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Sep. 30th, 2016 09:05 pm
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This is an absolutely amazing essay: The Legend of Korra: Deliberately Deconstructed (Note: Some moving gifs at the link)

I'm not even half-way through it yet, and I'm already a little in love with it. It's a thorough examination of the characterization, plot structure, and social dynamics of the series, with acknowledgement of real world effects (Korra doesn't exist in a void) and contrasting elements from AtLA. It's pulling a lot of things into new - good, important - perspective for me, and for fans of the show(s), it is definitely worth a read.

Edit: Okay, I've finished reading it, and am going to be reblogging it in a bit, but first! There's a lot of images in it, and I'm going to be providing image descriptions here.

Image descriptions from the above essay found below. )
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1) Today I discovered this gem at Fandom_Wank.

What is it about? Well, "Clockwork Butterfly writes in [to ANN's weekly rant] to complain about yaoi fangirls, who are ruining his fandom. The catch? His fandom is Gravitation. Yes, that Gravitation."

It is a kind and benevolent authorial being who writes such things into our lives ♥

2) Found via the Latest Things feed: Rachel John, Extreme Knitting, 1000 Strand Knit

I have yarn/craft envy :<

Related: Dreamwidth is full of things.

3) Shakesville is doing a bunch of follow-up posts to How to Fuck:

Let's Talk About Sex Part One: Physical Questions, Let's Talk About Sex Part Two: Communication Issues, The Lube Thread

4) This is not actually a link, except how I am linking it: I got a new haircut today!

The opinion so far is unanimous: It looks very cute :3
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Hey all you gamer dudes out there! If you're wondering why there aren't more women/girls into gaming, this post might be for you! Just remember, you have to actually read and take to heart some of this stuff, or it'll stay that way FOREVER.

For everyone it might affect, this post carries a Trigger Warning for misogyny.

Herein is The List )

Have a link to something you think I should have here? I'd love to add it! Drop it in a comment and I'll put it up when I've got the time/energy :)

Disclaimers: Yes, so far this list is only addressing misogyny. That's mostly because I'm pretty sure the question(s) "Why aren't there more gamers of color/queer gamers? (etc)" don't come up nearly as often, though that in no way means posts like this one for other marginalized gamer sub-groups shouldn't exist. It just means I'm only addressing the one question at this time (intersectionality acknowledged), especially since the question is usually framed in such a way that suggests that women/girls are a commodity, rather than people.

This post is also skewed heavily towards video gaming in particular, and probably more than a little US-centric.

Edit 9/20/10: Thank you everyone for all your input so far :) The list is currently on the backburner, but I'll definitely be getting back to it eventually.
Edit 10/8/10:
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Well. I guess my previous post was perhaps slightly less last-ish than I thought? Or rather, that was my last attempt to keep people from going out to the movie; it was far from my last word on the subject. So, sorry if you're tired of hearing about it, but I'm not tired of talking about it.

Three responses to read, even if you skip everything else ever:
Roger Ebert's review (and possibly also FacePainting)
io9: M. Night Shyamalan Finally Made A Comedy
Dante Basco: The Last Airbender: To Boycott or Not?

Oh, and here's M. Night's response* to Parties Unnamed, AKA anyone who has a beef with the racial aspect of TLA's casting, AKA and supporters.

...Yeah, okay, I am definitely doing this.

Dear M. Night,

No. You don't get to claim that "I’m casting this entire movie in this color blind way where everyone is represented," when you also say, in the same interview, that "[W]hen Dev was cast as Zuko, I said, OK, I have to cast an Uncle Iroh that looks like his uncle."

That isn't how colorblindness works. That's how color-sightedness works. I may not be literally colorblind myself, but my brother and maternal grandfather are, and I've got a fifty percent chance of being a carrier myself (I think that's how statistics work here?). Possibly worse, I'm the one who told my parents that my brother thought the sky was purple. I think I've learned a teensy bit about the condition by now. Enough to be able to tell people when they're using the term incorrectly, at least.

