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Do you love chocolate? Want to learn to love it less? Then come on down to Socchan's Bakery and Chocolate House! We'll teach you how to make all of your favorite confections, and in the process you'll lose all interest in even looking at chocolate ever again! Just remember to wear something you want an excuse to get rid of - like that hideous sweater your cousin Jody regifted to you last year, or Grandpa Steve's horribly oversized hand-me-down pants - and come on in, or call 1-555-CHOCO-H8 to sign up!

Disclaimer: Socchan's Bakery and Chocolate House is not responsible for any weight gain, weight loss, or pushy friends and relatives who are now demanding you make all of their favorite treats at the drop of a birthday. Dislike of chocolate is not guaranteed and may fade over time as you forget the horrors of working with it. May contain nuts.


May. 13th, 2017 09:34 pm
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People I want to find:

* Whoever planned graduation day for the local university and community college to be the day before Mother's Day
* Whoever decided to give our hospitality graduates a 15% discount coupon for our restaurant well after my own graduation
* Whoever planned any local high school's proms to be the day before Mother's Day

What I intend to do when I find these people:

1. Drag them to my workplace
2. Get them suited up appropriately
3. Put them to work
4. Make them vow to either think more carefully next year or promise to come in and help us at the bakery; either would do

Backup wishes:
- Somehow convince the Sales team not to book anything the week immediately preceding both Easter and Mother's Day, and possibly a day or two after each for good measure
- Somehow convince TPTB to actually convert that classroom into a second bakery like they talked about and maybe even hire a second bakery team so we don't have six people working to cover two departments' needs (the restaurant and banquets)

Today's post is brought to you by me working thirty-eight hours over the past four days. I fully expect to work at least ten hours tomorrow, and can only pray that we don't have too much catch-up to do on Monday. Having no banquets on Monday is already out; we have some ridiculous number of dessert bars to serve, and cutting and traying those will definitely take far too long.

My next day off will be Wednesday. I hope my feet last until then.

Oh, right!

Nov. 6th, 2016 10:52 pm
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Fun conversation I overheard at work today:

Coworker 1: Is it weird that I like to arrange the juice in alphabetical order?

Coworker 2: I do that, too!

Coworker 2: Apple, Cranberry--

Coworkers 1 and 2 together: --Grapefruit, Pineapple, Orange, Tomato!

Me: *silent delighted laughter*
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They Day piggies got postponed on account of being called unexpectedly in to work. Someday, though!

Of the past three days, I was originally only scheduled for Saturday. Instead, I was called in to work ten to four on Friday, and on Saturday was asked to help open today (so we'd have an extra person in the bakery to help make sure our interns stayed on task/to answer their questions). Thankfully today was nice and short, even if it wasn't originally planned.

Rod Con is right around the corner, so I'm hoping to finish at least four more potion types before then. If I do one a day, I should be fine. I also want to take an actual inventory this year, since that seems like the sort of thing that would be helpful!

Still haven't decided whether to give discounts to kids who answer math questions this year. If folks remember me doing that last year, I definitely will; otherwise, maybe?

Ugh, I'm too tired to think properly right now. Here, enjoy these pictures of Lava Stingrays, which I am... also too tired to post properly over here right now. I'll put it on my to-do list. Maybe.

*wanders off to finish Habitica dailies and go to sleep*
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I have never in my life wanted to blab more about a guest who's staying at the hotel where I work. And it's mostly because they're my mom's favorite [blank], and I happened to have made dinner reservations for our family on the same night they're staying there in honor of my mom's birthday and also mine. So there is a slight tiny chance that we might see them there when we go to dinner, AND I CAN'T HAVE ANYTHING PREPARED. IIRC, I'm contractually forbidden from asking for autographs myself (especially while working, though I won't be when I'm there for dinner), and really, I wouldn't want to bother a guest anyway (and would be reluctant to bother famous people outside of specific engagements in general), but MOM'S BIRTHDAY. MOM'S FAVORITE [blank]. ARGH.

I need to go cry tears of frustration into some toast or something now.

