.)

Anyway. More on fic later. Sleep now.
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2017-08-25 02:10 pm

(no subject)

I am making bread pudding tonight and no one can stop me.

Update: Bread pudding has been made and consumed, with leftovers packed away in the fridge. A delectable success. (Though I'm definitely forgoing the cream in the next savory bread pudding I make; that was just... too much.)
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2017-08-24 06:28 pm

(no subject)

So on the one hand, it occurs to me that I'm not really seeing a lot of wingfic these days.

On the other hand, what I remember of wing!fic was basically along the lines of:

1. Random character inexplicably grows wings
2. ???
3. Profit Comments

So not really much in the way of plot? Also, usually very little in the way of explaining how/why it happened, etc. IDK, I'm not sure if I miss it being a thing or not. Or maybe it's just evolved past that, making it more difficult to recognize now? Maybe I should check Fanlore.

Must resist urge to write some...
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2017-08-21 01:01 pm

(no subject)

Peak eclipse in my hometown (92% blockage!) is in less than ten minutes, and it's. Frickin'. CLOUDY.

I hope those of you also in eclipse range are having better luck of it than I am, and wish you the best observing experience possible. Enjoy it for me as well, for I shall have to rely on twenty-two year old memories instead.