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The Pokemon Vivillon with wings that resemble the Puerto Rico flag, lower wings with inverted red and blue

Puerto Rico Pattern Vivillon are complete! I decided to go with my second version, which I liked better anyway, but even moreso after coloring them both in. I also colored a version with all four wings like the flag instead of the bottom ones with colors switched, which you can click to here:

The Pokemon Vivillon with wings that resemble the Puerto Rico flag

And the lineart if you want to color your own can be found by clicking this pic:

Lineart of the Pokemon Vivillon with wings that resemble the Puerto Rico flag

I am 100% cool with these being used for general FLPR promotional stuff, if anyone is interested in doing so.
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(I know I already did a New Fandom Announcement post, but I really feel like this structure works particularly well for this fandom, so I'm posting this anyway.)


A wild Fandom appeared!


SOCCHAN is confused; it hurt itself in its confusion!

MIRACULOUS LADYBUG used MOBIUS PINING. It's super effective!

SOCCHAN fainted.

SOCCHAN is out of usable Brains. SOCCHAN whited out.



If you think my brain isn't also tormenting me with Pokemon AU details, you would be thinking wrong.

(The kwamis are Totem Pokemon and the Miraculouses are Z-stones that are locked to them and have super unique Z-moves. If used together, Destructium-Z and Creatium-Z would summon Arceus or something??? Plagg is an Absol (ask me why!), Tikki is a Ledian, Nooroo is a Venomoth, and I need to stop now send help please.)
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Who likes coloring? 8D Here are all of my coloring pages so far, since AI is over, all in print quality (once you click the pictures).

Butterfree sniffs Floette's flower
"Sweet Scent"

Lineart of Bulbasaur and some cherry blossoms
"Petal Dance"

Spinda plays the tambourine
"Own Tempo"

Bellsprout stares up at Solrock
"Solar Beam"

Gastly surprises Cyndaquil

Piplup contemplates bubbles
"Calm Mind"

Kero-chan sits in front of a stylized drawing of the sun
"Guardian of the Sun"

AnimeIowa's mascot, Buu-chan, holding balloons next to the letters AI

Slowbro is confused; Shellder is angry

Shellder: It's our anniversary you big pink nitwit! I can't believe you forgot! I have half a mind to unfuse with you! *chew chew chew*
Slowbro: Was there something I was supposed to remember...?

Happy coloring, everyone!
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So I don't have Pokemon Sun and/or Moon yet, partly because post-car-purchase finances, and partly because I got a secondhand copy of Y and I'm in the middle of a playthrough and don't want to be distracted and completely forget where I left off. Anyway, no game yet, but I'm still quite excited to get a copy, which will probably happen for my birthday at the very latest, and possibly earlier, depending on Black Friday sales.

Since I am so excited, I've been keeping an eye on spoilers at, and decided to go through all the new Pokemon today. And I got to Jangmo-o, and I saw its shiny form and, well.

Tell me it doesn't look like a magical girl mascot/companion animal to you. I mean, a very grumpy one, but gold body color with pink trim and a massive pink heart smack-dab in the middle of its forehead? Definitely magical girl material.

Sadly, the evolutions are not quite as fitting, but the line itself is still pretty dang cool.
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New icon, whee! I finally made some Pokemon GO icons. I'll probably be sharing them over at [community profile] dreamsheep sometime in the near future, but not tonight because I stayed up too late making them already :P

I need to make more Pokemon icons as well, but tired, so. (My favorite plan is to make one with Dreamsheep as Mareep, because obvs. But there will probably be others as well.)
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There's an Eevee nest somewhere in my area, but I'm too lazy to go and find it.

On the plus side, I have essentially located two other spawn points for rare and semi-rare Pokemon in my area, so that's nice.

I also intend to make some proper Pokemon GO icons, but that may take a while.

In not entirely unrelated news, here is the story of how my brother proposed to his girlfriend, and how she proposed back :D
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Just caught a 530 Venusaur :DDD

I've been seeing rare and semi-rare Pokemon "in the area" for like a week now, and decided to pass up on them the past few times I saw them, because I figured they'd come around again. Well, the last one I passed up on was a Scyther, and when I saw that Venusaur silhouette today, I was like, No. No, I'm going for it.

And I caught that grumpy flower toad >:D First time I've seen a wild starter or evolution that wasn't a Squirtle (my own starter, incidentally), and I catch the sucker! Between this and snagging a Dratini last night, I am quite pleased :3

That said, it was humid as a frog's armpit out there, so even though I was walking for less than fifteen minutes, I still could use a shower :P
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So the big boss of the bad guy team in Sun and Moon has been leaked, and...

Spoilers! )

In other news, I need to make myself a Pokemon icon or two. But probably not until after I crochet some more stuff.
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Argh, there's a frickin' Exeggcute in my neighborhood, but I don't have the energy to try and find it! Especially since the footprint thing isn't working [for me/anymore]. (Seriously, did the footprint thing just go away completely, or is it just my phone?) There was a Polywag when I got home from work, a Polywhirl last night, and an Exeggcutor and two Pikachu a few nights ago, none of which I've gotten.