Edit: Okay, looking at new info, it is incredibly unlikely that we will see that person at the hotel. But still. *sob sob sob*
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Hooray, I have music all picked out and lined up for my opening shift tomorrow! And it all has lyrics, and most of it in a language I understand! (Which is just the one, alas. I gotta reapply myself to learning Esperanto at least...)

All this is to say, I am probably 98% less likely to spend the first two hours I'm at work thinking of things like this [NSFW, food discussed] to keep my brain occupied. Which, I mean, I literally sporfled at work when I thought of it, but it's not a series of jokes I can really tell in polite company.

(Yes, this does mean I assume you are either impolite company (and thus in good company), or know that you are polite company and probably wouldn't be interested in what's at the link.)

Also, I'm pretty sure I've discussed what I would call my bakery if I had one here before, but just in case I haven't: Link! (Possibly NSFW, food discussed.)
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Hello! I am back from Texas. I have actually been back from Texas since veeeeery early Saturday morning (and I know from early mornings), but I have been lax about posting.

(Ironically, this trip to Texas was less stressful for me than the one that was actually a vacation that I took in November. I'm guessing it's a combination of actually being on my meds now, and also not having to rush back before the rest of my family for a huge holiday bake sale.)

Going to rec a few things before I go to sleep tonight, and then share some big news.

For all my fellow fans of femslash/yuri/stories about girls who are into girls, I recommend the following:

* Carmilla, the original video series on YouTube; it's inspired by J. Sheridan Le Fanu's Novella of the same name, and is just amazing. The first season is complete, and I watched it last night with Steve the chainmail guy at his regular crafting get-together; there are thirty-six episodes in season one, but they're all really short (two to six minutes long), so you can get through it in a matter of a few hours. Totally worth it! Link to the first episode. (The second season has just aired its fourth episode, but I'm holding off on watching until the entire thing is out. Or I am for now, at least. We'll see how long I last.)

* Cute Demon Crashers, an ultra short dating sim with a focus on consent and comfort, and a no-sex ending as an option! It is super duper cute, with a female main character, and while three of the four potential "love interests" are dudes, one is definitely a lady. The game is technically unfinished, having only two routes completed (plus the no-sex ending), but one of them is for the lady, so! I'm counting it. The art is perfect, the writing is fantastic, the music is lovely, and you have the option to stop the sexy times at any point with no negative consequences. Learn more over here.

* Shira Glassman's Mangoverse! I've already reviewed the first book in the series, The Second Mango, here, and there are currently three books out, plus a couple of short stories. BONUS: This month, the electronic version of all of these books (plus more!) are ON SALE at the publisher's website! Simply use the coupon code PRIDE2015 during checkout to drop the price of these already very affordable books into downright amazing territory - $3.37 USD for the first and third books, slightly more for the second, slightly less for the short stories. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: In honor of a homeless teenaged trans guy in the third book, A Harvest of Ripe Figs, Shira is donating all of her first and second quarter royalties from it to Casa Ruby (a shelter for homeless trans youth) and Trans Lifeline (a trans-specific crisis hotline, staffed entirely by trans people). If you like femslash, lady friendships, and dragons, this is definitely the series for you. This is also the series for you if you are interested in Jewish characters with absolutely no danger of antisemitism, happy endings for all LGBTQIAP+ characters, characters with food allergies (the main character is gluten intolerant and also can't have poultry), and positively depicted fat characters with no dieting or shaming narratives. There are way more reasons this is totally the series for you, but if I keep listing them, I'll be up all night, and I have to open tomorrow. Learn more about how to buy these books and possibly others right over here, at the author's Tumblr. (Also check out her tags for more art of all the characters!)

Okay, recs done. Time for big news! )
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Today at work was Easter Brunch.

It was the least stressful of every single one of our large brunches that I've yet worked. I also left work at nearly my scheduled time, rather than the two hours after I'd been expecting for the past week.

By complete coincidence, and something that I'm sure has nothing to do with either of the aforementioned things *ahem*, my boss called in sick to work today. Definitely completely unrelated. Can't see how they would have anything to do with each other at all.

So yeah. Pretty good day today, all in all.

