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Just woke up from a super cool heist dream. I can remember the basics, but I'm not actually sure how developed the rest of it was?

Anyway, here's what I remember: Cut for details )
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So I was trying to write a post to share on Tumblr about how (extra) fucked up Beauty and the Beast would be if you flipped some particular gender roles, and ended up writing the story to the end? So I guess I'm posting it here as well, to keep from losing it.

Warning for male entitlement and related nastiness.

Okay, but think for a few minutes about genderflipping Beauty and the Beast )
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One of my favorite stories that I've written is a short original fairy-tale I called Courting Yuki-Onna. The idea came to me one day when I had been walking in the falling snow and started thinking of the activity as "courting Yuki-Onna". I wrote the story shortly after that.

Then, a while back, [ profile] ashiiblack offered her podficcing services in the Buy It Now section of a fandom charity event. I had been thinking wistfully of getting Courting Yuki-Onna recorded for a while, and her offer was in my (very limited) price range. After giving one of her podfics a quick listen to see if I liked her style (and I did), I pounced on her offer.

Ashiiblack did an amazing job on my story. She reads it like a legend or fairy-tale, which is how I wrote it, and with perfect emotion. I squirmed with delight when listening to it the first time, and am very much looking forward not only to listening to it again (and again, and again), but to sharing it with my RL friends and family.

You can find the podfic available both in streaming and to download below. The version with music is really wonderful; the song Ashiiblack chose is an excellent match, and it enhances the fantastic nature of the story. If you have audio processing issues, though, do not fear, for Ashiiblack was kind enough to provide a version without music as well. I've also linked the original written version, if listening is not your thing, for whatever reason.

I hope you enjoy my story and, if you are able to, Ashiiblack's wonderful recording of it.

Version with music: Listen | Download
Version without music: Listen | Download
Written version: Courting Yuki-Onna
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Treats for lurkers! And non-lurkers, whatever.

Anyway, some of you may remember that steampunk-ish story I keep talking about from time to time. I've had a few scribbles of various Steampunk Vet Outpatients saved up, so I thought I'd share them :) Uh, possible [Trigger Warning] for animals who have completely recovered from severe harm?

Steampunk Vet Outpatients )

And now for something completely different (with no trigger warning, even):

Unfinished Business )

Anyway, I guess that's it for now, or at least until I get the vargouille pattern up :) I hope you all enjoy the rest of Lurker Day, however much of it is left for you ♥ And every day, really ;)
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Fandom: Original
Summary: Fairytale-esque; do not anger your local snow maiden.
Fic: Courting Yuki-onna )


Aug. 21st, 2007 08:16 pm
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And also a little bit of whining, but that'll be over with after just another sentence or two. First day of classes at CR campus, which is large and confusing, and I think I like the IC campus better; also, the IC campus comp labs have not yet changed their schedule to read "8:00 AM to 10:00 PM", leading me to believe that the 8:00-8:00 thing is somewhat more permanent than I at first thought and would like. So, boof. Whining over, yay!

B♀y Band arts )

Time Traveling Thing )

And I end it there. Want to update before my time completely runs out anyway. Note to self: make artsy icon.

Edit: *tags the hell out of the entry* Ell oh ell.

Edit 2: Holy figs and pudding, there's a lite version of Morton's List! And it's freeeeeee.... o_o *...downloads* Someone buy me the complete book, or even the box set or something! Maybe for my birthday?

Image dump

Apr. 23rd, 2007 09:32 pm
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This image dump is mostly to cheer me up, as I am slightly frustrated with life right now (grrrr, stupid transfers, why won't you stick right? DD:), but also has a fair helping of "Oh, hey, I should really scan and post this, shouldn't I?"

Anyway, much like the reason Phantom of the Opera isn't actually an opera but a musical because it has (gasp!) two whole spoken lines in, this post is not an art post because it has one photograph in ¦Db So we'll get those out of the way first ♥

This was going to include a picture of my mom wearing a Blue Means Click shirt, but I... seem to have failed to save it to my USB stick. *fail* )

This is just two (fairly early) scribbles of My Darlings ♥♥♥ Look and enjoy )

Some stuff from that Claire thing )

Remember that crossdressing girl band thing? Yeah, there's more of that under here. )

Much better ^__^ And now, as that took somewhere in the area of an hour and a half to type up, I'd better post this before it drags on longer.
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...Why is it that files of similar nature and size can take forty minutes to upload and then two hours to download? 'Cuz I'm kinda used to it going the other way around. I also kinda have a headache, but that's not important ¦D

Anyway, meant to post some of this yesterday, and then talk too much about it, but I was low on time, woez. It's a number of character sketches for this manga that I want to draw/write sometime soon-ish. Lyzz has already heard a little about it, as I ganked a name from her ♥

Still thinking of a name for the little bugger )

Anyway, I'm interested in hearing thoughts, I guess? Or not, either way is cool.
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Well, someone needed to let people know that it was okay to write MGI fic. Figured it may as well be me.

"Fandom:" Magical Girl Icka
Summary: In which the Goddess Icka finds out that the Goddess Ysabet is up to something.
Fic: Divine Wrath )
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In celebration of my getting to read Chretien de Troyes' Arthurian Romances and loving all over them (as predicted), I present a short bit of original parody fiction that I wrote in tenth grade (two years ago). It was for a class assignment ("Write a King Arthur parody"), and I hope you also get a laugh out of it ^^v.

Fandom: None/Arthurian Legends (parody)
Summary: The land calls for a new King.
OrigiFic: King Art )

It's official: I'm an Arthurian Legends geek.
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Nathan was being lazy about typing this up, so I volunteered to do it instead and he decided to let me -_-. Still, at least it goes up.

Fandom: Okay, this is a bit tricky. Technically it's an original Cantebury Tale, but it doesn't do anything to the frame, so would it be OrigiFic or what?
Background Info: The teacher who gave us this assignment (our World Lit teacher) is Mr. Hartwig; he also gave us the Right-Brain Dante assignment.
Author: [ profile] think_tomorrow with a little help from [ profile] socchan
Title: The Scholar's Tale )
Once you're done reading this here, go over to Nathan's journal (he said he would be copy-pasting this there as well) and bug him to write more! Offer up plot bunnies as sacrifices.

Edit: This poem/story/thing is now up in Nathan's journal! Go visit to see *gasp* my actual name!!!!!!111!!1eine!! And to comment.

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