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Step one: Learn to crochet; start making amigurumi.

Step two: Get a dog.

Step three: Give your dog a crocheted toy or two, because you like making things and also making your dog happy.

Step four: Teach your dog to go down the stairs, because it is an important life skill and maybe you wouldn't mind seeing him down there from time to time.

Step five: Notice that your dog is much quicker to go back up the stairs when he finds something to take with him (such as dryer sheets (acceptable; he tears them apart and then gets bored, allowing whatever humans are near to pick up and dispose of the pieces) and socks (Chester put that down)), which is nice, because although you love him, you don't necessarily want to spend every single moment watching him.

Step six: Start stashing a few of his toys in hiding places downstairs for him to find, on the bases that A) This will be great enrichment and encourage natural behavior, and B) As stated above, this will get him to go back upstairs more quickly. Include your room, where you also store and do much of your crochet, as one of these hiding places.

Step seven: Neglect to close your door all the way before leaving for work, and trust that other people will help make sure that the door at the top of the stairs will be closed to prevent dachshunds from wreaking havoc downstairs.

Step eight: Final step. Return home to find destroyed crochet projects. Reflect on how you got to this point. Make a social media post about it and vow to do what you can to prevent such a thing from happening again.

Optional step nine: Pet your dog and let him lick your entiiiiiire face, because you know it's not his fault that he learned to do a thing you didn't want him to.
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This, but with extra super thick yarn and some slight adjustments so it's a blanket rather than a pillow.

(I am serious about that yarn thickness, I'm using a crochet hook that's at least twice my usual size for chunky yarn, and three times my usual size for worsted weight yarn (worsted weight probably being the size most people associate with yarn).)

I added an extra fifteen rows each to the top and bottom of the chart, but I don't actually have enough green for much beyond the original pattern, so the majority of that is going to be gold instead. The yarn I'm using was all on clearance at Michael's, so there's probably no getting more green. After doing the math, I should need eight skeins of green and three of gold for the main/original pattern, and then I can use the rest at my discretion. I have nine skeins of green total, and picked up eleven of the gold. The additional top and bottom rows come out to about three-and-a-half skeins each, and while I got all of the green I could find, there were at least five more skeins of the gold that I didn't buy (and I might pick up an extra just in case).

I got through the first nineteen rows at Crafting tonight, and only just started the first "real" row of the pattern (that is, the one with actual color changes in it). So it's going reasonably fast, and I can't say I'm complaining about that. I should definitely have it done by AnimeIowa, and maybe even by the end of the month, depending on distractions.

Unfortunately, the easiest place to rest the weight of the blanket as I'm working on it is on my lap, and it's starting to warm up around here. It's been in the sixties (Fahrenheit) for a few days now, and working on a heavy blanket while under a heavy blanket is not the most pleasant activity :P Makes me wish I'd save it for winter, but knowing me, I'm sure I'd forget about the yarn by then. So now it is. At least my basement is nice and cool.
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I've got half-baked plans to crochet a weighted blanket.

See, I like to have the weight of blankets on me, but I toss and turn a lot when trying to get to sleep (and possibly even after I fall asleep, though I really can't say), so I can rarely keep even three tucked around me through the night. Plus, if I get too warm, that makes it really difficult for me to fall asleep - which makes summer somewhat fraught, since I can only shed so many blankets before there's none left, and then the 'heavy'/pressure of extra blankets is gone. So I'm thinking of crocheting one to fix my problem.

My first thought was just to go straight for chainmail, but I'm worried about the links catching on stuff if they're not properly closed, and how big the links would have to be in order for the concept to be financially viable, and what sort of material they'd have to be anyway for the desired results, and what about how conducive metal is, etc etc etc. So my next plan is to crochet around a bunch of links in lines/chains, then connect the chains together to form a 'net', so the metal is all covered by yarn but can still be connected. Keychain rings were a very brief consideration, but that's a little smaller than I want to go, and they'll get caught on the yarn besides. There's closed/whole brass rings I've seen in craft stores, though, and they come in a wider variety of sizes, so I may be looking into pricing on those. Aluminum would probably be ideal, but I don't know if I would even be able to *find* closed aluminum rings two or more inches in diameter - maybe I can ask Steve the chainmail guy. Though if I use a duvet cover, I probably don't need to worry as much about washing it, which would simplify my plans considerably.

