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This is it.

My art-for-sale is officially at home at the staff art table (and one piece is already set aside for a buyer tomorrow!). My art-not-for-sale is resting in the art show. My Etsy account is on vacation. The Accessibility Policy I wrote up has been given the OK by a representative from our Execs, and I have thirty-three copies printed out and ready to go, eighteen of which are large print. My "Use The Mic" signs are safely stashed and will be available with large print program books at the Info Desk. The list of ingredients of food in the Consweet [sic] is 95% complete, with two large print copies of the current list printed and to be made available to the public tomorrow. The Quiet Room is set up and has several sheets of paper with the rules on them set at strategic locations inside, as well as at the Bridge and the Info Desk. The cheetah griffin and Twilight Sparkle are both complete, Twilight in the Charity director's hands, and the griffin behind the desk at the art table.

The blue gaffer's tape is coming tomorrow. Registration typically gets a lull between the time it opens and the time official convention activity starts, so I should be able to use that time to set up wheelchair spots in all of our programing rooms. I still need to ask the Execs if/when/how I can speak at Opening Ceremonies, but I'm confident they'll OK it/find a slot for me.

Tomorrow (today) is Day One of AnimeIowa. I'm as prepared as I probably can be.

Tonight, I sleep.
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