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[Content Note: Sick pet, pet rat]

I had my first follow-up appointment with the vet a week ago, where we discovered an abscess growing under Phineas' left ear :( I got a topical antibiotic to apply to the area, which is basically ear drops, as well as permission to mix the anti-inflammatory with juice, and made an appointment to come back today.

Just got back, and on the good news side, it seems like the abscess is drying out, yay! The vet gave me a cleaning solution to apply to the area, since it's still a little goopy, and switched my anti-inflammatory for a second antibiotic (which should also be okay to mix with juice). It does mean I have two medications to apply twice a day instead of one, but if it helps Phineas, then I can live with that.

On the WTF news side, almost as soon as I'd put Phineas back in his cage, I got a call back from the vet saying that they thought the dosage for the first antibiotic was too low, which was why Phineas wasn't showing a lot of improvement. We've increased the dosage from .02mL to .2mL, which is fairly significant, I think you'll agree. (I saw a different doctor from the same facility this time, and she went to double-check the numbers, which. Yes. Important.)

Fingers crossed it'll help Phineas feel/get better.
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[Content Note: Pet rats, death of pets] (For the first two paragraphs only)

I have a very particular relationship with pet!fics. As readers of my journal will know, I have pet rats, and rats aren't the longest-lived of creatures, domesticated or otherwise. I love them, and they make great companions, and while I wouldn't trade them for the world, it does mean that I've had to learn to say goodbye on a fairly regular and short-term basis.

I get a couple of years at best with a pet rat before it crosses the rainbow bridge. When I lose a pet, one of the first things I do after saying a proper good-bye is trawl my current fandom for fic in which one of the main characters has or gets a pet. I want to relive that feeling when an animal makes a home for itself in your heart and a space for itself in your life, the way living with a pet changes something inside of you. Pet rats are social; they do best when there's at least two of them living together. They're healthier and happier and live longer. This means, whenever one of a pair dies, I go out not long after to get another pair to acclimate with the rat who's still with me. Reading pet fics makes it easier for me to remember the joy in having pets, makes it easier for me to go out the door and initiate a new meeting. I love reading pet fics all the time, but they're especially important to me then.

Rewind briefly to last November. In the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, [ profile] fandomaid had set up a Buy It Now fandom fundraiser. I was still in school full time, and had only a month before started a new part-time job, which meant that for once I had money to contribute but not very much time. One Saturday morning, these facts coincided to give me an incredible opportunity.

[ profile] kellifer_fic has long been one of my favorite fandom authors. Her characterization is excellent, she writes wonderful team-building and -bonding fics, all with incredibly well-thought-out plot and adorable romantic and witty moments woven masterfully in. A slight time miscalculation on her part and me having to be up at 3:30am to get ready for my weekend job as a baker meant that there was still a slot open when I checked the listings before getting breakfast. I did what any financially able fan would do when a favorite author offers their skills for charity: I pounced.

At the time, I didn't know what I wanted to ask for, only that I loved [ profile] kellifer_fic's fic, that I would dearly love to have one just for me (and kinda the rest of the internet, but sharing is caring, right?), and that I had gotten the opportunity for exactly that and was taking it. I had some time to think about what I wanted, and while I contemplated setting some of my longer-standing plunnies free, it wasn't long before I remembered: What's the one kind of fic I always love and need some times more than others? Pet fic.

I asked [ profile] kellifer_fic for a Sterek fic in which Stiles accidentally acquires a familiar, leaving it up to her what sort of animal the familiar would be; she in turn let me pick the name for what was ultimately a cat. Then, all I had to do was wait.

