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The Pokemon Vivillon with wings that resemble the Puerto Rico flag, lower wings with inverted red and blue

Puerto Rico Pattern Vivillon are complete! I decided to go with my second version, which I liked better anyway, but even moreso after coloring them both in. I also colored a version with all four wings like the flag instead of the bottom ones with colors switched, which you can click to here:

The Pokemon Vivillon with wings that resemble the Puerto Rico flag

And the lineart if you want to color your own can be found by clicking this pic:

Lineart of the Pokemon Vivillon with wings that resemble the Puerto Rico flag

I am 100% cool with these being used for general FLPR promotional stuff, if anyone is interested in doing so.
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Who likes coloring? 8D Here are all of my coloring pages so far, since AI is over, all in print quality (once you click the pictures).

Butterfree sniffs Floette's flower
"Sweet Scent"

Lineart of Bulbasaur and some cherry blossoms
"Petal Dance"

Spinda plays the tambourine
"Own Tempo"

Bellsprout stares up at Solrock
"Solar Beam"

Gastly surprises Cyndaquil

Piplup contemplates bubbles
"Calm Mind"

Kero-chan sits in front of a stylized drawing of the sun
"Guardian of the Sun"

AnimeIowa's mascot, Buu-chan, holding balloons next to the letters AI

Slowbro is confused; Shellder is angry

Shellder: It's our anniversary you big pink nitwit! I can't believe you forgot! I have half a mind to unfuse with you! *chew chew chew*
Slowbro: Was there something I was supposed to remember...?

Happy coloring, everyone!
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Since my coloring pages are only lineart, it would be pretty simple to mat prints and go over the lines with puffy shirt paint. If I let it dry, it would conceivably preserve the raised paint lines, and allow blind people to feel how the art looks, to a certain extent.

Not something I currently have the technology to share via the internet, but definitely an idea. I may have to try it out with one or two pics at AI.

Input welcome, natch.
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I'm not sure whether I actually want to add more lines to this one or not. (I mean, I did kinda overlook post-evo Shellder's shell spots, but other than that.) I rather like it as is.

Slowbro is confused; Shellder is angry

Shellder: It's our anniversary you big pink nitwit! I can't believe you forgot! I have half a mind to unfuse with you! *chew chew chew*
Slowbro: Was there something I was supposed to remember...?

Current title is Amnesia, but I could just as easily go with Oblivious or Unaware.

As an aside, Shellder/Cloyster is one of the Kanto Pokemon that I'm somewhat disappointed never got an Alolan form. Just like Baby!Kangaskhan, the design is already in the game! It would make at least as much sense for it to exist as not, if not more. Hence: Disappointment. On the day that I'm in charge of the universe, I will finally fix this.


Jun. 3rd, 2017 06:35 pm
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Looks like this exact version of Kero-chan isn't going to be at the con, 'cuz I borrowed Sakura's sigil from online ^^a

For anyone 'round these parts who likes coloring, here's one final print version of Kero-chan. All the other pages are waiting until the con, as will a new version of Kero-chan with an original background.


Lineart of Kero-chan in front of Sakura's magic circle

PS: I apparently didn't communicate effectively to my AI division head that I was drawing the anime-themed coloring pages, which resulted in some worry on his part and on the part of the con exec who oversees our division. Clarifying this is why I ended up eliminating the version with this background, but they both seemed pretty pleased to have otherwise misunderstood.
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Lineart of Kero-chan from Cardcaptor Sakura

Kero-chan! I'm quite pleased with how he turned out. Possibly the simplicity has something to do with it. Anyway, I managed to find a good HQ version of Sakura's magic circle, so I should be able to stick him in front of it with very little trouble once I get him scannned.

Butterfree sniffs Floette's flower

As you can see and/or read, I settled on Butterfree and Floette for "Sweet Scent". I may re-do both of their eyes, and I have plans to add ripple-lines to Butterfree's head and body, but otherwise I'd say it's done. I mean, there's some minor tweaks to do (erasing a couple of extra lines in Butterfree's wings mostly), but that's about it. Maybe I'll add some fluffy lights or something, though, IDK.

Spinda plays the tambourine

"Own Tempo". Boy am I pleased with how this one turned out. I was feeling lukewarm about it until I added all the little musical notes in addition to the big ones, but I think they really pull the image together well :) Plus, more stuff to color!

Final version of "Petal Dance"~! Well, final non-print-quality version. I'm tempted to color it in myself and use it as an icon :3 I'm looking forward to finding out what other people think at the next AI meeting tomorrow [er, later today].
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I've been getting together stuff for AI's stim toy library, and have included some grown-up coloring books and colored pencils among the options. (More on this later.) Since I was feeling rather draw-y a few days ago, I thought I'd come up with a few anime-themed coloring pages to add to the mix.* Below is a preview of the first one I've finished.

