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Found in the walk-in freezer at work today: One (1) loaf of zucchini bread, the plastic wrap ripped open and one corner broken off.

Possible causes, from most likely to least:

1) Someone knocked the zucchini bread off the shelf and put it back without noticing/caring that it was no longer safe to eat
2) The storeroom clerks are not being fed enough and wanted a snack
3) Ice mice

I had to throw it out, since we couldn't serve it anymore, but the mystery lingers.
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I plan to make up for work overshadowing my birthday on Friday at some point in the hopefully not-too-distant future, but for now I just want to gripe and/or sleep.

Cookie Staycation is almost the worst. Overlapping multiple huge events on the same weekend is the actual worst, especially when they also overlap my birthday. Cookie Staycation needs to go away forever, double especially because we lose money on it, but 99.9% likely it will stay as long as the person who came up with it is on staff. It's cost us money since the very first one, and we've had to fight just to get it to be less of a loss.

Please, sweet spirit of Mercy, answer my prayer and let TPTB know basic business sense and human decency.

(Tomorrow and Tuesday I have off. I plan to spend most of tomorrow asleep. It is also entirely likely that I will hit overtime this week, which only kicks in after forty hours a week, when usually I only work in the family of twenty to twenty-five. I am Very Tired.)

(...Note to self, come up with more details about Mercy for the Imaginary Pantheon.)
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"Remind me, do we flatten regular monsters at all?"
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* Work was good today! I hardly felt rushed at all (which is usually my main stressor, outside of Being In Charge Of People), and things went pretty smoothly. I might have baked off too many danish on accident, but I'm content to blame that on the restaurant.

* Him and Me and You and Her passed 500 kudos on Wednesday. I'm super excited to write the Blanket Scenario fic (tentative title: Under Cover(s)), though the plunny itself has grown legs and is running around gleefully. It's already decided to pull in my initial blanket scenario idea, making it a minimum of two "let's cuddle to stave off hypothermia" scenes and then awkward aftermath ...which may itself call for another blanket scene to fix things, because why stop at just two?

* I kinda also want to write a bunch of super short unrelated/oneshot-type blanket scenario scenes, since I naturally didn't only get the one when the plunny hit. If I do that, I'd call the resulting fic Quilt Scenario, because craft jokes :3

* That said, most of my attention is currently on Metamour or Less, since I got a sensitivity reader last week! I'm most of the way through the fourth scene (of five), and just need to come up with an akuma to write around and then I should be golden. (I very briefly forgot that the reason I write detailed dialogue in my outlines these days is because that's how I want the dialogue to go, and I don't have to re-write it. Thankfully, I remembered before I got too far along compared to my notes.)

* Speaking of "throwaway" akuma, I came up with a really good one while at work today. They'd be hot sauce and fire themed, getting revenge on a friend(?) who pranked them by spiking their food with hot sauce. The akumatized item would be a hot sauce bottle, and their name would be (wait for it) Sergeant Pepper. I'd use them in Metamour or Less, but there's too much potential for Cat Noir puns (the relative hotness of himself and Ladybug, "spicing" things up, a steamy situation, a remark or two about joining (or not joining) the Lonely Hearts Club, etc). It'd throw off the pacing if I included the whole battle at this point in the fic, so I'm saving them for a different occasion. I think I'm going to go with a birthday party themed akuma for Metamour or Less.


May. 15th, 2018 09:39 pm
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I have come to understand why the college I work indirectly for has scheduled its graduation the same weekend as Mothers Day: Because this timing allows them to schedule midterms so they fall the week before Spring Break. As for the scheduling of Spring Break, I have another theory: I'm fairly certain it's scheduled so that it always falls on St. Patrick's day, possibly in the hopes that at least some of the college student population will do their drinking in a town that is not either the one I live in or the one I work in. And I suppose that I can even accept that some Proms will be scheduled that same weekend for reasons beyond my ken.

However, that in no way means I have to be happy about it.

