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I ended up listening to more on the way to work today (after literal weeks of avoiding it), and I just.

I gotta talk about this book, okay. It is a trainwreck, and if I don't start talking about it, all of my thoughts are going to explode.

So, here are a bunch of spoilers )

Anyway, I'm currently planning to finish the book, if only for the I Can't Look Away factor, but yeah. Definitely a trainwreck. "Lord of the Flies But With Beauty Queens and a Trans Girl" is very much not the description I would use.

It's also something I would consider for a deconstruction, actually, together with Cinder. I may have to give that idea some more thought.
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Oh my gosh, look at this! It's content! Content that I said I would write! And now I'm actually writing it, here and now! IT'S A MIRACLE!

Moving right along, here is some book-y backstory. It took me a loooong time to pick up this book. ("This book" being Cinder, by Marissa Meyer.) I looked at it in Barnes and Noble once, then put it back down, deciding that it didn't quite grab me. I walked past it in Target on my way to the DVD section with fair frequency, and still didn't think much of it past, "Eh, I dunno. I'd rather spend my money on DVDs or yarn." What finally got me to give it more consideration was when Audible was doing a two-books-for-one-credit sale and it was listed as one of the optional titles. I'm big on audiobooks these days, since I've got that long commute to work.

Not that I picked it up from Audible. No, I decided to wait and give it more thought, and maybe if I saw it again the next time Audible did such a sale, I would do it. And then I saw the audiobook on display at the library and decided to give the blurb a re-read. Set in New Beijing, it read. An Asian Cinderella? I thought. It could be, right? Nay, it must be! And you don't get a much better price than free, whether or not I'd have to return it. So I decided to check it out, in the interest of what I assumed would be both a fairytale revamp (one of my favorite things) with a main character of color (another one of my favorite things).

Oh what disappointment awaited me! Click the cut to find out exactly what disappointment did await me )

Anyway, that's what I remember being horrified by in the book. There are probably reviewers out there who would be able to critique every little sociological bit and piece and point out how wrongity-wrong-wrong it all is, but that's not what I was going for in this review (though I do enjoy reading that sort of review all too often). I was going for how this book is a hot mess of racism and ablism, and I think I proved that. Read with caution, or at least with knowledge, if you choose to read it.
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Bisexual Books on Tumblr has had me buying a lot of books recently 9_9a I just finished reading one I got yesterday and thought I'd write a review :3

The Second Mango by Shira Glassman is a charming and delightful read. Anyone who's looking for diversity in stories and characters will find it here: the first/primary main character, Shulamit, is a lesbian with medium brown skin, who is gluten-intolerant (possibly Celiac, though the fantasy world doesn't have a specific term for that) and can't have poultry either. The primary (only?) religion in the world is Judaism, and while I'm sure I missed a lot of Jewish subtext and symbolism (raised Catholic as I was), what I caught was delightful and refreshing.

Spoilers abound below )

Warnings )

All in all, The Second Mango was a quick, fun read, and something I would recommend to anyone looking for a diverse cast of characters to spend an afternoon with.
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So, guess what book I just finished? 8D Ahahaha, yeah, pointless question.

Before I get started, I'd like to offer some general Content Notes for the book itself, for those who choose to read it and might have triggers to deal with. They are pretty significant spoilers for the book, so I've hidden them under spoiler blockers. Highlight to read. [Content Notes: Violence, consent issues. Scroll to the sixth big paragraph under the cut for more detail on the latter.]

Now, be warned for YET MORE MASSIVE SPOILERS as I go over some details of the book itself 8) They're hidden under a cut, so if you don't want to be spoiled, go no farther.


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