On the plus side, I did manage to snag a cp527 Tentacruel on a bathroom break this morning, so that's cool. I'm currently at level twelve and have joined Team Mystic, because Articuno has always been my favorite of that trio. My workplace has three individual PokeStops, at least one of which I can reach from the employee break room, and downtown there's a huge swath of PokeStops in something like a three block radius. Like, over twenty huge swath. I'm also completely shameless about the fact that my GPS is a little faulty and registers me in slightly different places every few minutes or so while I'm relaxing in bed. Very useful for hatching eggs. Or, well, not that useful, but it makes up for that first day when it couldn't find the PokeStop I was standing right next to.

In 3D space news, my car has a fuel leak :/ I took it in about a month ago as soon as it began having trouble starting, but the mechanics couldn't find anything/reproduce the problem. In the time since then, the problem got a little worse, the owner of the shop suggested it was the fuel injectors acting up and that it would probably be fine as long as I just let the car sit in "on" for a minute or two before starting the engine, the problem got a lot worse, and on Friday afternoon I made an appointment to drop off the car on Monday. Friday saw the car eating up twice as much fuel as usual; today it used more like four times as much as usual, and there was a puddle in the parking place where I had been at work. Getting this fixed will definitely be cheaper in the long run, though I really wish we could've figured it out and fixed it when I brought it in the first time. Though at least they didn't charge me anything for that first appointment, since their testing device said nothing was wrong.

Anyway, the money from the Staff Art Table should help with that a bit. And hours are going to be picking up at work as well, since classes will be starting again soon, so that'll help, too.

And now I think it's food time, while I continue to rest my aching feet. More work tomorrow, and then the car goes into the shop.
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Anyone know if the security risk for Pokemon GO has been fixed? Or if it's limited to certain devices? Because I've got my ultra fancy new phone (Moto-G4 with Android), and my brother has reassured me that I have more than enough data to run the game without going over, so that's my final major concern.
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IDK, sometimes I really feel like starting something to be called along the lines of “Pokemon GO With Me” to match up people who don’t feel safe Pokemong GO-ing it alone with someone who would boost their confidence and/or safety, or for people with disabilities who can’t always access where specific Pokemon are.

And then I think not just of how much work it would be, but how much work on top of that it would be to make everything as safe as possible. Because the people most in need of such a service are also the people most likely to be hurt by it.

Makes me wish there was an easy solution. Unfortunately, racism, misogyny, transphobia, ablism, etc etc etc (etc, sob) are probably a lot harder to get rid of than such a system would be to set up and monitor.
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Guess who just got an ultra-fancy new phone? :D This gal-person!

It's a Moto G4, and it is much bigger than my years-old Sprint LG... something. Possibly just LG. So it's not going to fit in my pocket as well, but on the plus side, it'll feel a lot more like I'm holding a phone, and not, for some reason, a deck of cards next to my face.

New Phone is not yet operational; it's registered with our account and almost ready to go, but it's missing a bit of vital inside stuff that makes it go, so I need to go to [city where I work but don't live] to pick that part up and fully activate it.

Projected uses for New Phone:

* Finally have an electronic device that I can use a Square reader with
* Also be able to pull up coupons reliably at craft stores without having to haul my Nook around
* The Habitica app! I do not for a minute trust my internet to never go out again in the middle of the night before I've checked off some of my Dailies
* Same uses as Old Phone, which has been very good to me these past [#?] years.

Possible uses for New Phone:

* Pokemon GO??? I still haven't decided yet! The enthusiasm is very infectious, but I still don't know if it's for me? It's good to know that I have a phone that will work with it if I decide I do want to, heh, GO for it.
* Motivation for extending my pockets on a lot of my pants and shorts, because crap that thing is huge
* Unknown other things


May. 10th, 2016 10:59 am
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So. Those new Pokemon games. With the details released, what, early this morning? Yesterday-ish?

Anyway. Spoilers ahoy! )

Anyway! Those are my thoughts on the new games. Come have thoughts with me!
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Hello, all! I'm wondering if any of you have a 2DS or 3DS and possibly also Pokemon X and/or Y and would be interested in swapping friend codes? I just got to the Friend Safari and would like to have more friends available. Anyone interested? I'm 2509 2176 7075 .
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First, a brief stop in Baking for Dietary Restrictions Land. Instead of Dairy Free, as I'd thought we were doing this week, we're instead doing Heart Health. Or something like that. If we do Obesity next week, I may scream. Need a quick bread recipe tomorrow, fruit dessert on Wednesday, and cupcakes on Thursday. *sigh*

Second: Got the Tetris blanket mailed off. Or at least dropped off at the mailing station.