This morning, fifteen minutes before I had to go out the door (5:00am; I got a full hour of sleep on the me of mid-November weekends), I got the notification that [ profile] kellifer_fic had posted my fic, plus an e-mail from her with a link to said fic. I mourned my inability to stay and read the fic right then, made a placeholder comment and left a kudo right away (because everything I knew about this author's fics assured me that I would love this one, especially given that it was for me), then proceeded to tempt fate by staying to read the first section anyway. I ended up a good seven minutes late for my ideal "out the door by" time and had to accelerate more quickly than I like on my way to work to clock in by six. I read the whole thing almost immediately after getting home, and now I am going to say it straight out:

It was worth every penny of my donation (as well as likely several hundred more) and every minute of waiting. I will be re-reading this fic not just when I need it (and I will need it in the future), but when I just feel like a pick-me-up, or something with a bit of adventure, with lots of witty moments and pining and a shippy ending. I am delighted to make this a go-to fic in my life, and am looking forward to every re-read (as well as quietly crossing my fingers that someone will decide to record it).

maybe then a witch could believe in the moon by [ profile] kellifer_fic
Sterek, Teen and up audiences
Summary: Okay, I get it. You were just asserting dominance. I can relate to that. I do know Derek.

Go, read it. (I mean, if Sterek and/or pet fic are your things. Otherwise, don't worry about it.)
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A few weeks ago, I bought my pet rats, Phineas and Ferb, a pair of Kong toys. If you're not familiar with Kong toys, they're these really neat things originally designed for dogs: they look like little snowmen, but they're hollow on the inside. What you do is you smear peanut butter on the inside (or some meat paste or something else), and then stuff it full of dry food (or something else), and then give the Kong to a dog. The dog will then spend a good amount of time working out how to get all of the delicious food out of the toy. It's great for intellectual stimulation :3b

Anyway, back to the rats. I bought a pair of the smallest size the pet store had that was not for puppies and brought them home. I'd tried a pair previously, and I'm pretty sure they were of the same size, when they were marketed as "small animal Kongs", but hadn't been too satisfied with the results. This time, I am overjoyed.

A big part of the reason for my change of heart is almost definitely that I found Oxbow adult rat food at the pet store in question. Not only is it basically the best commercial food available, it's the perfect size and shape to go into the mini-Kongs and give my boys something to work for. Larger blocks were no good, and wet food, which I'd been making myself when I bought my first pair of mini-Kongs, was simply no good from a cleaning perspective.

With the success of the mini-Kongs, I thought idly of getting some of the mega heavy-duty Kongs, for heavy-duty chewers (which rats, being rodents, definitely qualify as). They don't make Kongs out of their toughest material in their smallest size, or at least I didn't see any at the store, so I would have to get the next size up, which was also several dollars up apiece. I finally settled on getting a pair of them for Xmas - or rather, I got one and my mom got one for her "grandrats". We also each got them some treats. Mom bought them some strawberry yogurt drop treats.

Tonight, I treated myself to giving one yogurt drop to each rat, and then dropping a second drop in the bottom of each of the new, larger, heavy-duty Kongs, followed up by enough roasted peas to make it into the second chamber. Phineas and Ferb are having a tough time of getting at the delicious-smelling yogurt drops, but I believe my boys are up to the challenge ♥
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I have just given each of my pet rats a rather sizable (for them) hunk of bread. They are currently taking turns stealing each others' bread. I see them walking past each other with a hunk of bread between their teeth, set it down, and then immediately turn around to steal back the bread their "brother" just stole.

Nothing like ridonkulous rat shenanigans to brighten my day <3
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Starting with a couple pictures of my sweet boys, because not everyone likes rats and this should enable better "scrolling past". Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today )

Gray griffin in silver mail )

That's all I've got for now. Possibly more later, possibly not. My show is on :P
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First things first! In acknowledgement of April as sexual assault awareness month, author Jim C. Hines is running his annual Fundraiser for Rape Crisis Centers. There are reportedly more authors offering books for prizes than he knows what to do with, with new prizes made available to win at every $250 USD mark up through $3000, and prizes currently listed through $4000. So far, over $2000 has been raised, and nine prizes have been unlocked to nine potential winners. The contest is drawing-style, and you don't actually have to donate anything to be eligible, since there's raffle laws and such that are a pain to deal with, but it's a very worthy cause with some great prizes available. I'm probably going to be too strapped for cash to donate myself, but I encourage everyone who has the means to consider donating.