(Also, hot cross buns are apparently delicious. I wish I had known this sooner!)


Apr. 2nd, 2015 10:13 pm
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I really need to be sleeping right now, but instead I'm too distracted by re-reading Riot Nrrd >_< Someone tell me to do better.

Work's actually been going pretty well lately! It's so blissfully relatively quiet, I can hardly believe it's the same building.

...Well, actually, the power went out not just in our building but across campus today, and stayed that way for forty-five minutes, but that was basically the most stressful thing, so. Yay! I approve.

Also, I'm finally getting back to a psychiatrist and being medicated again, woo-hoo! I just had my dosage upped slightly from my previous Rx, and so far so good on that front. I should warn my boss that I may be a bit more scattered than usual on account of brain chemistry adjustments, but she wasn't in today. Maybe tomorrow?

Oh, and there's another thing that came up when I was meeting my new psychiatrist, but I think that may deserve its own post. Anyway, back to trying to tear myself away from the computer to make myself sleep, yay!

PS: Toothless cake decoration, by yours truly.
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[Content Note: Anxiety/anxiety disorder]

So today was not quite as bad as the coconut macaroon incident, but it was a near thing. In fact, it probably would have been as bad if I hadn't had a lot of help from a coworker and at least one student intern towards the end, so many wonderful thoughts to them.

Cut for nightmarish pizza crust endeavor )

I was ALMOST OUT THE DOOR when one of the lead people from the restaurant proper (and coincidentally Geeky Coworker's boyfriend) came over to say that he thought that the whipped cream was a little bland. I tasted it, kinda agreed, and, after nearly deciding to do otherwise, ended up re-whipping it with some more sugar and vanilla to make it an acceptable sweetness level. (Which is not about pizza crust, but I was so done with EVERYTHING at that point that I thought it may as fricking well have been.)

Anyway, tomorrow I get to teach all the student interns how to make some basic animals out of fondant! Except I'm still not entirely sure which animals I get to teach them to make on account of Boss Related Shenanigans. I want to teach them to make a small basic bird (because it's fast and simple and you can make slight alterations to customize it to be practically any bird, especially songbirds) and stegosaurus (because it's a fairly basic shape and I came up with a great shortcut where you can use almond slices and slivers for the fins and tail spikes respectively), but it's seeming like I'll have to teach them to make at least a more complicated bird and maybe an ankylosaurus/crocogator??? Or possibly a lion. My boss mentioned me using something called scissor clips and told me she'd show them to me/explain them today, but we never got around to it, so.

I have one hour, maybe one-and-a-half, to teach the students in. Basic bird takes me about five minutes if I rush and don't bother to paint; stegosaurus takes me about fifteen. If I assume the students will take two to three times as long as I do when making these, an hour should have been enough time. Meanwhile, the more complicated bird takes me four colors of fondant (though technically two are just little smidgens for the eyes and beak) and fifteen minutes and cannot be customized; it's just a robin. I have no idea what she wants me to do for the crocogator/ankylosaurus, though the last (and so far only) crocogator I made took me about half an hour; ditto to the lion (though the first lion I made took me a whole hour, so at least this one's an improvement on that). Assuming the students take only twice as long as I do, and allowing for minimal individual attention for fourteen of them, that's still half an hour more time than I'm budgeted. Meanwhile, they're learning two complex things with limited applicability: the simple birds, as I mentioned, are super customizable, and can be anything from doves on a wedding cake to the state bird; meanwhile, stegosaurus is way more instantly recognizable than ankylosaurus*, and more popular than crocogators (outside of Florida at least, one assumes, though maybe even there).

None of that matters, though. Or, at least, that's the last I knew of it. Maybe my boss will have changed her mind, or will be willing to change her mind, before four-thirty tomorrow afternoon. Here's hoping!

* Though it turns out that ankylosaurus is actually one of our interns' favorites! Sadly, at least two of my coworkers had no idea what it even was without explanation ("The armored dinosaur with the clubbed tail?" "Doesn't ring a bell." "Maybe if I saw a picture..."), and my boss didn't know the proper name for it/its family. Maybe the intern can stick around a few extra minutes after the main workshop if we don't end up making ankylosaurus for it.