Third! Dropped off my test cake at Bread From Anna this morning. Anna herself couldn't taste it, since it may have been gluten-contaminated (I have baked things with gluten in my kitchen in the last five years, so it's entirely likely), but there were a few other people there who tasted it and gave it very good reviews. Anna said she'd call me today or tomorrow about whether I get the job; I'm currently cautiously optimistic, with an emphasis on cautious.

And now, the meat of the entry: Planned indulgences.

1) BOOK. Somehow I'd forgotten that the next Tamora Pierce book came out last week. Or maybe I thought it was supposed to be next month? Either way, I am totally buying myself a copy.

2) POKEMON. This won't be for another couple of weeks, but I'm currently planning on a 2DS and Pokemon X. I've been saving up with these in mind for a while (or rather, I'd been planning on a 3DS until the 2DS was announced to be a thing (and it's still cheaper than a second hand standard 3DS)), but I'm glad I'll still have a nice, hefty cushion once I buy them.

3) DINNER. Okay, here's the thing. The hospitality program at the community college I attend? Is run almost entirely through a training hotel. A four diamond hotel that is half school. They have a fancy-ish restaurant called the Class Act. I've eaten there once, and my folks have been wanting to eat there as well. Another thing is that my family tries to have a weekly dinner together, where we can socialize and catch up and so forth. For the past two weeks, and for the next two weeks as well, Baking for Dietary Restrictions has usurped Family Dinner Night's slot in my schedule. Putting all of these together, and since I just got a reasonable "paycheck" of sorts, I suggested we meet at the Class Act for dinner after I get out of class either this week or next, and I'd cover half the check. Mom and Dad are enthusiastic, and while I still have to check with my brother, I'm fairly certain he'll be up for it. I just need to find out whether it's this week or next week, and then make reservations. Omnomnom!

4) SOMETHING ELSE??? I dunno, I might indulge further. Possibly a ticket to Icon, maybe even as a vendor. Almost certainly not a KitchenAID stand mixer, because as glorious as those are, they're still three hundred bucks. I could afford it, but I probably won't go in on it unless I get the job at Breads From Anna. Even then I might wait a while, make it a birthday and/or Xmas gift to myself. Maybe something fancy-schmancy I see at my next stop at Half Price Books. They've had a lot of secondhand tablets there recently, and who knows when I'll see a box set I want next?

Food for thought, at any rate.
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As of 1:30pm US Central time today, I have officially Caught Them All. All 649 Pokemon, registered in my 'dex and stored in my in-game PC.

Hardest to catch: Kyogre. Damn thing just kept knocking itself out. I was seriously frustrated with it by the time I finally managed to catch it. I totally would've used my masterball on it, but I'd already used it on Latias. Rassa-frassa roaming Pokemon. Rassa-frassa Double Edge.

Hardest to acquire: Porygon-Z. Every other solitary evolves-by-trading-with-an-item-attached Pokemon I managed to get by offering its pre-evolution holding the necessary item for the same Pokemon, hoping that someone out there would understand what I was after: a trade for the same. Every other Pokemon that I tried this with, I got what I was looking for within three trades. Hell, the Scizor I ended up with even had the Pokerus! For Porygon-Z, though? I traded out six Porygon2s and still didn't get what I was after. I finally quit when I was down to my last Dubious Disc, and resorted to trading with myself when I picked up a DS from Half Price Books for ultra cheap. Not my preferred method, but it got me what I wanted.

Getting the Shiny Charm: Still a less frustrating method of increasing the chance of finding a shiny Pokemon than chaining in DPPt. [/two cents]

Of course, come October 12th, I'll have a buttload more Pokemon to catch, but I suppose that's part of the draw.

I followed up my Pokemon acquisition by stopping by Target to investigate their stock of Lego collectable mini-figs. I've a friend who works there and who let me know that Series 9 was back in stock, and we (by which I mean my dad, who is the actual collector) are still missing the plumber from that set, so off I went. I made it through one whole box, then noticed there were two more on the next end cap over. Having learned from a fellow collector/searcher that Series 11, the latest, was also available, I decided I'd had more than enough of Series 9 and needed some variety in my life.

I then spent close to an hour feeling out different mini-figs in the Series 11 display. When I'd finally gotten fed up with that group, I'd identified fourteen of the sixteen different figures by touch alone. Somehow a duplicate managed to migrate into my pile of singles before I made it to the cash register, but one duplicate for fourteen figures is still pretty damn good.

Of course, after Dad finally got home so we could unwrap them, he went back on our previous deal of: "You find me any figure I'm missing, I'll reimburse you the cost of it plus a dollar. Any duplicates you bring home, I reimburse you minus a dollar." He went with half of that, which annoys me, but I did know going that he's a cheapskate before this, so. I'll probably lay down a firmer agreement for the next set, though. Probably a sliding scale, of cheaper for early and more expensive for later. I'll have to give it some thought.

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