In fuzzier news, have some pictures of my pet rats sniffing some daffodils: Fuzzies! )

And that's all for now. I imagine I'll actually be doing an amigurumi pic dump soon-ish, to include Pony!Sephiroth and a seal-point griffin, so look forward to that.
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This is a post by my boy Conan ♥

22222222222222222222 222222222



Apparently, he doesn't have much to say.

Also, Ash likes the keys. He just tried to run off with "Pg Up" D: RATS NO LONGER ALLOWED NEAR KEYPAD, I MEAN IT. Or at least Ash isn't. Unless he's really good. Then we'll see.


Dec. 1st, 2008 12:11 pm
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Time to post about that stuff what I got for my birthday :Db

Here's the stuff-stuff )

While I was out and about yesterday, I also picked out a present or three for myself. ...And to share with Conan, 'cuz I'm nice like that. CFUD fans might get the reference )


Aug. 12th, 2008 12:03 pm
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You know what today's a good day for? Rattie pictures, that's what!

Here Conan and Doyle explore the vast expanse of their owner's (actually much smaller) new bed )

In other pic spamming business, here is a picture of the finished jumper of a Rinoa costume I'm making for a friend. (It's almost done; all I really need to do is add the buttons to the skirt, and then I'm finished!) While I personally feel the blue is a little too green to be a perfect match, I do have about two yards or so extra that I get to use for whatever I want, and it is a pretty good match for this (Ember Island Players pic), even if it is knit. Still need to figure out how to make the cloth loop under like that, though...
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That's it. I'm officially too wiped to read anything past Skip 25 on my f'list with any sort of coherence. If you posted anything of worth in the last... *counts* twenty-eight hours or so and want me to see it, you are advised to link me to it rather than wait for me to find it.

That is to say, I finally donated my one-gallon-mark unit of blood today! \o\ Mmmm, cookies. It turns out that I am disturbingly out of practice with this whole "blood donation" thing, as I ended up feeling dizzy and almost sick-ish after the donation itself, and the near-sick-ish-ness is continuing :/ Not, of course, that this is going to prevent me from donating in the future; but if it doesn't get better after next time (scheduled in June), I may switch over to quarterly donations. Need blood and all that.

Had a good, productive Anime Iowa meeting, in which I confirmed (yet again) that I have really nothing much to do until Andrew gets done with the computer sometime in mid-July. Also discussed the possibility of selling chocolate fandom stuff as "art in the medium of chocolate" at Artists' Alley, but only with the Consuite head and so have no real info to go on (yet). Spent the rest of the time drawing pictures of bird-things and a jellyfish-thing.

Stopped over at Hobby Lobby after, since I was in the neighborhood, and managed to find not only new pearl light blue Sculpy, but food-grade custom mold making material! \o/ It was expensive, but Mom agreed later that it was a worthy investment. Am planning to make a Mokona next, definitely.

Spent some time making things that night. Specifically, carved new Sculpy Avatar Nation pendants, to kinda match Katara's inherited necklace. Got a picture of 'em here. I gotta admit, I'm a little worried about scale here :/ On the one hand, the symbols for Fire and Earth look relatively smaller than the symbol for Water (didn't have the right color for Air; was hoping for a nice orange, but both of my oranges are ugly; maybe I'll use yellow, too). On the other hand, they just didn't look right without the border, and if I didn't use a border I'd've had to make them different shapes or something (something I'd already been considering, except I couldn't think of any alternate shape for Fire or Air - maybe pentagon for Fire?). Or maybe I'd have wanted a border anyway then. Point is, the symbols look relatively smaller. Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?

Planning on dark red ribbon for Fire Nation and light green ribbon for Earth Kingdom necklaces. Orange pendant and yellow ribbon for Air Nomads, though I'm beginning to reconsider there. My brother has also put in his two cents and wants a red version of Fire Nation, so I may as well make alternates in addition to making chocolates. Mmm, chocolate...

