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2019-04-16 09:09 pm

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Posting it here, too:

Changes in Severity of Allergy and Anxiety Symptoms Are Positively Correlated in Patients with Recurrent Mood Disorders Who Are Exposed to Seasonal Peaks of Aeroallergens

(Note: Suicide reference at link.)

Basically? Spikes in pollen counts can make anxiety worse, which in turn can make depression worse, etc etc etc.

If you think about it, it makes a horrifying sort of sense that stuff in the air that makes it harder to breathe might make anxiety worse.

Take care with yourselves, everyone.
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2019-04-14 04:53 pm

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Current (non-fic) writing project:

Socchan's School of Writing: How to Smut

I've shared the very most tip-of-the-iceberg basics with some folks before, but apparently it's high time I went into more depth on the subject.

The post in question probably definitely won't get finished today, as I am Le Tired (it's been A Long Day almost all week), but I am working on it.

It is slated to have a number of potentially embarrassing confessions in it, which I am sharing in entirely good humor and with the intent of embracing my foibles and sharing my smut writing journey. I have written some good smut, if I do say so myself, but there was absolutely a time when I didn't know what the hell I was doing. While I managed to not actually write any sex scenes until I had at least a little bit of an idea what was what (to which I can only credit Fear Of Failure), I am absolutely prepared to share how little I once knew in addition to what I know now. Hopefully, the knowledge that I am looking back on these incidents with more amusement than horror will help anyone else with embarrassment squick problems, but uh. I'll figure something out if it doesn't ._.a
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2019-04-07 10:37 pm

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Three Lila Redemption prompts:

1) Ladybug confronts Chloe about her behavior, and will only invite Queen Bee out to play again if Chloe proves she's willing to do the work to be an actual good person. How can she do this? By befriending Lila Rossi, chronic liar and akuma bait, and making her less awful. (Chlila optional.)

2) Lila is actually convinced by Ladybug's speech in Chameleon, and starts spying on Hawkmoth for Team Miraculous. Does she tell Ladybug and/or Cat Noir she's doing this or change her behavior at all? No idea! Dealer's choice.

3) Lila is hit with something that compels her to tell the truth; not only are all of her lies revealed, but we finally learn the reason she can't stop telling them.
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2019-04-07 09:43 pm
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A Lila Rant

Just needed to get this out of my system again, not sure how coherent it's going to be.

Confession: I don't like Lila Rossi (But I want to out of spite) )
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2019-04-07 09:27 pm
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Brief side note to say that I finished the audiobook of Zen Cho's The True Queen, and the queer subtext from the first book? Is officially canon text, and also the "general queerness" knob was turned up to, like, eleven for this book, so.

If you like period romances, or might like them if the were only more racially diverse and also had magic and dragons and queer people and stuff (and also I am 100% interpreting one of the main characters as dyslexic), I highly recommend this series. First book is Sorcerer to the Crown, only two out so far, hopefully more to come???
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2019-04-06 06:11 pm

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Just a heads up, I went out and bought myself a Nintendo Switch bundled with Let's Go! Pikachu yesterday, so I might be a teensy bit scarce for a while. Because Pokemon.
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2019-04-03 09:44 pm

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I'm going to officially make this a rule: Until further notice, [personal profile] alexseanchai is Not Allowed to adopt any prompts or plunnies I suggest unless they are sure the result will come in at less than 10k words, or that it will be done in under two days. (Writing an outline or summary and posting it as Not!Fic is an acceptable compromise.)

Cool? Cool. Okay, carry on.
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2019-03-31 11:39 pm

Whoops! Almost forgot to mention it over here...

Okay, it's still March 31st for another twenty minutes or so where I am, so!

On April 1st, I solemnly swear that I will be doing no pranks of any sort on this or any other blog.

Just wanted to give folks a heads up on that :3b On the second, I may collect some links to stuff that people do that's actually fun for everyone involved (like that Tumblr post where the person was going to draw a dog, and then APRIL FOOLS! they drew two dogs, who are BFFs), but that's it for April Foolin' on my end.

...Well. On the intertubes, at any rate. I may go run errands and stuff in Groucho glasses IRL, but that's different.
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2019-03-31 10:08 pm

Happy Trans Day of Visibility!

I came out as genderflux three years ago today. I’m so happy and content with what I’ve learned about my gender and who I am, and it feels like the world fits slightly better around me since I found the words I needed to describe my gender experience. Over the past few years, I’ve become more confident in my gender and more comfortable identifying as trans, even when I’m feeling more strongly female.

It’s still a little tough, wondering how to express my gender, or if it really needs expressing; I don’t think I would be wondering much at all, except that while I understand my gender’s concept intrinsically (naturally), I’m not sure how to ask for representation of genderflux people or what that would look like.

I’m also kinda thinking of asking for people to alternate my pronouns, because I’m not sure I feel as much “myself” as I could with just one set or the other. It’s a little intimidating to ask for, I think. And I’d need to figure out how/when I want to enforce it, as well.

I think I’m going to make those two things my personal trans goals for the next year.
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2019-03-28 01:11 pm
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ML prompt for later: The Princess and the Peacock
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2019-03-28 12:27 pm

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Me a month ago: Crap, a jury duty summons postcard. Last time was excruciating and pointless. *sigh* Still, it's my civic duty and it's super important, and also there's the off-chance it'll be something I can make a positive difference in, so I guess it's on.

