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Three Lila Redemption prompts:

1) Ladybug confronts Chloe about her behavior, and will only invite Queen Bee out to play again if Chloe proves she's willing to do the work to be an actual good person. How can she do this? By befriending Lila Rossi, chronic liar and akuma bait, and making her less awful. (Chlila optional.)

2) Lila is actually convinced by Ladybug's speech in Chameleon, and starts spying on Hawkmoth for Team Miraculous. Does she tell Ladybug and/or Cat Noir she's doing this or change her behavior at all? No idea! Dealer's choice.

3) Lila is hit with something that compels her to tell the truth; not only are all of her lies revealed, but we finally learn the reason she can't stop telling them.
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ML prompt for later: The Princess and the Peacock
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The saddest ML plunny I have ever considered writing: The one where Miraculous wielders get stuck with Modified Fruits Basket Hug Rules. (Nuclear family member hugs are now okay, but all other hugs are out regardless of participants' gender/assigned sex; Adrien is slightly glad for the excuse to start enforcing boundaries with fans and Chloe other people, and as for the rest, well. He can't miss what he never had. Marinette, meanwhile, is hugging her parents as much as she feels she can get away with, and she didn't exactly think she had a chance with the cute new boy at school, even if he did give her his umbrella. And if hugs between Cat Noir and Ladybug are kind of weirdly intense whenever they happen, neither of them is taking questions about it.)

The next-most-sad plunny currently in the hutch: The one where Ladybug figures out that the kiss cure from Dark Cupid can work every time Cat Noir gets hit with an akuma's power, but is sure it will only ever work one way, because Cat Noir is not her True Love, and she isn't going to get Innocent Civilian Adrien Agreste tangled up in this if she doesn't have to.

You can tell the first one is sadder because it hasn't made me cackle horribly even once, while I cackled over the second just typing up the summary.
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Brain: Hey. Him and Me and You and Her is at 491 kudos. We might hit 500 by the end of the week. Heck, we might hit it by the end of tomorrow.

Me: Hmm. I still wanna do something to celebrate if I hit that, but taking prompts is not looking great. I have no idea how to advertise that I'm doing that, since I'm mostly keeping my fandom stuff on DW, or how many people would be willing to respond over here even if I did. Maybe I could post something new, include it in the end notes?

Brain: That thing you wrote based on that one post by [ profile] thescuttlebugg is finished.

Me: Yeah, but I'm not happy with it. And it's going to take a lot of work before I am happy with it, even if it is readable as it is.
Me: As for my other WIPs, I'm not posting any of Metamour or Less to AO3 until it's complete, the animal transformation fic is still only in outline stages and will take a good while to finish, and anything else I've thought about is just. Not getting anywhere any time soon.

Brain: How about a trope, then.

Me: Hmm. Maybe. What've you got?

Brain: There was only one bed?

Me: I mean, I could, but I'm not getting anything for it.

Brain: Well, how about one we haven't seen in a while: a good, old-fashioned Blanket Scenario.

Me: ...You have my attention.

Brain: Great! Here's a brief outline for one from Adrien's POV.

Me: Mnnn. Not that I don't like it, but I feel like I've been writing a lot of Adrien POV recently, and kinda want to do a bit more Marinette - or even someone else.

Brain: Okay, we can do that. *tweaks a few details* How's this?

Me: I mean, I like it, but we both know how seriously Marinette takes the whole identity thing. I'm sure she'd try to come up with some way to avoid finding out to the best of her abilities, and while we can do that, it's also slightly less fun.

Brain: Well. What if there's spooning? She'd have to be the big spoon, too, for most effective warming-up.
Brain: And while this would keep her from learning the identity of pretty much anyone else you can think of...

Me: Okay, I'm tentatively in. I'll start looking up stuff tomorrow.
Me: Right now, though, more sleep.

Story Idea

Feb. 18th, 2018 10:23 pm
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This is probably more of an "I enjoy thinking about this" idea than an "I will actually sit down and write this one day" idea, but stranger things have happened.

The premise, in ten words or less: Fairy Godmother Gone Rogue )

Fic blather

Feb. 8th, 2018 08:35 pm
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Time for fic talk, whee!

Second part of HimMeYouHer is stalled, though the third part is going swimmingly. *side eyes it* IDK, I need to think about if I even actually want a second part in there. I mean, I think I do, but at this point I'm pretty sure I don't need it, either? Something to ponder.

Metamour or Less is going quite well! I'm almost done with the second scene, which is actually the one that has me the most worried, by dint of having the most polyamory explanation and negotiation stuff. I mean, I'm enjoying it, but still worried. I'll probably do some more thorough seeking of a polyam beta when I get closer to finishing the fic, because I definitely want to be respectful with this. Anyway, there's about three scenes after the current one, and then the fic gets wrapped up. I am definitely having fun with it :)

Meanwhile, I've also got a more thorough outline for the Obligatory Animal Transformation Fic, which pounced on me unexpectedly about two weeks ago. Available episodes of Season Two have actually been rather helpful for this. I've also resolved myself to dumping pretty much all of the animal behavior stuff, but I may find an outlet for it eventually.