After that, it's just a matter of doing a bit of math and deciding which color(s) to use :P


Oct. 12th, 2016 12:30 am
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So Shaker Meganology found a kitten in her backyard! Actually two kittens, but one of them got away before she could catch it. She did catch one, though, and the kitten is super cute and also blind, and I was just like, I have to crochet her.

You can find pics of the original adorable miss over here, and pics of the crocheted cat charm lookalikeunder the cut )
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Colors inspired by [personal profile] redsixwing's new-ish kitteh, Kitty D :) The eyes I used are not quite the magic blue-green color that are in pictures of D, but they were the closest I had at the time. Anyway, pic!

[Image description: A crocheted black-and-gray tabby with luminous blue eyes; its pose mimics Neco-Coneco/Neko-Koneko from Azumanga Daioh, so it appears to be flying/floating]

I've been rather lax about posting amigurumi pics of late, but there's not a lot to share. Well, aside from Pride Piggies, which I will totally do a photodump of here at some point in time. Or you can check where I already have pics of them up on Tumblr, because it's so cursed easy to post pics there :( [Warning: A couple of the most recent posts there are about a fundraiser for a sick pet; I'm offering Pride Piggies as a donation incentive]

I will say this for non-Tumblr mediums: I have totally missed adding all my own non-image-related html tags. ...Except for line/paragraph breaks. I can definitely live without adding those manually, which is quite possibly the biggest reason I switch to rich text posting on Tumblr.
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Me: *gets e-mail from free one-day convention she signed up for*
Me: *looks at Artist's Alley requirements*
Me: *considers the number of people estimated to come last year vs. how many actually showed up, as according to the friend who let her know about the convention*
Me: *considers her item price range and popularity of various items*
Me: *considers AnimeIowa, taking place a scant four months after said con*

Me: ...I need to make more flying piggies.

Well, more everything, really, but the piggies are a good start and a pretty darn good price point for most folks, though I'll probably be going up or down fifty cents to make them an even dollar amount for ease of I DON'T WANT TO DEAL WITH ALL THE QUARTERS I'LL NEED (formerly $7.50). I'll probably want to actually buy my own Square, too.

Note to self: Finish new constellation dragon, start on GINORMOUS dragon, another couple Asian dragons, another griffin or two.
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Phew! What a week. And what a day. And what a day tomorrow is going to be, urgh. I'm scheduled for nine hours (minus a half-hour lunch break), but it could even go longer than that, urk.

On the plus side, I had someone express interest in a custom floppy cat this week. The cat they wanted a mini-me(ow) of is a gorgeous calico, but the pattern of her splotches was ridiculously complicated to do. I ended up using five different colors of yarn to get her right. The buyer is quite pleased with the results, though, which is quite a relief; I was worried for a while there that I would have to take her apart (at least partly) and re-do some areas to add more color or use a different one. With as many color changes as there were already, I'm more than glad that I won't have to re-do any of it to add more.

Anyway, in celebration(?) of that event, and also because I finally have time to do so, here are pictures of the big griffin I made, yay!

Big gray griffin )

Bonus pics: Parent and child griffin pair )

Speaking of enough for now, I think it may be time for me to take a nap. Or maybe sleep longer than that. Looooooong day on the horizon tomorrow, oof.
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Yay, time for more pics of adorable stuff I crocheted!

I've got three "smaller"/simpler things in this post, and then I'm putting seven pics of the Big Gray Griffin in the next post, in order to hopefully cut down a bit on bandwidth usage/overload. I also plan to make at least the flying pigs and dolphins available on Etsy at some point.

Onward to adorability!

Flying Pig (Small) )

Dolphin )

Stingray )

*yawn* Another nice thing about splitting these pic dump posts up is that I can go to sleep in the middle of them and still feel like I've accomplished something. G'night!

Edit: *facepalm* Right. I'd forgotten I'd sized the photos with a mind to uploading them to Etsy. Ah, well. I can worry more about that tomorrow. Fixed!
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I feel the need to post this picture again, because Independence Day.

[Image Description: Crocheted star-spangled mascot-eagle with glasses, a red tie, and a raised eyebrow, holding an American flag]

Now, to find a physical fan mail address for the Colbert Report. (I know, I know, I should really just ask the reference desk at the library, but I keep forgetting! Also, social phobia, even if my mom is a librarian.)