Oh, nabbed a couple of cute pictures of Conan on Saturday, too; caught him doing his water-glass trick, wherein he balances on the rim and ducks his head down to get a drink. Arthur was also a master of this. The glass featured here is half-full, and thus required me holding it steady, but he got there all on his own. It's almost more hilarious when it's empty and he's just hanging on with his toes X3 One and two. (Note: No rats were harmed in the collection of these photos.)

And that's really about it. I think I'll get back to making plans for [ profile] summerwrite (damn you, Candy!!).
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AKA, Arthur goes to see Santa Claus ♥

Very large picture goes under the cut )

Bonus pictures: I'm too lazy to edit in captions, so you'll just have to imagine them macroified.

Two more pictures under here )

Anyway, back to being distracted by jobs and Emerald, and hopefully sooner rather than later I'll kick myself into playing at CFUD.
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Guess who has new fuzzy things? That's right, me!

But first, have some pictures of Arthur, who I have had for almost a year )

And now, the new boys )

And I've only got fifteen minutes left tonight, so that's all you get from me. Let the cooing over my new (and old) fuzzy darlings commence!

RIP, Ford

Oct. 25th, 2007 11:15 am
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Ford passed away sometime late last night/early this morning. Since he was breathing audibly last night (always a bad sign), I'm not terribly surprised, though I had still hoped. I don't really think it's quite hit me yet either; it'll probably do so when I go to bury him by the peach tree in the back yard and sing to him.

I can only think that at least now he's somewhere he can be healthy, somewhere with lots of other rats to play with and people who know exactly the right spots to skritch and who'll give him peanut butter and yoggies and stuff, and I hope I'll see him again someday.

Click the cut to see good-bye art: My little angel )

I love you, Ford. Be at peace.

Edit: Good-bye art of Ford now up. I buried him in the back yard under the peach tree; Dad supplied a cigar box for the task (one Mom had picked out) and Tomas was sweet enough to dig the hole for me, and then treated me to dinner to boot. Mom and I'll probably pick out a marker for Ford tomorrow sometime.
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COMING SOON TO A LIVEJOURNAL NEAR YOU (specifically, this one):

[ profile] socchan's house: a virtual tour.
(AKA, Why You Need to Come Visit Me Already (Hint Hint, People Thinking About Going to AnimeIowa - No Room Charge!))

Some of the sights )

Of course, these were just a few of the amazing and interesting things that can be found in the House of Socchan. To see all the amazing and interesting things in the House of Socchan, either tune in once I get the Tour up, or come see me! Bonus points if you're coming for AnimeIowa and want a place to stay that's cheap. (You may or may not end up camping out in our admittedly awesome backyard, depending on the number of attendees who want to stay with me.)
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Okay, so the picture is a little on the fuzzy side. So's Ford. Eventually I'll make an icon of Arthur, too, and probably one of the two of them, but Arthur's slightly less photogenic this is what I have for now. Yes, I did have to go in and do the redeye fix myself, shut up. It was that or have this awful-looking target thing right in his eye. ...Which is cool in manga, but considerably less cool when I'm sure it's just a photo error. The picture this icon is from was taken, I believe, shortly before Ford got sick (and is even more out of focus in its original size), and I am still wildly happy that he got better and is doing better, even months after the fact.

Quick note for those of you who don't like rats: pet rats (also called fancy rats) are different from wild rats, or just about any rats that you'd imagine living in the wild. They are cute, clean, cuddly, companionable, and lots of other good 'c' words. If it helps, they're almost all bred from rattus norwegicus, the Norwegean brown rat, which is the one that drove out the rats that carried the plague. Another option is to pretend that they're just rather large mice. But do please consider taking a glance at my dears, as they really are adorable.