And trying to cast a unit of people as all the same color? Not colorblind; color-sighted. It's not that you can't tell the difference between racial white, yellow, red, brown, black; you clearly can. It's that you're either ignorant about the larger social implications (which I could forgive at the outset, but after all our efforts it's just willful) or you just. Don't. Care.

Oh, and by the way? I think you've conveniently forgotten about how you'd originally cast Jesse McCartney as Zuko. Which makes both the Water Tribe and the Fire Nation white - and that's if you ignore the fact that Noah Ringer isn't actually Asian, but just "[feels] mixed race with an Asian quality to him." Try chewing on that for a while.

Unamused and tired of your fucking bullshit,

* For those who don't want to read unadulterated M. Night, M. Night vs. The Internet: The Airbender Mash-up is basically anti-casters vs M. Night point-by-point. It's pretty wicked, IMO.
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Here it is, folks: this is my last-ditch attempt to keep you from going to see that damn live action adaptation. I'm pretty much at my limit. (Well, I'm hoping to write a Letter to the Editor or something, but that's different; it's offline.)

* Everyone loves N. K. Jemisin and her debut novel, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, right? Well, she's got a lovely post on the subject up over here.

* I linked this yesterday, and I'm not above linking it again: These Are My Colors, a wonderful run-down of what's wrong with the casting, and how it's hurting people.

* In a similar vein to the previous link, an article called FacePainting was tweeted by Roger Ebert, and is a downright amazing history of color-facing in Hollywood.

* The plot of the movie, in two YouTube videos: Part One and Part Two. The grammar's pretty horrible, but it covers pretty much everything that'll happen in the film, plot-wise. Some of the changes are pretty WTF-inducing. If even the horrible casting issues aren't giving you pause, you might want to take a look at these. Oh, and ignore everything about Suki and the Kyoshi warriors; they've apparently been cut. (Spoiler-rampant, obviously.)

* Three clips of the movie itself:
Clip One: Zuko vs Katara in the North Pole Spirit Oasis, AKA, adventures in turn-based RPG land;
Clip Two: Aang Ong vs Fire Nation Soldiers in North Pole Proper, AKA, adventures in wire harness overuse;
Clip Three: Aang Ong escapes Zuko's custody in the beginning, AKA, are you sure this isn't a made-for-TV movie?

* Reviews so far:
-- The Same Old M. Night: Disappointing, Flat, and Just Bad
-- The Last Airbender Movie Thoughts (Spoilers)
--'s pre-screening; reactions from one viewer, all racial issues aside, as a fan of the original
-- The Boston Globe: ‘Airbender’ loses something in switch from cartoon to live action
-- Mendelson's Memos: Review: The Last Airbender 3D (2010)
-- A Prophet Catches "The Last Airbender" Early So You Don't Have To At all!
-- 'The Last Airbender' review: Now M. Night Shyamalan is screwing up movies for kids too
-- Roger Ebert's review
-- The Angry Asian Man: the last airbender: this movie could boycott itself
-- The Last Airbender on Rotten Tomatoes
-- Variety reviews The Last Airbender
-- The Hollywood Reporter review: The Last Airbender
-- Metacritic
-- ***Early*** The Last Airbender Review from Ezra's Reviews
-- NowPublic - REVIEW: The Last Airbender
-- The Last Airbender is boring
-- The Modesto Bee review
-- WSJ - ‘The Last Airbender’s’ 3-D Effects Come Under Fire
-- Shadow and Act - A few (dismal) words about The Last Airbender
-- azcentral 'The Last Airbender' review
-- The AV Club's review (linked in their tweet, below)
-- Shyamalan's Last Airbender Leaves Us Out of Balance (written by a pro-caster, no less)
-- The New York Times review
-- The Vancouver Sun: The Last Airbender falls flat
-- LA Times review (rating is apparently because "If you're the target 10-year-old kid, you might like it!")
-- Collider: THE LAST AIRBENDER Review
-- Capone says M. Night Shyamalan's THE LAST AIRBENDER is a hate crime against those who love movies!!!!
-- io9: M. Night Shyamalan Finally Made A Comedy
-- The Last Airbender: To Boycott or Not? Dante Basco weighs in.
I'll just add that there are now a whole lot more reviews, and pretty much everyone who isn't a big name and who thought it was bad is now being slammed as either "a racebender" or otherwise unable to appreciate the movie for some reason (it's 'incomplete' without the next two, they haven't seen the original and don't understand, etc).