(The workload for our annual Mothers Day Champagne Brunch and prep work for an extra busy weekend are bad enough on their own, but together? Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. It certainly didn't help that we changed the dessert menu earlier in the week, which I hope will never, ever coincide with this particular weekend schedule again. And if we do happen to do it again, then please let us adequately prepare the number of desserts my boss thinks we'll need enough in advance so that I don't have to take a break to stress-cry in the middle of the day. I hate doing that.)

Anyway, I survived another year, and while I spent yesterday doing too much stuff to properly relax after that whole mess (and worked today), at least I have the next two days off and can sleep all the way through them if I so choose.
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Ended up going into Malicious Competence Mode on Sunday again. It wasn't quite as bad as the eighth, but twice in one month is still not great. Not even a little bit.

Some background )
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Me at work today, adding the date to things: Huh, it's April 11th. 4-11. I guess today is going to be very informative!


I ended up staying a little late today (and by "a little" I mean "only one-and-a-half hours"), but it worked out reasonably well in my favor. As I was eating lunch, the person in charge of our storeroom came into the employee lounge with a 20lb box of frozen yakisoba noodles. Turns out they'd been delivered by mistake probably at least a year ago, and were more than a year past their "best by" date, but had been in the freezer since they'd been delivered. Storeroom person wanted to get rid of them to make more room in the freezer (which is packed full and then some, let me tell you!), and a few of us nabbed 5lb bags of noodles to take home, including yours truly :D

Storeroom person went on to say there were another 40lbs of noodles in the freezer, and could she get rid of them, and if so, how; again, they're still perfectly good to eat, we just can't legally serve them. I volunteered to check with our local food rescue operation that my dad volunteers with, and they were very enthusiastic about the noodles! I made the delivery myself, since I was done at work for the day, and all of us were quite pleased to see the noodles going to feed people directly rather than to the compost. (We are proud composters at my workplace, but we're in the hospitality industry for a reason. Or I am, at least, and I wouldn't be surprised if that mindset rubbed off on more than a few of my coworkers. I can't think of one of them who likes food waste.)


Sunday, by contrast, was miserable. I ended up working twelve hours (four hours past my scheduled off time, in contrast with today), all by my lonesome, and drove home in the snow. I may yet write a more detailed post about my Sunday experiences, but for now I'll just say that I'm glad today was better.
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Teacher coworker and Coworker H: *having a discussion about how much they adore regency-era stories*

Me: *suddenly thinking I might have something to contribute* How do you feel about dragons?

Coworker H: I've seen Merlin.

Me: *...facepalm*

Needless to say, my attempt to recommend Temeraire did not exactly go as planned :P
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Do you love chocolate? Want to learn to love it less? Then come on down to Socchan's Bakery and Chocolate House! We'll teach you how to make all of your favorite confections, and in the process you'll lose all interest in even looking at chocolate ever again! Just remember to wear something you want an excuse to get rid of - like that hideous sweater your cousin Jody regifted to you last year, or Grandpa Steve's horribly oversized hand-me-down pants - and come on in, or call 1-555-CHOCO-H8 to sign up!

Disclaimer: Socchan's Bakery and Chocolate House is not responsible for any weight gain, weight loss, or pushy friends and relatives who are now demanding you make all of their favorite treats at the drop of a birthday. Dislike of chocolate is not guaranteed and may fade over time as you forget the horrors of working with it. May contain nuts.


May. 13th, 2017 09:34 pm
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People I want to find:

* Whoever planned graduation day for the local university and community college to be the day before Mother's Day
* Whoever decided to give our hospitality graduates a 15% discount coupon for our restaurant well after my own graduation
* Whoever planned any local high school's proms to be the day before Mother's Day

What I intend to do when I find these people:

1. Drag them to my workplace
2. Get them suited up appropriately
3. Put them to work
4. Make them vow to either think more carefully next year or promise to come in and help us at the bakery; either would do

Backup wishes:
- Somehow convince the Sales team not to book anything the week immediately preceding both Easter and Mother's Day, and possibly a day or two after each for good measure
- Somehow convince TPTB to actually convert that classroom into a second bakery like they talked about and maybe even hire a second bakery team so we don't have six people working to cover two departments' needs (the restaurant and banquets)

Today's post is brought to you by me working thirty-eight hours over the past four days. I fully expect to work at least ten hours tomorrow, and can only pray that we don't have too much catch-up to do on Monday. Having no banquets on Monday is already out; we have some ridiculous number of dessert bars to serve, and cutting and traying those will definitely take far too long.