I've also had a few crossover nibbles, but they aren't terribly likely to go anywhere. I mean, I might write the one that's Canon Except Also With Fruits Basket Animal Transformation Rules, because that has potential to up the pining and angst factors in hilarious ways and would only be a few thousand words at most, but the Okage Crossover/Fusion Where the Kwamis Are Cursed Shadow Beings probably won't be anything aside from a few drawings and a bit of explanatory text. (It might help if I actually finished playing Okage 9_9a Bought the game years before CFUD even, but I am crap at getting around to/finishing games.) The Cardcaptor Sakura Fusion is absolutely not going to happen, though I 100% admit that Alya bullying Marinette into making her own fancy costumes and filming all of her exploits would be hilarious and adorable by turns.

And that's all the fic talk for now, I think. Definitely looking forward to blathering more in the future :) Iiiii should get some sleep now, so I can check out "nice" and early tomorrow morning =_=
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No, it isn't any of the ones mentioned in the most recent Plunny Hutch glance (though I've got a few scraps jotted down for one of those). I'm having a lot of fun with it, though, and also really noticing some of my writing habits. Like:

* Someone is talking. There is a 50% chance I skip dialogue tags altogether, and a 30% chance that I use a tag other than a form of "said". (These numbers are just rough estimates.)
* I document just about every single movement or action a person can take, including expressions. I'm interpreting this to mean that I'm a very visual writer (which doesn't really surprise me, since I have a pretty significant focus on visual media and arts). I think I like this, though it probably also makes my writing seem very "busy".
* A lot of sentences I write are sentences-and-a-half. Like, first a sentence does a thing, and then another thing that's kinda related. For most of my sentences, not even just a few. I'm trying to reproduce the effect here, can you tell? This is a structure I write a whole lot. ...I'm not sure what, if anything, I could do to change it, or even if I want to change it, so for now I'm just accepting it as a personal style thing. More thinking can come on this after I finish this fic. ...And maybe a few more on top of it :P

Between those characteristics, I'm rather tempted to characterize my writing style as dynamic. Which I think I kinda like? IDK how accurate other people would find that description, though. I definitely feel like it's fast-paced, which might be something I need to consider in the future if I want to refine my technique. There's probably some sort of pros-cons list of different writing styles out there, traps to avoid, etc etc. Not something I'm terribly concerned about at the moment, especially since I'm basically writing pure fluff right now. I might look someday, though.
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Me: Crap, I need a villain to target MC's BFF for this fic. What am I going to make him?

Brain: How about
Brain: A Nice Guy themed villain 8D
Brain: You could call him Fiendzone
Brain: And the evil thing controlling him could be in his fedora 8D 8D 8D

Me: ...I hate and love you in equal measure, and I'm doing it.
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Here are some summaries/not!fics for several Miraculous Ladybug fics that I will probably not be writing.


Obligatory animal transformation fic )


Shenanigans split them each into two people fic )


Marinette figures out Cat Noir's identity and freaks out fic )


Adrien finds Captain Awkward (and also boundaries) fic )


And that's all that's in the plunny hutch at the moment. Or, well, that's all the new arrivals in the plunny hutch, at any rate. Probably won't get written, but they ought to keep me entertained at work, at least.
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There's this Teen Wolf Sterek fic that I've been wanting since the earliest rumors of Jennifer in Season Three. It's basically all I really wanted (and continue to want) out of a "new [het] love interest for Derek" storyline, because Derek deserves nice things, dammit. (Also, I read at least two otherwise well-written fics between the rumors and the start of season three where Derek's new love interest was basically evil and out to seduce him/kill everyone, and it annoyed me. And then it happened in canon, and now it just makes me sad.)

Fic outline thing )


Aug. 21st, 2007 08:16 pm
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And also a little bit of whining, but that'll be over with after just another sentence or two. First day of classes at CR campus, which is large and confusing, and I think I like the IC campus better; also, the IC campus comp labs have not yet changed their schedule to read "8:00 AM to 10:00 PM", leading me to believe that the 8:00-8:00 thing is somewhat more permanent than I at first thought and would like. So, boof. Whining over, yay!

B♀y Band arts )

Time Traveling Thing )

And I end it there. Want to update before my time completely runs out anyway. Note to self: make artsy icon.

Edit: *tags the hell out of the entry* Ell oh ell.

Edit 2: Holy figs and pudding, there's a lite version of Morton's List! And it's freeeeeee.... o_o *...downloads* Someone buy me the complete book, or even the box set or something! Maybe for my birthday?
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Dr's appt went very well today ^__^ Managed to get a note excusing me from today's French test, so I have the next half-hour or so open. Planning to take it in the test center tomorrow if possible, and monday if not. Will hopefully feel better then.

And now, for your enjoyment, a train of thought (mostly DC/MK-ficcage oriented) )

Three fics I want to write sometime:
* Five fish Kaito wishes he didn't have to deal with (have four thought up, need to come up with a fifth)
* Five times Ran didn't kiss Shin'ichi (and possibly one time she did? I dunno.)
*Five times Heiji made an ass of himself (because it would be just damn fun :DD)

...I hate to admit it, but much though I love CFUD, it really put a damper on my creativity/ficcing ability. If nothing else, the break from it is helping me with that. Wish I could have both, though.

Also, I should do a five things fic meme sometime. And a one/two page comic meme. And other fun stuff. Yanno, since I'm being productive again and all.
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Hakuba? Kaito? I really didn't need the idea of the Kid getting a full body cavity search upon capture. Okay? Especially since it wants to turn into a Black-and-White lemon fic.

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