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*flops* Tiiiiired! Tired tired tired tired tired T-T

On the plus side, I've finished all my finals \o/ On the minus side, my Culture and Tech final gave me a major headache -_-a Mostly the take-home part (augh! haet take-home tests, raar), whose directions I have copied here:

Locate yourself 40 years from now. Predictably, parents then, as now, will want what is best for their children. Picture yourself living in a highly competitive social/cultural environment where intelligence is highly prized and where you and others like you (but not everyone in society) can afford to enhance the "brain power" of your unborn children. The science/technology of this enhancement is still risky, although a great deal of advancement has happened in the past quarter centruy. Should you seek the help of genetic medicine to create a baby that most likely will be much more intellectually capable than you? To answer your question, please pick one of the ethical perspectives we have studied - traditional morality (Kass or Sandel), liberal morality (Agar), or postmodern morality (DeZengotita), explain how they would answer your question (including their reasoning), and then defend this reasoning against the other two perspectives.

My response, as written on the bottom of the sheet of paper:

THEIR perspective? THEIR reasoning? It's my hypothetical kid, shouldn't I be the one with an opinion? Wasn't the entire point of this class to develop our own opinions on morals of technology, etc? Why would I take a class just to learn, preach, and potentially practice what someone else believes? Where's the logic?!

The response I actually turned it: Euphemia's GMO )

SO glad that class is over. I am tired of being told to express other people's opinions, as if I have none of my own. Very not fun.

Anyhow. Went to my brother's final high school band concert last night instead of doing anything on the internet ^^a It was the big senior acknowledgment ceremony thing, too. See, each senior and parent(s) were called to walk on stage, receive a certificate and a gift (a fleece blanket with the band logo for the students, and a rose for the parents), and the band director shared a bit of information about the student in question. Tomas's cracked us up XD

Band Director: Tomas came back from vacation one year with a story about how he, uh. Invented a spaceship for mice? No, that's not it. Tomas, what did you do?
Dad: *whispers to him*
Band Director: Oh yes, that's right; he saved a bus! For NASA!
Socchan: ...XDD

That was either vastly understated, or vastly overstated. I'll figure out which when I dig up the post that details my brother's space-camp-bus-related exploit(s) later. Spaceship for mice. Pfft!
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[ profile] summerwrite, it has begun! \o/... I think.

Finished up with step three of the Snowflake Method; hoping to start step four soon-ish, but also have finals next week and papers to work on.

Speaking of papers! I have two more finished for my Eastern Religions class which I found fun to write.

Eight Paths to the City )

Compare and Contrast Hindi, Buddhism, Taoism and Zen Buddhism, OR Three Religious Icons Walk Into a Tea House )

Sadly, I can't actually count either of those towards my word count for this summer, as they were both finished on Wednesday, but at least they're done and in for credit! And I am soooo going to count anything I actually write down for the next Snowflake steps toward my wordcount. (Page-long Summaries should totally count, guys.)

One more thing before I close up shop here - [ profile] lyzzle, you are requested to report here for a very well done and in-character Percy Jackson and the Olympians friendship fic, featuring Percy and Grover. Especially since you dragged me into the damn fandom in the first place. Now go! *makes shooing motions*

Actually, let's extend that to anyone else who might be familiar with the series. It's a lovely piece of work, so you should go read it! And if you're not familiar with the series, well, I suggest you become familiar. (Greek mythology! Guys, it's Greek mythology, done in a not horrible way! And very cool characters and solid friendships and... just go read it already.)
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Found out yesterday that my Bhagavad Gita essay for Intro to Eastern Religions got something like 92%. This is one of two papers that I went ahead and had loads of fun on, and I wasn't expecting anything higher than a 'B' on it. I am the happy.

So, in celebration, I decided to post it. Familiarity with the Gita and with Hinduism in general is helpful, but hopefully not 100% necessary.

Long. )

Anyhow, I've got study buddies shortly, so I'm leaving this entry here.
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We're supposed to write a one-page essay on a modern child's hero for Culture and Technology, as inspired by Thomas De Zengotita's Mediated. Except I really hate the book, as every time I read it I feel like the author is trying to force-feed me bullshit, complete with spoon and nose-pinching. (I, in turn, spit it back in his face. Gimme back my strained carrots!) So instead, have an essay on why Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens is -not- actually my hero, and was never really my hero in the first place!

The Death of a Never Hero )

...I think that may have come off more sourly than I intended it to. Oh, well! Gotta have fun with classwork sometimes, yanno?

I am totally blaming my mood on hormones when I feel better. I swear.
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In celebration of my getting to read Chretien de Troyes' Arthurian Romances and loving all over them (as predicted), I present a short bit of original parody fiction that I wrote in tenth grade (two years ago). It was for a class assignment ("Write a King Arthur parody"), and I hope you also get a laugh out of it ^^v.

Fandom: None/Arthurian Legends (parody)
Summary: The land calls for a new King.
OrigiFic: King Art )

It's official: I'm an Arthurian Legends geek.
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Nathan was being lazy about typing this up, so I volunteered to do it instead and he decided to let me -_-. Still, at least it goes up.

Fandom: Okay, this is a bit tricky. Technically it's an original Cantebury Tale, but it doesn't do anything to the frame, so would it be OrigiFic or what?
Background Info: The teacher who gave us this assignment (our World Lit teacher) is Mr. Hartwig; he also gave us the Right-Brain Dante assignment.
Author: [ profile] think_tomorrow with a little help from [ profile] socchan
Title: The Scholar's Tale )
Once you're done reading this here, go over to Nathan's journal (he said he would be copy-pasting this there as well) and bug him to write more! Offer up plot bunnies as sacrifices.

Edit: This poem/story/thing is now up in Nathan's journal! Go visit to see *gasp* my actual name!!!!!!111!!1eine!! And to comment.

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