God dammit

Dec. 26th, 2014 08:20 pm
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Originally I was scheduled tomorrow from six to three with one coworker and my boss.

My boss just called me to say that the coworker that was originally scheduled to work with me has called off for tomorrow, can I go in half an hour early to open?

Oh yeah, this means it'll probably be just me and her there. Lucky me.

I did not need this right now. Or ever.

(I do hope my coworker is okay, but it's harder to be worried about her when I have to be up in seven hours and I probably have a nine plus hour work day ahead of me. No overtime either, since I'm a part-timer - though not getting overtime for shifts more than eight hours may also just be the way things are these days for EVERYONE, not just part time employees.)
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My weekend at work:

Friday: In at 6:00am; scheduled out at 2:00pm; actually out at 2:45
Saturday: In at 6:00am; scheduled out at 2:00pm; actually out at 2:35
Sunday: Finally out by 2:00~! Actually scheduled out at 1:00pm. FML.

I will probably profess to hate cookies for at least the rest of December, if not longer.
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1) Any day that I don't have to mix, scoop, and bake 954 tiny cookies (and yes, I counted*) is a good day.

Today was especially good, because I finally got to make that Toothless figure out of fondant. I hate fondant and feel that marzipan is infinitely superior in almost all ways**, but the boss said fondant so I used fondant. There was a bit of a mishap with his wings, wherein I stuck the large ones in the oven for a couple of minutes to try and hasten their hardening and they ended up blowing up like puff pastry, but I was able to use them as a stencil to make new ones, so it all worked out. Aside from that, I effectively finished in my allotted 1.5 hour time limit; I still need to attach his wings and tail fins to his body, which I plan to do the next time I'm at work, as well as pipe a tiny skull-and-crossbones on his prosthetic tail fin, because of course I made that. I don't care that it's going to a two-year-old, I'm keeping that part.

I also got to use marzipan when I was making a second animal ornament for a zoo cake that... it appears I haven't talked about yet. Well! As part of the unofficial "Okay, [Socchan], you're making all of the animals now," addition to my job description, I made a lion out of marzipan for a zoo-themed cake a week or two ago. I thought the cake was due Monday the 5th, but I guess not?

Anyway, Geeky Coworker contacted me yesterday to ask if I was up to making a second animal for the cake in question, and it was up to me what as long as I kept it to the same timeframe requirement (under two hours). She said I could have time to do so today if I thought I could manage and could come up with an animal. I did and I could, so i started off the day making a marzipan croco-gator ♥ (I'm... not actually sure what all the differences are between a crocodile and an alligator.) I finished it in half an hour, too, which is really pretty great time, IMO. I got lots of comments about how adorable it is as well, which is not something one usually hears about a croco-gator ;)

Both the lion and the croco-gator will be going on a cake on Sunday morning; I've already got pics of both of them on my phone, but hope to get pics of the whole thing on Sunday as well.

* Technically, I did the math. "Rows x columns x trays - one column for that one tray + however many cookies on that other tray = 954".
** Hardening may be an exception, though I've yet to test it myself.

2) Classes finally had a significant amount of extra bread today, so I took it to the Crisis Center. Since Jo-Ann's was near by, I swung by there as well, only to find out that this particular branch won't be carrying Caron's party yarn anymore and is thus discounting all of it that they have to half-off the previous purchase price. ...I splurged. I am vulnerable to sparkly yarn at good prices.

3) I really don't know how to feel about this one. Remember this eagle? I got it in the mail to the appropriate address, where it languished for... almost two months now, to the point where I wasn't sure if it was even going to be received. I'd written it off as "lost in the master 'in' pile" when the note showed up today. It was very generic. I'm pretty sure they've got a form letter set up for this sort of thing. "Dear [person's name]; Thank you for [the thing] and enjoying my show. (etc)" There's not even an actual signature on the card. I mean, I get it, he's a busy guy, and he probably gets a lot of presents from fans; I certainly didn't expect a personalized, hand-written letter, or anything. But an actual signature would've been nice, slap-dash or otherwise. Failing that, a less personalized form letter would've felt more like what I expected. I guess I'm slightly disappointed?

