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The only explanation I have for where this headcanon came from is that one of my favorite books when I was little was Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins, by Eric Kimmel, and I thought a Teen Wolf fusion starring Stiles as Hershel would be really frikkin' cool and something I would read in a heartbeat. (One day I will talk about The Time I Was Seven Years Old And Accidentally Appropriated My Way Into The Newspaper, but today is not that day. Today is for headcanon.) I considered writing it myself, but I'm a gentile/goyim, and really am not entirely sure where to start my research. (Well, okay, I have short list of resources to check, starting with: Inception Meta: Judaism: A (Very Very Very) Basic Guide,, and Judaism 101, the latter of which I got from my former roommate J, who is herself culturally Jewish (a distinction she makes because she's also an atheist). ETA: I've had the third site open in another tab to check on while writing this post, and it's already incredibly helpful. Wow, yes. This will definitely help with making Ruby Jewish.)

Anyway, headcanon: Back before WWII, Stiles' grandpa saw that shit was going down and the Nazis were coming for the Jews, et cetera. (Bonus possible headcanon, which will all be in italics: "Et cetera" included users of magic and supernatural beings, or peoples usually thought to be users of magic/supernatural beings. Stiles' family in particular is part of a line of practitioners of traditional Jewish magecraft, including (but not limited to) the creation of golems.) Grandpa's first action was to get his family safely out of Poland, which in this case means to the US. He later went back, either officially or unofficially, to help save as many people as he could. Claudia was fit to burst with pride when she learned all about his exploits, and that's why she named Stiles after him. (His name is still very well respected in supernatural communities in Europe, especially Poland.)

Claudia was the religious person in the family; Sheriff Stilinski was kinda agnostic, and I don't have a particular religious headcanon for him. Possibly he was raised vaguely Protestant? Anyway, she was the one who did the observation, and raised Stiles Jewish, which he was supportive of (though I don't know if he converted or observed/practiced at all). When she died, Stiles stopped practicing actively (such as going to Shabbat services), since it was something he shared so closely with his mother and it was too painful. He may have passively observed or practiced some traditions, but he didn't really go out of his way to participate. I have no idea if he's had a Bar Mitzvah ceremony or not. If he did, I think it's because, when his thirteenth birthday was approaching, he realized that this was a way to connect better with his mother through their shared faith and heritage, and now practices in a way that he's comfortable with, however strenuous his level of observation/practice is or isn't. If he didn't, his relationship with his heritage/faith remains somewhat fraught.

And that's my headcanon for Jewish Stiles! Now someone rec me all the fics that feature him. I know I've read at least one, darnit!
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In a word: Wow. Sadly, it is not a good wow.

Spoilers ahoy! )
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Not a lot to say, so I'll keep it relatively brief. Oh wait, [Content Note: Mention of vomit, intestinal parasites].

Spoilers herein )
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In the latest episode of Talking About Teen Wolf At The Last Possible Moment Before The New Episode Airs:

Cut for spoilers for Riddled, whichever number episode that was; somewhere in early 3B, at any rate )

Just some thoughts that I kept forgetting to record until now. Yay?
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So apparently sleep is actually going to wait a little longer? Worst plan, I must say. It must be because the internet has decided to work with me, at least for the moment.


Spoilers through 3x20 )
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Oh right, it might be a good idea to post my thoughts on last week's episode before this week's episode airs.

SPOILERS! Also, Content Note for discussion of inappropriate violent response, torture )

I have more thoughts on the show that I totally need to write out sometime, but that will wait for later, I think. Those are all I can think of/remember specific to last week's episode, at least.

I'm not actually sure I'm going to catch this week's episode when it airs. On the one hand, it's less than an hour away and I've gotten a good amount of sleep to get up on time for work tomorrow if I do. On the other hand, I've been feeling a tad under the weather, and more sleep plus NyQuill knockoff might help stave off illness. I'll probably see about catching the episode on my next day off instead. Or possibly getting in another nap and catching a later airing tonight, if I'm awake on time.
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I am totally coveting the stuff in the Welcome to Night Vale store. Mostly the mug (which I may actually buy; I've been meaning to get back into the tea drinking habit anyway), but also shirts, the postcards, and the bumper stickers. Less the glow cloud shirt, but that's mostly a color thing, I think.

Also, looking at the postcards, I would very much like to know: Kate Argent, how are you in Night Vale and not dead? "Dead" is definitely a thing you should be, and not drawing fantastical recreations of what you did at the Hale house six plus years ago. Or maybe you are both dead and in Night Vale; stranger things have happened, especially there. (Also, if someone could remind me which episode that's a reference to, I would be quite grateful. Not that I would object strongly to listening to the entirety of Welcome to Night Vale over again, but I'm in the middle of The Amber Spyglass audiobook right now and don't want to switch tracks before it's done.)
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Disclaimer: I haven't actually gotten around to reading anyone else's posts on the episode, because I wanted to record my thoughts "uninfluenced", as it were. There is a good chance that other people, including some of my brilliant friends, have already written some of what I'm about to transcribe, and probably better. I'm not claiming I got to any of it first, only independently. I'll be reading other peoples' posts about the episode once I'm done here.

Cut for SPOILERS [Content Note: Racism, Sexism, Disableism, Implied past sexual assault, Discussion of unrealistic beauty standards] )
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I cannot sleep so apparently I am writing this? Wev.

Cut for SPOILERS )
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[Content Note: pregnancy phobia, rape]

Cut for potential fic spoilers and also stuff mentioned in the content note )

...Come to think of it, this would be a good thing to talk to my beta reader about.
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[Content Note: Racism, misogyny]

Five minutes in )

And now, the rest of the episode )

More commentary after the episode, I just wanted to get this out now. Now with more commentary!
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Spoilers through 3x07 )

In related news, I made it to the first commercial break of the after-episode discussion thing before I had to turn off the TV and run away. IDK, maybe it's related to my general live-action-related weirdness.
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Heaven help me, I'm posting it.

A Serious Case of Bad Timing on AO3. Teen Wolf, ~2000 words.

Now I'm going to go pick up some rat food, which will get me away from the computer for a little while and hopefully distract me from fic!nerves.
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Hopy shit, I got second place! Score!

I was totally doubting that I'd place for a while, 'cuz there's some truly awesome stuff that got submitted, but I made it!

Now I just gotta watch the winning video, so I can see how thoroughly I was blown out of the water :P
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It's done! Or, well, it was done half an hour ago. It then promptly become unfinished for a number of reasons, partly to do with my desire for perfection and the fact that I made the figures too tall so now I need to go in and re-apply the wax so it's about half a cm lower to keep the glass from distorting their heads, but mostly because hot glue really doesn't hold that well to wax. Don't get me wrong, there were totally advantages to that in the setup process, but there's definitely something to be said for the toothpick application method.

Anywho, pics! Ship In A Bottle )

Edit: Second place, w00t!
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Just a few this time; most of my recent work has been to re-stock merchandise at either my Etsy store or White Rabbit.

Felix the Cat )

Winter Storm Dragon )

Canines )

And that brings this picdump to a close. Tune in next time, when I'll post pics of - I'm not entirely sure just now. Well, tune in next time to find out what I'll post pics of, then.

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