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Fen! Readers! Countryfolk! Lend my your attention spans. Allow me to tell you of a most wonderful video game called Cute Demon Crashers.

Here are the things you need to know about this game:
1) It is free. There is no expense at all involved. You pay nothing to play this game.
2) It is adorable. I mean, cute is literally the name of the game, and for good reason!
3) It is Not Safe For Work. While it is entirely possible to play the game without any sexy times happening (there are at least two endings for this), sex is still discussed a fair amount, and four of the five main characters are literal sex demons.
4) It is all about consent. If you go through all the character routes (which I recommend), you'll get a better understanding of the why and how, but enthusiastic consent is probably the biggest theme of this game.

Learn more about this game! )

In short, a very cute game that's definitely worth checking out. And may I just say that it's rife with crossover potential? So much crossover potential. Someone write me a crossover please, I have prompts.

Edit: After sleeping on it, I thought the original wording in my quibble was a bit unclear, and probably seemed aro-negative to anyone who didn’t read past the first few sentences. And if it looked like I was spouting off aro-negative stuff, I wouldn’t blame anyone who decided not to read any farther. My sincerest apologies to anyone I hurt with my poor phrasing; I can only pledge to try to do better going forward.

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