Slightly blurry lineart of Bulbasaur and some cherry blossoms

"Bulbasaur used Petal Dance!"

This is a super crappy phone photo edit; it looks much more stunning in real life, with sharp, clear black lines. I'm planning to scan it properly, make a few minor edits, and print a bunch of copies to share at AI. Once AI is over (or maybe once it's begun), I'll also share high-res images (PDFs, maybe?) of the pics online :)

Anyway, I'm suuuuper pleased with how this one turned out. Not sure exactly what all else I'm going to draw, though more Pokemon are a probability. Kero-chan and Suppi-chan in front of Sakura's and Clow's magic circles respectively seem like good options as well, and I'm hoping to do at least one option with Buu-chan, our convention mascot. Besides that, I don't have a lot of plans. I guess I'll see where the muse takes me!

* I also eventually got some work done on the Accessibility Dept sign. The Charity Auction flyer still eludes me. Maybe after the next coloring page?
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I just made around thirty vials of various magic potions. It took me over two hours. Holy hell, I seriously didn't expect it to take this much out of me!

On the plus side, I've got twelve more vials of Unicorn Flatus ready to go for RodCon next weekend, which is great since I expect it to be quite popular. (Sparkly rainbow fluff in a glass vial with a snarky name and fun description? And at a very reasonable price? What's not to love?)

Three of the vials were self-indulgent fanart for Poison Kiss by Ana Mardoll, which I really do need to write a review for at some point. Also I need to take pics of them, and of the new addition to my potion set, Dryad Sap. ...Which also needs its own description. Something about promoting strong and healthy growth? Beware of leafy side-effects if used on non-plant organisms? Ooo, I like that, I think I may use that.

Eight of my twelve spice jars are also now filled with various potions: My four Harry Potter themed potions (remind me to cross-post those here), Bottled Dream, Dryad Sap, Unicorn Flatus, and Pure Sweetness. I'm planning for the other four to be Distilled Phoenix Flame, Essence of Night, Mermaid Song, and Powdered Dragon Scales. Gotta have both Phoenix Flame and Dragon Scales for the complimentary descriptions. I also need to look into either buying or putting together a small book to go with the magical spice rack, with the descriptions and art I usually put on tags, plus a note about how all of the ingredients are collected humanely ;)

Anyway, more of that tomorrow perhaps. ...Or maybe I should do more laundry, and make some nonbinary/genderqueer Pride Piggies for They Day. Probably the second one - though if there's time, definitely more work on the first :3b
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Okay, this is a post I've been meaning to make for a while now. It's also something that's really important to me, so I hope you'll give it a read.

Right now, and probably through at least the 25th of December, Michael's is selling 100 piece art sets for $3.00 USD each. Some days, it's lower; some days you can get a coupon that will let you take "[some percent] Off Your Total Purchase Including Sale Items!". The regular price is $7.00 USD. The kit includes a drawing pad, but the pad in question is teeny-tiny; if you look around at drugstores, or visit whatever dollar store is near-by, you may be able to find a supplemental drawing pad that's an actual decent size, for as little as a dollar.

So, for under five dollars, you can potentially give a child in need the following:
* A creative outlet
* A way to communicate
* Something to help them develop or refine their motor skills
* Something they can own
* A door to a world, or many worlds, that they have complete control of

This list is incomplete. I'm sure that you can think of other items that can go on it, and I'm even more sure that any child who receives such a gift can find at least as many of them on their own. Some of these benefits can last a lifetime. Something like this is a great gift for any gender and many ages, as well.

Please spread this around! I feel like it's a great way to help kids in need that not a lot of people have considered, and a very affordable one at that. Even if you personally can't afford it, spreading the word helps and is very much appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who stopped to read this, and in advance to anyone who chooses to signal boost :)

(Tumblr version is here, for easy reblogging that way.)
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Here's a couple of pictures of me in my Halloween costume, whee! Better late than never, yes?

Cut for pics )
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Sweet merciful heavens, has it really been five months since I've posted crochet pics? I am positively ashamed. And rather surprised; I know I didn't get much crocheting done while school was on, but it's been out for over a month now, and I even posted a new pattern (pics included) at [personal profile] hooked_on_anime. I honestly hadn't realized it had been so long since I'd posted any here.

Well, it's high time I fixed that! Amigurumi pic dump ahoy!

Gray Griffin )

Klingon!Pony )

Casey Von Salamancer )

Corn )

Pink Poodle )

Wing-ed saddleback pig )

Litwick )

WIP: Cheetah Griffin )

That's about it for now. I want to get a bunch of little things made up to sell for AnimeIowa, and I'm doing fairly well in that respect with corn and flower hair clips, but there's less than a month to go and I need to get moving.