My next day off will be Wednesday. I hope my feet last until then.

Oh, right!

Nov. 6th, 2016 10:52 pm
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Fun conversation I overheard at work today:

Coworker 1: Is it weird that I like to arrange the juice in alphabetical order?

Coworker 2: I do that, too!

Coworker 2: Apple, Cranberry--

Coworkers 1 and 2 together: --Grapefruit, Pineapple, Orange, Tomato!

Me: *silent delighted laughter*
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They Day piggies got postponed on account of being called unexpectedly in to work. Someday, though!

Of the past three days, I was originally only scheduled for Saturday. Instead, I was called in to work ten to four on Friday, and on Saturday was asked to help open today (so we'd have an extra person in the bakery to help make sure our interns stayed on task/to answer their questions). Thankfully today was nice and short, even if it wasn't originally planned.

Rod Con is right around the corner, so I'm hoping to finish at least four more potion types before then. If I do one a day, I should be fine. I also want to take an actual inventory this year, since that seems like the sort of thing that would be helpful!

Still haven't decided whether to give discounts to kids who answer math questions this year. If folks remember me doing that last year, I definitely will; otherwise, maybe?

Ugh, I'm too tired to think properly right now. Here, enjoy these pictures of Lava Stingrays, which I am... also too tired to post properly over here right now. I'll put it on my to-do list. Maybe.

*wanders off to finish Habitica dailies and go to sleep*
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I have never in my life wanted to blab more about a guest who's staying at the hotel where I work. And it's mostly because they're my mom's favorite [blank], and I happened to have made dinner reservations for our family on the same night they're staying there in honor of my mom's birthday and also mine. So there is a slight tiny chance that we might see them there when we go to dinner, AND I CAN'T HAVE ANYTHING PREPARED. IIRC, I'm contractually forbidden from asking for autographs myself (especially while working, though I won't be when I'm there for dinner), and really, I wouldn't want to bother a guest anyway (and would be reluctant to bother famous people outside of specific engagements in general), but MOM'S BIRTHDAY. MOM'S FAVORITE [blank]. ARGH.

I need to go cry tears of frustration into some toast or something now.

Edit: Okay, looking at new info, it is incredibly unlikely that we will see that person at the hotel. But still. *sob sob sob*
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Hooray, I have music all picked out and lined up for my opening shift tomorrow! And it all has lyrics, and most of it in a language I understand! (Which is just the one, alas. I gotta reapply myself to learning Esperanto at least...)

All this is to say, I am probably 98% less likely to spend the first two hours I'm at work thinking of things like this [NSFW, food discussed] to keep my brain occupied. Which, I mean, I literally sporfled at work when I thought of it, but it's not a series of jokes I can really tell in polite company.

(Yes, this does mean I assume you are either impolite company (and thus in good company), or know that you are polite company and probably wouldn't be interested in what's at the link.)

Also, I'm pretty sure I've discussed what I would call my bakery if I had one here before, but just in case I haven't: Link! (Possibly NSFW, food discussed.)
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Hello! I am back from Texas. I have actually been back from Texas since veeeeery early Saturday morning (and I know from early mornings), but I have been lax about posting.

(Ironically, this trip to Texas was less stressful for me than the one that was actually a vacation that I took in November. I'm guessing it's a combination of actually being on my meds now, and also not having to rush back before the rest of my family for a huge holiday bake sale.)

Going to rec a few things before I go to sleep tonight, and then share some big news.