Well, whatever. I hope he legitimately likes it, or at least appreciates the effort that went into making it, whether or not he wrote me an actual note.
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Today I found out that my boss is supposed to make an "airplane cake". As in, it needs to have an airplane modeled out of fondant (or similar material) on it.

I desperately, desperately want to make that airplane. As soon as I heard the phrase "airplane cake", I started thinking about how I would make it. At the time, I didn't know it would be made out of fondant, and my boss had me color some chocolate recently, so I also made vague plans for molding it out of that, but fondant wins the day. I don't care for the taste of fondant, but damn you can do neat stuff with it.

Unfortunately, I will not be making the airplane. My boss was noticeably stressed out about having to make the airplane and was procrastinating on starting it probably even after I left. Before leaving, I asked if I might be allowed to at least try to make the plane, and even offered to do so on my own time, but my boss turned me down. She thanked me profusely for offering, but said, visibly unhappy, that she would have to do it herself.

My coworkers were very surprised. Teacher-coworker thought for certain my boss would go for it, given how stressed out my boss was about the whole thing and what a huge weight it would take off her mind. I was both baffled and disappointed. Really, I didn't offer for my boss' sake; I just can't stop thinking about how I would make that plane! I could even make it with an actual spinning propeller, I'm pretty sure! Alas, it is not to be. Though I may try with knockoff play-doh and/or Sculpy at some point, or maybe marshmallow fondant or marzipan, because I wanna make that plane, dammit! (I was planning to try this afternoon/evening, but decided that sleep would have to be my priority. I slept horribly the past two nights, which was definitely not helped by having to get up first an hour and then a half-hour earlier than usual for work.)

*sigh* At least my boss is letting me help make the plane's dog pilot tomorrow. I plan to give it a little aviator's helmet, goggles included, and, if I can manage it (I'm pretty sure I can), to have its mouth open with its tongue flapping in the wind. I am sooooo looking forward to that!

(Brief AnimeIowa report forthcoming, I just wanted to get this written down first.)
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E-mailed my boss yesterday to see about coming in later than six on Monday morning, since I have Quire rehearsal the night before and would like to rest up after the seven-and-a-half hour work day preceding it. My boss said she'd see what she could do. Just got the revised schedule; not only am I not working any later on Monday morning, I'm now working eight hours on Sunday and an hour later that day, reducing the time I have to rest up between work (roughly eight hours on my feet, lifting, measuring, mixing, baking, cutting, and possibly even teaching, plus half an hour commute either way) and rehearsal. And that's if I don't have to stay later, which I have had to do a time or two. I really desperately don't want to skip rehearsal, either, since the concert is a week from Saturday.

I am up half an hour of time from the previous schedule, which puts me at a full 39 hours of work next week; I've also got six days in a row that I'm working, five of them at full time hours. While I know that at least one of my frequently coworkers has it worse, she actually lives in town and is officially a full time worker in a managerial position. I am not. I don't get benefits. And, as a part-timer, I can't rely on getting these hours regularly. My hours are supposed to "average out" at 28 a week. That means I get some weeks like this, and some where I work only four hours, if that. If I knew I could count on getting 40 hours a week regularly, I would look into getting my own transportation and a place to live that was closer to my place of work. Since that's not something I can count on, though, I'm still stuck in my parents' basement, borrowing my mom's car, and driving at least an hour every work day.
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Argh, how has it been so long since I last posted?