Oh, that reminds me; I also need to bake something for craft party tomorrow. Nutella cupcakes, here I come!

Edit: Went through and changed some of the images to links in order to conserve bandwidth.
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Woo, more amigurumi pics!

Katia Managan from Prequel )

Isaac from Golden Sun )

Black Opal Dragon )

In addition to the black opal dragon, I added another two plain-colored griffins to my Etsy store, one in black and one in brown. I figured I'd skip pics of them for now, though :P With any luck, I'll be adding my Tetris blanket there sometime soon as well.

Quick reminder: I've got offers up at [profile] fandomaid to raise money for Superstorm Sandy relief. My customary offer is up here; I'm also making Dr. Hooves available in the auction.

Edit: Now with Etsy links! (Good grief, self...)
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Only two for now; I took a lot of time off for AnimeIowa, and then haven't really picked it up too well since. Though I did pick up a pencil again, as mentioned in the previous post. And also typed up more patterns, which is yay. Anyhow!

Tiger Griffin )

Yellow Dog )

Immediately next on my to-crochet list is Clubs Deuce, for when my brother starts part two of Plush Sleuth upon moving into his new apartment. The original is quite hilarious, I recommend everyone read it :3
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Getting very belatedly back to my AnimeIowa 2012 Con Report, here's a set of pictures of the lanterns I painted for the Special Surprise on Friday night.

Image heavy! )

Saturday and Sunday to come eventually, hopefully. Also more pictures, possibly from 2011 and 2010 as well. (Apparently the trick for me is to just skip the photoshoot pics; too many to sort through and label =_= Maybe I'll just zip 'em up, especially if I can figure out how to do a mass re-size.)
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Because I have a pig with wings in this set, that's why. Alternately it's Flashback version, since a lot of this stuff go back to stuff I've mentioned or even made before.

This also isn't my best set of photos from a technical standpoint, but whatever, I'll retake stuff later if I have to. Photographing is done for today. I've re-taken all the pictures, and now they look much better, yay! Also, I have finally started making everything the same height instead of the same width. Why the editing program I use "remembers" the previous measurement I used for width rather than height I'm sure I'll never know.

Pigwings )

Dolphin 2.0 )

Bottled Octopus )

Pikachu Lightbulb )

And that's all for now! Tigerstripe griffin almost made it, but its stripes aren't finished yet. Sigh. Maybe next time - hopefully I'll have a Vodka Mutini then as well ::3
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Wow, this took way longer than I meant it to. His pics are resized now, though, and ready to share!

Sephy-kins )

Three part photo dump complete! Now I just need to take pictures of everything I've crocheted since then and get started resizing and uploading them 9_9a This could take a while.
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This post will include a minor Griffin Surge! Be prepared for griffins!

Godric the Griffin )

Seal-point Griffin )

Commission Griffin )

Colbert Eagle )

Klein Bottle )

Next up: Sephy-kins!
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OMG y'all, I have such a ridiculous number of amigurumi pics to share I can't even a coherent sentence. In the interest of possibly preserving my photobucket bandwidth a while longer, I'll be posting in three batches: One will be the stuff I brought to that craft show at the beginning of the month, one will be almost everything else that I haven't shared pictures of, and the last will be of Sephiroth-pony. (Sephy-kins is last because I haven't edited his photos yet.)


Asian-style dragon remakes )

Flower hair clips )

Floppy Kitty Army )

And that was almost all I brought with me to the show. At the very last minute (by which I mean after I'd dropped off the cats, dragons, and flower clips), I found out Kate was okay with me sticking around at the table, so I zipped home to get some yarn to work with while I was there, as well as the white griffin on a whim. Much to my surprise, the white griffin ended up selling! I had to retire its listing on Etsy, but I'm not complaining. I've got another one with the exact same coloring in the works so I can put that listing back up and not 'lose' the twenty cents it cost me. ("Oh noes, I'm practically out twenty cents! Whatever shall I do!" Excuse me while I roll my eyes at myself.)

Next set is going up soon. I plan on later tonight or sometime tomorrow.
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Ami photo dump time!

Star Dragon )

Charizard )

Angel )

FFVII: Cloud-pony )

Pony Bonuses )

Anywho, I'll try and get these up on [personal profile] hooked_on_anime sometime in the near future. In the mean time, I've got some minor pattern editing to do, and a Serious Question to answer.
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And here's the big one! Ordered by how many pictures they have, from least to most. PegaCid trounces Dragon by one photo; I guess it's the accessories :P

Dr. Whooves )

Red-Crowned Cranes )

Epic Dragon )

PegaCid )

That's all for now, but I figure it's enough for just about anyone ;) Immediately next on the list is Constellation/TimeTrial dragon, whom I've already started on :3b

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