Anyway, pictures )

In other rat-related news, I am so not using soft tofu for their mix again if I can possibly help it. I mean, yes, it does smoosh up a lot easier, but it also looks a lot worse when I scoop it out for them. Plus, it's wetter, so I end up using sandwich baggies as a transportation method; I was able to use napkins with the firm tofu mix, which Arthur would then steal to use for nesting material. SoCute, OMG ♥_♥

In news not related to rats (except how I've asked my mother to look after them while I'm gone), I mailed off my ACen registration stuff this afternoon :Db (Candy? You have any plans re: traveling yet? ...Also, would you forgive me if I decided to drag you along with CFUDers for most part of the con? ♥♥♥?)

In completely un-rat-related news, had a French test today; last one before the final, three weeks from now. I'm feeling fairly good about it; I think I remembered most of the vocab, and I had an amusing time writing the composition at the end. It was supposed to be a conversation between two people, so I made it between Nat(e) and Claire; Nat was going out to get things for a romantic dinner for Simon, since Simon was returning from... a trip of some sort, I'd forgotten that vocabulary bit, and Claire was forced to listen. She had originally been planning to go to the market, but went to the pharmacy afterwards to pick up some aspirin; all that lovey-dovey talk had given her a headache -_-a

...I also feel it vaguely worth mentioning that most of my French test compositions up to this point have been letters, though my most recent one was also a conversation; most of the letters have been addressed to [ profile] mistressoffoxes :D (My first French test composition was a conversation between me and Jodie-sensei ^^a Haven't done another fictional person since then until today.)

And that sums up today, I think, with lots of extra cute points for my boys ♥ I'm going to have to give them their own tag now...

Edit: [ profile] the_lj_herald now has an off-LJ site, so we can see updates and stuff when LJ's being finicky :3

Edit x 2: ...Well, so much for the next pr0n I write being het. Do trees actually make it hermaphroditic...? *cough* Anyway, CFUD-ish, Seishirou (Tokyo Babylon, X/1999)'s tree/Filif (Young Wizards). Uh. Tree!rape.
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Nutritional Yeast Flakes: Good for making Debbie Ducommun's rat diet, bad for breathing.

(Also, they smell good. Just saying.)

That is all.

...Oh wait, except that I don't know if I'll be on much tomorrow evening. Afternoon I can probably swing, but evening I might be out dorking it up and/or gaming. Um. Still a little nervous. Must self-hypnotize...
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Candy! I need to talk to you about/ask you stuff! And I'll get to that...

But first, a brief intermission ¦D

Proof positive that my hair is a rat's nest :D )

Anyway, back to the topic on hand. CANDY! My parentes have made plans for Spring Break :O And the plans are roughly as follows:

Leave the house on the morning of March 14th; arrive in Whiting sometime in the evening; stay at B&B there.
Remain in the area for the 15th, leave sometime around 3:00 on the 16th.

Hopefully, our spring break matches up with yours vaguely, or at least a day off for you. Otherwise, uh, I guess we'll just hang out evenings/afternoons or something? ♥♥♥? Rabu-rabu? Etc?

Also, parents want to know of a good restaurant in the area where we can treat you to dinner. Dad also wants to know about any second-hand stores in the area, including (but not limited to) Goodwill and Salvation Army stores. And is there a good place we could meet you sometime? 'Cuz yeah, meeting and spending time with Candy = good, methinks.

Also also, Anime Central is May 11-13th; both online and offline registration forms are up. You still planning to go/be dragged along? If so, do you have any plans yet?

Aaaand, I think that's all for now. Er. More or less. Plz to note that where I am, we're currently getting freezing rain and sleet and all sorts of fun stuff, so there may be power outages on the way ¦D Which may interfere with me playing the Gay Lawyer Game, as the version I have is only on the computer. But it won't interfere with me sewing, at least.
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Time to meet the kids ^_^ ...Bonus shot of yours truly included in the package.

Meet Ford and Arthur )

And thus, my new pets ^__^ And a very non-airbrushed me. Just so the lot of you know, I plan to take lots of pictures, and then carry them around in miniature albums, so I can accost random friends and family members and people on the street and make them "Look at my darlings :DD ♥" Because I can.

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