Happy fourth day of July to all, regardless of location! And, er, fifth day of July to some.
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It's that time again: When I share pics of the cool things I've crocheted :Db

I'm going to be a little bit lazy today. Photobucket is being a butt, so for my two latest griffins, I'm just going to link to their Etsy listings instead. Waaaaay less html involved, too. I'd worry about looking like I'm just trying to sell my art, but I'm even too lazy for that. Er, go me?

Brown griffin.

AKA "Godric". That's always what I call my brown griffins in my head. I keep meaning to crochet them little red-and-gold scarves to wear, too. *dork* This one is a little lighter in color than some of my brown griffins in the past, but that's not a bad thing. I like his ear placement a little better than my previous brown griffin as well.

White griffin.

I really like the coloring on this one. In the past, I've always made my white griffins with yellow beak-and-talons and brown eyes; it was mostly force of habit that I did it after the first one (this was the coloring on my prototype). I think the gray beak-and-talons and blue eyes really look good, though. Plus it sorta-matches my Winter Storm Dragon :3b (You may need to scroll down to see it.) Since I finished the winter storm dragon during winter storm draco, which is how it got its name, I'm thinking of nicknaming this griffin my Polar Vortex Griffin ;) Maybe I'll offer a discount if someone wants to buy them as a set.

Yoshi )

Long-necked dinosaur )

And that's it, aside from a couple of cat toys I don't have pics of yet.

Current crafty projects:
* Another Sterek inna bottle, for my WPCP winner; I'll go into more detail about that later
* Winged piglets as donation boost incentive for the upcoming Quire fundraiser; I've got a good seven piglets just waiting for wings, and one already flight-ready
* A teal sparkly dragon that I'm hoping to make aquatic-themed
* ???
* Profit Wait no, that's for numbered lists. Never mind! (Not that I'd complain, of course :P)


Mar. 14th, 2014 10:38 pm
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For those who don't remember/weren't aware, a while back I arranged an art trade with [personal profile] redsixwing. I would crochet her a dark gray griffin, and she would craft me a pair of elvish ear cuffs. Along the way, the griffin got its own coat of chain mail; here are several pics of it: One, Two, Three, Four, Five. The first two are mostly just for different angles, the second two are to help show how the mail is constructed/attached. The last one was originally the "display" pic, but I didn't want to burden this post/my photobucket account any more than I had to, so now it's just part of the lineup.

Well, the ear cuffs arrived in my mail box not too long ago, and I promised to post pictures of them. And then I sat on the pics for way too long. Tonight I decided it was high time I made another amigurumi pic post (it's been four months since the last one, and that featured only one item!), and also that I wanted to edit more pics of my pets to share at Shakesville's Daily Dose of Cute threads, and figured it was the perfect time to get these pics ready to go.

Anyway, click the cut to see pics of yours truly modeling some absolutely gorgeous ear cuffs: Shiny... )
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So apparently I haven't posted these pics here yet! Let's get that taken care of.

Crocheted Minion )
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Before anything else, you may remember that super cute picture I mentioned getting a while back? (Scroll down to "A pick-me-up".) Well, I got permission from the subject's mom to share it, and now I finally have time to do so! Below the cut you will find a screamingly adorable picture of a tiny baby cuddling a hand-made crocheted lightning bug almost as big as ze is. (The baby in question is naked, but everything is covered.)

A solid six on a cuteness scale of one to five )

I've been getting a lot of orders in general, so I want to keep track of them:

1) The rest of the corn for Mom and Dad to send to family members
2) The baby hat with antenna
3) A zombie version of a sorta-coworker
4) A baby-safe Yoshi, about a foot tall
5) Still upcoming: Nov 8-11, my offer(s) for TSC's Wolf Pack Charity Project will go up, so whatever the winning bidder wants for that.

And then there's some other stuff I want to make, like more dragons and griffins and another blanket of some sort. Maybe an abominable snowbeing of some variety, since I like my fantasy options. Maybe another poodle [IMAGE HEAVY].

And now I think I may take a nap.
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Cut for a long rant about Baking for Dietary Restrictions (the class, not the action) )

A pick-me-up:

A while back, my mom commissioned me to make a baby toy for a coworker of hers who was expecting. Mom's coworker and coworker's husband had taken to calling the soon-to-be-baby "Bug" and variations thereon. Mom therefore requested I crochet some sort of plush bug baby toy that she could give to them. Not a ladybug, because they knew the baby was going to be [medically assigned as] a boy (and I guess weird gender essentialism reasons; or maybe they just didn't feel like explaining all the time that, yes, they knew their baby was a boy, and no they didn't care; or maybe they just knew that ladybugs' full official title is "ladybird beetle" and are particularly picky about entomology and etymology; most likely the first, though), but some sort of bug would be great, with a black dog as a backup option. I thought about it for a while, and then it came to me: A lightning bug!