For all my fellow fans of femslash/yuri/stories about girls who are into girls, I recommend the following:

* Carmilla, the original video series on YouTube; it's inspired by J. Sheridan Le Fanu's Novella of the same name, and is just amazing. The first season is complete, and I watched it last night with Steve the chainmail guy at his regular crafting get-together; there are thirty-six episodes in season one, but they're all really short (two to six minutes long), so you can get through it in a matter of a few hours. Totally worth it! Link to the first episode. (The second season has just aired its fourth episode, but I'm holding off on watching until the entire thing is out. Or I am for now, at least. We'll see how long I last.)

* Cute Demon Crashers, an ultra short dating sim with a focus on consent and comfort, and a no-sex ending as an option! It is super duper cute, with a female main character, and while three of the four potential "love interests" are dudes, one is definitely a lady. The game is technically unfinished, having only two routes completed (plus the no-sex ending), but one of them is for the lady, so! I'm counting it. The art is perfect, the writing is fantastic, the music is lovely, and you have the option to stop the sexy times at any point with no negative consequences. Learn more over here.

* Shira Glassman's Mangoverse! I've already reviewed the first book in the series, The Second Mango, here, and there are currently three books out, plus a couple of short stories. BONUS: This month, the electronic version of all of these books (plus more!) are ON SALE at the publisher's website! Simply use the coupon code PRIDE2015 during checkout to drop the price of these already very affordable books into downright amazing territory - $3.37 USD for the first and third books, slightly more for the second, slightly less for the short stories. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: In honor of a homeless teenaged trans guy in the third book, A Harvest of Ripe Figs, Shira is donating all of her first and second quarter royalties from it to Casa Ruby (a shelter for homeless trans youth) and Trans Lifeline (a trans-specific crisis hotline, staffed entirely by trans people). If you like femslash, lady friendships, and dragons, this is definitely the series for you. This is also the series for you if you are interested in Jewish characters with absolutely no danger of antisemitism, happy endings for all LGBTQIAP+ characters, characters with food allergies (the main character is gluten intolerant and also can't have poultry), and positively depicted fat characters with no dieting or shaming narratives. There are way more reasons this is totally the series for you, but if I keep listing them, I'll be up all night, and I have to open tomorrow. Learn more about how to buy these books and possibly others right over here, at the author's Tumblr. (Also check out her tags for more art of all the characters!)

Okay, recs done. Time for big news! )
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Today at work was Easter Brunch.

It was the least stressful of every single one of our large brunches that I've yet worked. I also left work at nearly my scheduled time, rather than the two hours after I'd been expecting for the past week.

By complete coincidence, and something that I'm sure has nothing to do with either of the aforementioned things *ahem*, my boss called in sick to work today. Definitely completely unrelated. Can't see how they would have anything to do with each other at all.

So yeah. Pretty good day today, all in all.

(Also, hot cross buns are apparently delicious. I wish I had known this sooner!)


Apr. 2nd, 2015 10:13 pm
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I really need to be sleeping right now, but instead I'm too distracted by re-reading Riot Nrrd >_< Someone tell me to do better.

Work's actually been going pretty well lately! It's so blissfully relatively quiet, I can hardly believe it's the same building.

...Well, actually, the power went out not just in our building but across campus today, and stayed that way for forty-five minutes, but that was basically the most stressful thing, so. Yay! I approve.

Also, I'm finally getting back to a psychiatrist and being medicated again, woo-hoo! I just had my dosage upped slightly from my previous Rx, and so far so good on that front. I should warn my boss that I may be a bit more scattered than usual on account of brain chemistry adjustments, but she wasn't in today. Maybe tomorrow?

Oh, and there's another thing that came up when I was meeting my new psychiatrist, but I think that may deserve its own post. Anyway, back to trying to tear myself away from the computer to make myself sleep, yay!

PS: Toothless cake decoration, by yours truly.
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[Content Note: Anxiety/anxiety disorder]

So today was not quite as bad as the coconut macaroon incident, but it was a near thing. In fact, it probably would have been as bad if I hadn't had a lot of help from a coworker and at least one student intern towards the end, so many wonderful thoughts to them.