Me filling out the online registration: Oh, hey, they have "other" as a gender selection option! That's pretty neat :)

My phone on the sixteenth: *ping!* This is your reminder text to call the number on your summons postcard the evening before you were called to serve, in ten days' time!
Me: Well, I'm glad I signed up for text message reminders, since I know I need them, but I could still live without the low-grade background anxiety this entire mess is giving me.

Me on the twenty-fifth: Okay, it's five-thirty; the postcard said to call after four-forty-five, so it's time to do the thing.
Phone: *ring* *ring* Hello! If you were called for jury duty on March 26th, 2019, all cases have been settled and you don't actually need to come in! This also counts as serving for you, so we won't be contacting you again to possibly serve for another few years. Thanks!
Me: ...While that is a significant load off my mind, it's also rather frustrating that I spent all that time anxious over extra nothing, instead of ordinary nothing. I'm taking the win anyway.
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2019-03-20 08:10 pm

Shirt Sale

TeePublic is running another site-wide sale! Standard T-shirts are currently available for as little as $13 USD each.

If you want to check out my designs, you can nip over here!

This level of sale lasts at least another day, and IIRC, at least some sort of sale is continuing through Sunday, though I don't know the exact extent of it offhand. Anyway, this is a good time to get stuff if you're interested :)b
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2019-03-19 01:44 pm

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"Embrace Me" is currently holding pretty strong at just about 7:1 Hits-to-Kudos.

I guess folks really go for unresolved hugs tension.

(Alya-centric sequel possibly to come.)
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2019-03-18 12:51 pm

Fic: Embrace Me

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Ship: Love square
Summary: AU where Miraculous wielders are saddled with modified Fruits Basket hugging rules: When hugged by someone outside their nuclear family and who is not a Miraculous wielder themselves, they turn into the animal their Miraculous represents.
AO3 Link: Well, better late than never
Wordcount: 1432
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] alexseanchai for cheerleading!
Fic: Embrace Me )
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2019-03-16 07:39 pm

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The saddest ML plunny I have ever considered writing: The one where Miraculous wielders get stuck with Modified Fruits Basket Hug Rules. (Nuclear family member hugs are now okay, but all other hugs are out regardless of participants' gender/assigned sex; Adrien is slightly glad for the excuse to start enforcing boundaries with fans and Chloe other people, and as for the rest, well. He can't miss what he never had. Marinette, meanwhile, is hugging her parents as much as she feels she can get away with, and she didn't exactly think she had a chance with the cute new boy at school, even if he did give her his umbrella. And if hugs between Cat Noir and Ladybug are kind of weirdly intense whenever they happen, neither of them is taking questions about it.)

The next-most-sad plunny currently in the hutch: The one where Ladybug figures out that the kiss cure from Dark Cupid can work every time Cat Noir gets hit with an akuma's power, but is sure it will only ever work one way, because Cat Noir is not her True Love, and she isn't going to get Innocent Civilian Adrien Agreste tangled up in this if she doesn't have to.

You can tell the first one is sadder because it hasn't made me cackle horribly even once, while I cackled over the second just typing up the summary.
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2019-03-13 11:50 pm

(no subject)

Me, putting on a robe and marching into the kitchen to make a sandwich at 11:15pm: "Perhaps reading a cookbook before bed was not the wisest choice..."
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2019-03-12 11:19 pm

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I have, at the moment, three fic plots where Cat Noir has to hide out in Marinette's room for safety. One is published (Under Cover(s)), one is in progress, and one is outlined but may never be written because the plot is very similar to Under Cover(s) even without the "cat shelter" bit. None of these plots are inherently bad (I like all of them, or I wouldn't even have outlined them), nor is the plot device of "CN needs to hide out with Marinette", but it does make me want to branch out a bit.

It seems like I'll be low-key looking for opportunities to flip the script and/or involve other characters in the future.
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2019-03-12 09:23 pm

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Just got back from Captain Marvel, and may I just say:

Won't everyone please knock it off with the GODDAMN FUCKING SHAKY CAM

Also mild ematophobia warning for the final after-the-credits scene, but you may be able to guess and/or anticipate what it is from watching the rest of the movie and this tidbit of info, so you don't necessarily need to watch it.

Otherwise, absolutely fantastic film, would see again, but would prefer on the small screen so I don't get nauseous. Also want at least fifty more like it but with even more diverse casts, please get on that Hollywood.

(It's not nearly as bad as some other films I can name - I spent Bourne Supremacy with my head in my lap, and had to walk out of Hunger Games during the reaping - but the shaky cam does come in some pretty emotionally intense scenes, and I did not sit up high enough in the theater for that.)

Side note, saw the Dumbo trailer; at one point, Dumbo does indeed have a black feather to hold. Pretty sure there's going to be at least one crow in there now, though I hope to heaven someone in the production knows how to treat the issue respectfully. The fact that it's a Tim Burton picture does not fill me with hope :/
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2019-03-10 09:05 pm
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New podfic alert! New podfic alert for one of my fics! Eeeeeeeee!

The delightful [ profile] Tomoyochan has graciously recorded a podfic of Medamour or Less; you can find the recording over here :DDD The reader brings some great energy to the work, and I could totally feel the love through my speakers ♥

You can check out the written version at this AO3 link, as well as here on Dreamwidth