With a little design work, I whipped up a pattern I was happy with and pulled the lightning bug together. It turned out super adorable, and Mom was quite pleased with my work. I also heard secondhand that Mom's coworker also loved it. Today, Mom's coworker sent a card home to me. Inside was a message complimenting me on my crochet skills, informing me that the baby loves playing with the lightning bug, and asking if I would be interested in taking a commission to make a hat with bug antenna for the baby (which: ABSOLUTELY I WOULD!). It also included a screamingly adorable picture of the baby in question, hugging the stuffed lightning bug in question. It is soooooooo CUTE! The lightning bug is practically a third the baby's size in the picture, too o_O So that's a nice thing. I should whip up another lightning bug that I can take pictures of, and then offer the pattern at my Etsy store.

...It also occurs to me that I might finally have a reason to buy some of that ridiculous neon colored yarn now. Neon yellow would be about perfect for a lightning bug butt. Though honestly, wouldn't a rainbow range of lightning bugs be awesome, too?

I think I had another pick-me-up, but damned if I can remember it. Last breakfast shift tomorrow, so sleep now, other stuff later.
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At long last, pictures of my cheetah griffin.

Cheetah Griffin! )

Bonus pics! Here are some of the "cat charms" I made, with some of the attachment options shown: Front, Back. From left to right: Hair clip, magnet, pin, keychain.

Also, here is that amazing leather mask I traded my white griffin for, made by Squirrel Creek Creations. I now totally want a stylistically similar corset and a flowy green dress to wear with it.
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Starting with a couple pictures of my sweet boys, because not everyone likes rats and this should enable better "scrolling past". Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today )

Gray griffin in silver mail )

That's all I've got for now. Possibly more later, possibly not. My show is on :P
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Sweet merciful heavens, has it really been five months since I've posted crochet pics? I am positively ashamed. And rather surprised; I know I didn't get much crocheting done while school was on, but it's been out for over a month now, and I even posted a new pattern (pics included) at [personal profile] hooked_on_anime. I honestly hadn't realized it had been so long since I'd posted any here.

Well, it's high time I fixed that! Amigurumi pic dump ahoy!

Gray Griffin )

Klingon!Pony )

Casey Von Salamancer )

Corn )

Pink Poodle )

Wing-ed saddleback pig )

Litwick )

WIP: Cheetah Griffin )

That's about it for now. I want to get a bunch of little things made up to sell for AnimeIowa, and I'm doing fairly well in that respect with corn and flower hair clips, but there's less than a month to go and I need to get moving.

Oh, that reminds me; I also need to bake something for craft party tomorrow. Nutella cupcakes, here I come!

Edit: Went through and changed some of the images to links in order to conserve bandwidth.
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A few weeks back, not long after I made that epic trade of griffin for reconstructed violin, I sold a second griffin to Steven Todd of Wandering Mail (Facebook link). He proceeded to take that griffin and put a chain mail vest-thingy on it. Shortly after, he sold it to, IIRC, Silver Gryphon Games, who had been looking for a handcrafted mascot for some time but had never thought of crochet as a potential medium. And now, at long last, I have pictures of the mail-decked griffin!

Ready for battle )
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Just a few this time; most of my recent work has been to re-stock merchandise at either my Etsy store or White Rabbit.

Felix the Cat )

Winter Storm Dragon )

Canines )

And that brings this picdump to a close. Tune in next time, when I'll post pics of - I'm not entirely sure just now. Well, tune in next time to find out what I'll post pics of, then.


Nov. 26th, 2012 12:41 am
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Tetris blanket is listed, hells yeah! Right on time for Cyber Monday, too. In fact, that's the reason I'm still up right now; otherwise I'd be at least attempting to sleep ^^a

Also managed to snap a photo of the black opal dragon that showed off its "fire" better; had to use the macro setting, what is up with that. That can be seen here, if you're interested. I'll be sticking it in the sharing post sooner or later.

Anyway, sleep now, I think. Back to school tomorrow morning (sob sob my Monday schedule is terrible right now sob).

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