Oh, yeah. My boss keeps assigning me not-quite-full-time hours. I've had two weeks of not-quite-full-time, and just got my schedule for next week, revealing another 38.5 hours of time scheduled. (This is seriously BS. Either give me enough hours for employee healthcare, or go back to giving me time to crochet and/or at least consider pursuing another job.) That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

In the mean time, my current culinary quest: Finding a recipe for pâte de guimauve that involves actual marshmallow root. I'd bet money that the friend I got the sausage hedgehog recipe from has something that would work, though damned if I'll be able to find actual marshmallow root (or the rest of the plant) easily in the US. Still, it seems like it would be fun to do; in the mean time, I have non-marshmallow-root pâte de guimauve recipes to consider. Also there's that from-cacao-nibs chocolate recipe I extracted from Like Water for Chocolate forever ago. I should give that a try sometime, because how badass would that be?
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The Quire (of which I am a singing member) is having a fundraiser on the 22nd. The Quire itself is singing two songs, and then we've got a bunch of acts between them. We're hosting a silent auction (I'm offering a flying pig, with optional flying piglets for every $5 donated over a certain amount to help boost the bids) and hosting snacks, which is the part that most of this entry is dedicated to.

Mom has commissioned me to make some French bread loaves on her behalf, so she doesn't have to make anything, and also volunteered me for snack commissions to the Quire as a whole. (Good thing I don't have many requests 9_9a)

For my own contribution, I've decided to make sausage hedgehogs. I got the recipe from a friend, who got it out of a medieval recipe book and highly recommends it. I was thinking of making a vegetarian version for one of my commissions, and my only working idea so far was something like cheeseball hedgehogs (same design, but cheeseball instead of sausage). I'd love to make a vegan version (suggestions for non-sausage/cheese options welcome!), but am comforted by the fact that the bread I'll be making will definitely be vegan, so there's that. And then the hedgehogs are gluten-free, so between those options I should have something for most people.

My current problem is that I also thought I'd try some sort of "cooking" show for the volunteer entertainment portion. Cut for recipe conundrum )
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Part one of the reasons I hate my boss can be found here [Content Note: Trans*phobia, sexism, bullying, controlling behavior].

This one doesn't have quite as many, but there's a real doozy here.

Long detailed rant [Content Note: Danger, fire, bullying, emotional auditing] )

I've started typing up a letter to send to HR (and/or the executive chef, and/or whoever else is appropriate in this situation)I've got rough estimates for dates for a couple of incidents I'm going to include, and am going to check with Geeky Coworker tomorrow or the day after to find out some number stuff and possibly also get a definite date for that last incident I've got listed up there. I might even have enough material to send off the letter within the week.

Hugs and pictures of cute things are both welcome, though I'm feeling much better today than I was yesterday.
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Okay, let's make this official: I hate my boss.

Long, detailed rant ahead [Content Note for trans*phobia, sexism, bullying, controlling behavior] )

I'm going to have to put a To Be Continued on this post; there's at least two or three more items for me to get to (emotional auditing, the way she speaks more at us that to us, the way she keeps making everyone cry), but I am tired of thinking about her for now and need a mental break before I go back to work tomorrow, which I am not exactly looking forward to. Maybe I'll write part two if I wake up again between now and then. If not, though, maybe tomorrow afternoon. Or maybe Monday, since I don't work then. We'll see.

Edit: Content note updated to include more accurate info.
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For planning/brainstorming purposes.

Week 1:
* Fall Garden Party
* What's Really Out There?
* Under the Sea
* Behind the Bars at the Zoo


Week 2:
* Iowa is More Than Just Corn and Beans (Possibly "future birthplace of James T. Kirk"? Ooo, or the local library!)
* Welcome to an Elegant Affair
* Creepy, Crawly Things Can Be Fun (Reserved: Smudge the fire-spider wishes my mom happy birthday)
* Thanksgiving Family Get-Together (Reserved: Probably a cornucopia; sending it with Mom & Dad on their Thanksgiving trip)

Week 3:
* Cupcakes, Cupcakes, and More Cupcakes
* Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow (I know, I'll just leave the cake totally white!)
* Let's REALLY Do Some Moving (She was encouraging "movement" in Under The Sea, so maybe something like that but more extreme)
* Board Game Fun

??? Miniature cakes Lesson 16, p.224

Week 4:
* Sing A Song - Let's Make Music (Possibly a music staff)
* Oh Baby, You Are So Cute (I'm guessing baby-themed 9_9)
* Let's Celebrate Christmas (Can I maybe celebrate something else instead?)
* Final (it's gonna be a surprise :C )

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