* Reviews on Twitter!
-- Screenrant
-- Film School Rejects; take two
-- Ellen Fox
-- Bex
-- The AV Club
-- A lovely collage of before-and-after tweets can be seen here; put together by [ profile] vejiicakes
(Actually, you can probably just keep an eye on the Racebending twitter account and catch most to all of these.)

* Video: Fans before and after the show (Though I will admit to being pretty damn skeeved at how the interviewer did that pause to look at how he was surrounded by young women before commenting that this was his favorite "first look" so far. On the other hand, Almost!LewisBlack was really damn awesome :Dbb This video has now been removed.)
-- Yet more before-and-after reactions in this video

In summation: Exposition hell, plot holes all over, and horrible 3D; if you have to pay for the movie, don't shell out extra for glasses.


At this point, I'm going to take a page out of Gene Luen Yang's book: if you aren't convinced by now not to give this production any money, there's probably nothing I can do to stop you. Just - consider, please, not going the first weekend it's out, or the second. There's plenty of other movies out right now; you don't have to go see The Last Airbender just yet. A moment of silence for lost opportunity. That's all I ask.

(Other options include: Buying a ticket to see a different movie and switching theaters, so TLA at least doesn't get the money, and piracy ♥ But I'm not supposed to endorse that second one. Even if it is a great reminder of episode 1x09 of the original series, where Katara's all, "Stealing's okay when it's from pirates :DDDb")

Things to do this weekend and next weekend instead of going to the movie:
* Watch the original series!
* Read/write fic! Draw/look at fanart! Something else fannish!
* Drool over the original series artbook! (Though don't actually get any drool on the book itself, because that would be tragic.)
* Sign up for [ profile] schmoop_bingo and fill half the squares per weekend!
* Roll up some katamaris! Or play other video games!
* Make and eat Schadenfeude Pie
* Volunteer work! That's still valuable, right?

Anyone interested in protesting more directly - particularly if you live in/near LA, Seattle, or NYC (with a possible side-order of DC) - check out this post. If you Hollywood-area types aren't even slightly tempted by the signed copy of the series artbook, I will, uh. Tell you to go anyway and give it to me if you win. Yes, that works. I, unfortunately, can't go to any of these myself. I had pipe dreams about doing so, but between not knowing which one to go to until now, there not being one in the Midwest, and the reality of the planning that would have to be involved in even trying to make one of the coastal protest-gatherings this late in the game have conspired to prevent me. Go in my place, and you will have my eternal gratitude ;_;b
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Written by Maud at Shakesville: Suspiciously Sitting While Black and Autistic

[Trigger warning for violence.]

Via Feministe comes this HuffPo post about an 18-year-old African-American young man with Aspergers, who was assaulted, arrested, and is presently institutionalized as a result of suspicious sitting behavior.

Reginald 'Neli' Latson was sitting on the grass under a tree, early one morning, in front of the library, waiting for it to open. About 400 feet from where he sat was an elementary school where kids were arriving to start the school day. Someone from that school called police shortly after 8:30 a.m. to report "a suspicious person sitting outside the library, possibly in possession of a gun". There does not seem to have been any reason for the caller's suspicion that Neli had a gun in his possession (he didn't), nor does there seem to have been anything "suspicious" about Neli other than his complexion.

This call set in motion a cascading series of events in which police ordered eight schools locked down; Neli, who did not know police had been called, tired of his wait and moved on toward the nearby high school; he was confronted by a County Sheriff's deputy who also worked for the school district; and a physical struggle ensued between Neli and the deputy.

Neli says the officer threatened him; he tried to walk away, and the officer grabbed him from behind, choked him, and sprayed him with pepper spray. Neli took the pepper spray from the deputy and, according to the police report, sprayed him in return and fled. The deputy sustained a broken ankle which required surgery.