Cut for nightmarish pizza crust endeavor )

I was ALMOST OUT THE DOOR when one of the lead people from the restaurant proper (and coincidentally Geeky Coworker's boyfriend) came over to say that he thought that the whipped cream was a little bland. I tasted it, kinda agreed, and, after nearly deciding to do otherwise, ended up re-whipping it with some more sugar and vanilla to make it an acceptable sweetness level. (Which is not about pizza crust, but I was so done with EVERYTHING at that point that I thought it may as fricking well have been.)

Anyway, tomorrow I get to teach all the student interns how to make some basic animals out of fondant! Except I'm still not entirely sure which animals I get to teach them to make on account of Boss Related Shenanigans. I want to teach them to make a small basic bird (because it's fast and simple and you can make slight alterations to customize it to be practically any bird, especially songbirds) and stegosaurus (because it's a fairly basic shape and I came up with a great shortcut where you can use almond slices and slivers for the fins and tail spikes respectively), but it's seeming like I'll have to teach them to make at least a more complicated bird and maybe an ankylosaurus/crocogator??? Or possibly a lion. My boss mentioned me using something called scissor clips and told me she'd show them to me/explain them today, but we never got around to it, so.

I have one hour, maybe one-and-a-half, to teach the students in. Basic bird takes me about five minutes if I rush and don't bother to paint; stegosaurus takes me about fifteen. If I assume the students will take two to three times as long as I do when making these, an hour should have been enough time. Meanwhile, the more complicated bird takes me four colors of fondant (though technically two are just little smidgens for the eyes and beak) and fifteen minutes and cannot be customized; it's just a robin. I have no idea what she wants me to do for the crocogator/ankylosaurus, though the last (and so far only) crocogator I made took me about half an hour; ditto to the lion (though the first lion I made took me a whole hour, so at least this one's an improvement on that). Assuming the students take only twice as long as I do, and allowing for minimal individual attention for fourteen of them, that's still half an hour more time than I'm budgeted. Meanwhile, they're learning two complex things with limited applicability: the simple birds, as I mentioned, are super customizable, and can be anything from doves on a wedding cake to the state bird; meanwhile, stegosaurus is way more instantly recognizable than ankylosaurus*, and more popular than crocogators (outside of Florida at least, one assumes, though maybe even there).

None of that matters, though. Or, at least, that's the last I knew of it. Maybe my boss will have changed her mind, or will be willing to change her mind, before four-thirty tomorrow afternoon. Here's hoping!

* Though it turns out that ankylosaurus is actually one of our interns' favorites! Sadly, at least two of my coworkers had no idea what it even was without explanation ("The armored dinosaur with the clubbed tail?" "Doesn't ring a bell." "Maybe if I saw a picture..."), and my boss didn't know the proper name for it/its family. Maybe the intern can stick around a few extra minutes after the main workshop if we don't end up making ankylosaurus for it.

God dammit

Dec. 26th, 2014 08:20 pm
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Originally I was scheduled tomorrow from six to three with one coworker and my boss.

My boss just called me to say that the coworker that was originally scheduled to work with me has called off for tomorrow, can I go in half an hour early to open?

Oh yeah, this means it'll probably be just me and her there. Lucky me.

I did not need this right now. Or ever.

(I do hope my coworker is okay, but it's harder to be worried about her when I have to be up in seven hours and I probably have a nine plus hour work day ahead of me. No overtime either, since I'm a part-timer - though not getting overtime for shifts more than eight hours may also just be the way things are these days for EVERYONE, not just part time employees.)
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My weekend at work:

Friday: In at 6:00am; scheduled out at 2:00pm; actually out at 2:45
Saturday: In at 6:00am; scheduled out at 2:00pm; actually out at 2:35
Sunday: Finally out by 2:00~! Actually scheduled out at 1:00pm. FML.

I will probably profess to hate cookies for at least the rest of December, if not longer.

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