The police say Neli "attacked and assaulted the deputy for no apparent reason." That seems rather against the odds, given that Neli was not expecting any trouble, while the deputy was actively looking for a suspicious, possibly armed, person meeting Neli's description. Of the two, the one primed for aggression was the deputy. But perhaps, purely by coincidence, Neli "attacked and assaulted" the deputy "for no apparent reason."

The story gets worse from there. Neli was charged with malicious wounding of a law enforcement officer, assault and battery of a law enforcement officer, and knowingly disarming a police officer in performance of his official duties. When Neli's mother, Lisa Alexander, reported him missing several hours later, she learned he was in custody and being questioned.

Police would not tell her why, would not allow her to see her son, and seemed uninterested when told Neli is autistic. They held the young man in isolation for 11 days without bail, allowing his mother to visit him only once.

His condition has deteriorated considerably during his incarceration, according to his mother. He has been transferred to a state mental hospital for a 30-day evaluation period. Ms. Alexander has set up a web site, A Voice for Neli. There, his mother tells a bit of the story of Neli's life and of her and her husband's struggle to secure for him the services and educational support he needed.

Lisa Alexander is searching for legal representatives for her son who have a good understanding of his circumstances. She is also asking that people sign this petition, which she hopes to use to interest national radio shows and/or TV news networks in reporting her son's story. The local news reports which have been printed thus far have come from the police.

As of 5:36 a.m. PDT (US time) there were 317 signatures on the petition. Ms. Alexander is hoping for at least 1000.

Signal boosting and petition signing much appreciated. This is just heartbreaking.
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Two stories for good feelings here:

First, a story about feeding the hungry.

"The country is loaded with gardeners who have more food than they can possibly themselves use," Oppenheimer said. " gives them the ability to easily, quickly get that food to somebody who genuinely, really needs it."

I've already forwarded the link to my parents, and I wouldn't be surprised if a few of y'all also have the "too much produce in the garden" problem; it is, as they say, food for thought ;)

Second, and [TRIGGER WARNING] for discussion of human trafficking and all it entails (hint: not pretty), a story about people using the internet to save lives; more general squeeing over the awesome can be found here.

One of the most poignant quotes is, I think, here, from someone who works for the US State Department (xe explains more about that upthread). The story itself is an amazing example of the potential for good in humanity, and the power for social justice that can come from internet communities especially.

For those still ambivalent about reading, I promise you a happy ending. Totally uplifting; totally worth the read, if you have the spoons to spare.
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1) Instructions on how to opt out of a creeptastic creepy thing. Check for your e-mail address(es), at the very least.

2) My heart is with all of you in Nashville and surrounding areas. A roundup of ways to help can be found here for locals and non-locals alike. Natives area also finding humor in the situation, and you can find those (including a fun song) about four paragraphs from the end.

And that's all I've got :I I feel like I should have at least one more, but I guess that's not how things roll today.

EDIT: suggests that Spokeo, from the first link, may actually be in the business of collecting e-mail addresses (see last paragraph). If this is indeed the case, I would like to apologize for spreading harmful information/suggestions.

I'm currently re-searching my stuff, to see if I can verify that they at least remove the info, if nothing else. While this seems to be the case from my home computer, I'm not confirming it until I double-check on an outside computer.
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So! Y'all may remember last year, when I/we (hopefully we) had such fun making Misogynist Yaoi Fangirl Bingo (DW mirror)? Well, shit has been happening, to which I was alerted by friends posting about it, and I took it as a Sign From the Universe that it's time for me to make another card or two.

As far as names go, I think I like Pretentious Fic Hate Bingo better than Why Asshats Think Fen Write Fic Bingo, but the latter is more accurate. I think I'll just call it PFH Bingo in my head, until/unless I or someone else ends up using that for a more general fanfic hate bingo card.

LONG STORY SHORT, I would like some help filling squares again )

For the curious, shit what has been happening is apparently over thisaway; there's also reportedly a Fandom Wank entry, though I don't have that at my fingertips, and am too lazy to come up with original characters I mean, google it myself. Edit: F_W entry over here-ish. Yay for lurking getting me things I want!

Thanks in advance ♥

Edit: DONE! It's not perfect, but it is finished :3b

A more generic Anti Fanfic Bingo card may be found here.

And now, more reading of wank ♥
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When I was in sixth grade, the Pokémon pocket Pikachu came out. I, being the Pokémon fanatic that I was (and am coming to re-embrace), naturally had my own.

Then one day, I lost it. I fretted and I worried and I checked everywhere I could think of, but it didn't turn up. Eventually, I gave it up as gone. (This was a good while before the color version came out, FTR.)

Cut to later that year. I was being harassed in [music] class, which was nothing particularly new to me. However, thanks to an event a few weeks prior (IIRC), which I do plan to write about one day, I decided I wasn't fucking going to put up with it anymore. So I put my hand up, waited for the teacher to call on me, and confessed, through my panic-attack induced tears and in front of the entire class, that the classmate sitting next to me kept on bugging me and that I was sick and tired of it, and could the teacher please do something about it?

Something was done, of course, though I don't recall what it was, exactly. I think mostly the student was told off there and then, and I didn't get (much?) trouble from him in music class after that. I recall with much greater clarity, however, that particular classmate's response to my actions.

As we were walking back to our main classroom from the music room, he told me that he and his other [bullying] buddies knew where my electronic Pikachu was, had found it a while back. And while they had been considering giving it back to me, well, it sure as fuck wasn't happening now that I'd told the teacher he was making my life hell!

I'm pretty sure I cried again, a little, but the important things are as follows: 1) I'd already pretty much given up my Pikachu as gone, and had more-or-less come to terms with never getting it back. This simply cemented things. More importantly, 2) I came to realize that, if he/they hadn't given me my Pikachu before then, I had no evidence that they would have given it back to me even if I hadn't stood up for myself. Standing up for myself at least got me something more concrete.

I bring this up for the following reason: Ski-Jumping is the last sport in the Olympics where women are not allowed to compete. In fact, there are some seriously douchetastic fucknecks on the Olympics committee who have decided that women aren't suited to the task, in spite (or possibly because) of the fact that they may be inherently (generally, physically, and mostly in the case of cis-women) better suited for it than (most cis-)men. Specifically, the following quote:

"If in the meantime you're making all kinds of allegations about the IOC and how it's discriminating on the basis of gender," he warned, "the IOC may say, 'Oh yeah, I remember them. They're the ones that embarrassed us and caused us a lot of trouble of trouble in Vancouver, maybe they should wait another four years or eight years" (Source)

That argument was dumbass shit in sixth grade, and it's dumbass shit now. IOC member Dick Pound (and quite possibly much of the rest of the IOC, though I don't have enlightening quotes from them at the moment), kindly remove your head from your ass and allow women to participate on an Olympic level already.
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I was totally going to do a post warning about how the main auction at [ profile] help_haiti was closing soon, except A) I slept in until noon today, since school was canceled, and B) I got the closing time mixed up, not realizing it meant noon instead of midnight. W-whoops.

In any case! Bidding ended today a few hours ago. Here's something you may want to take a look at: Auction Closing Procedures. I will definitely be reading it closely myself at some point in the very near future.

In other linkblogging news: Liberal Bloggers to Obama and Dems: We Told You So

Also, while I normally have the utmost respect for Neil Gaiman, I really can't approve of his use of the word "bitch." (Trigger Warning for last link.)

Thanks to a [ profile] lightbird777, I was expecting the Depp-seems-to-be-on-Team-Polanski thing. Even if I don't care much for Gaiman's solo work, however, this feels like more of a slap in the face.

Edit: Neil Gaiman, when negative reactions to his use of "bitch" were presented to him, has just said he will try to do better in the future". While he doesn't seem to feel contrite about its use in the George R. R. Martin post (where it is definitely used to mean "Someone who is at your disposal to use however you like", with the sexual implications all but out loud), it is at least slightly encouraging.

Edit 2: Aaaaand now we're moving backwards. *sigh*

Trigger warning )

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