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Important discovery: When someone gifts you an incredible fic (or other fannish present), watching the hits and kudos and comments and bookmarks go up is almost as satisfying as it is for something you made yourself.

Which is to say, if you are Miraculous Ladybug inclined, do go check out Know Your Name by [ profile] AlexSeanchai/[personal profile] alexseanchai, prompted by the Mary Lambert song of the same name (which is the LadyNoir song of my heart, and is also super awesome in its own right); I do not imagine you will be disappointed.
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...Was yesterday, but who's counting?

Anyway, something I didn't mention on my Friday report is that I missed making my Opening Ceremonies "Here are things you can do to make the lives of PWD easier" speech, again. Either I missed my cue (entirely possible; I was called to the Bridge in the middle of Opening Ceremonies to deal with a gluten-related problem that may or may not have been an emergency; I'll probably ask for details at the postmortem), or the MC didn't actually give the cue for Staffers With Other Business.

The Staff Art Table closed out having made just over $1,000 before sales tax; about $450 of that was my own sales :3 I may be running a table with one of my costaffers at Icon this year, as well, though I do want to first discuss with her the option of the Art Sho, which would cost her less to participate in.

For acquisitions, I bought a box set of the first three seasons of Slayers, and the season one and two box sets of Wedding Peach, because I am a sucker for magical girl stuff. I also bought the first volume of Fallen, by Ogawa Buruku, one of our guests of honor this year, and some postcards by the staffer I mentioned in the previous paragraph, because she does gorgeous work. In fact, here is a link to her Deviantart account. Definitely check out the Senshi Royalty Project and the Talented Princesses collection, which were originally done in watercolors and both of which she had some postcard/greeting card prints of. She is just ridiculously talented.

Hmm, what else. Oh, apparently there was someone there from Cosplay Magazine, and one of my costaffers really talked up my work in the Accessibility Department to them <3 And I just - alawejfovdisd??? <3 <3 <3? Also, one of our returning attendees (uses a walker, has chronic pain and arthritis) basically showered me with compliments, and shared a really fantastic story from Friday: She had slipped and fallen, knocking her purse and walker down, and before she had even hit the ground, three people had come over to help - one put everything back in her purse, one righted her walker, and a third helped her up and made sure she was okay. She told me that probably 95% of our attendees are just really fantastic about accommodating folks, and I just about burst with pride on behalf of the convention. Anyway, I really, really want some minions next year, because I wasn't able to do nearly everything I wanted to this year, and I just want to reach for the stars now.

Oh, the Staff Art Table was also one of three tables in the Marketplace selling Pride oriented stuff, and I accidentally drew a lot of folks in by hanging up my Ace Blanket ^^a Unfortunately, I only had two smaller-ticket Ace pride items, and those were snatched up in very short order on the first day of the con, and I had probably at least eight other people asking for some. Moral of the story: I am definitely making at least a dozen Ace Pride Piggies and three Asexuowls for next year. Probably starting now, since I'll likely be too preoccupied leading up to the con next year.

Staffers were also given three Excellent Cosplay ribbons to hand out to people who had, well, excellent cosplays, to encourage them to keep attending. I handed all three of mine out on Friday: One to a Sailor Saturn that I met on the elevator, one to a tiny Captain America who was accompanied by their grown-up Winter Soldier guardian person, and one to a Ms. Marvel just as the Marketplace was closing, who proceeded to freak out happily. [personal profile] lightbird, I also saw a Helga cosplayer who made me think of you, and I made sure to get her picture :)

I think that's about it for highlights. Here's to next year!
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Guess who just got an ultra-fancy new phone? :D This gal-person!

It's a Moto G4, and it is much bigger than my years-old Sprint LG... something. Possibly just LG. So it's not going to fit in my pocket as well, but on the plus side, it'll feel a lot more like I'm holding a phone, and not, for some reason, a deck of cards next to my face.

New Phone is not yet operational; it's registered with our account and almost ready to go, but it's missing a bit of vital inside stuff that makes it go, so I need to go to [city where I work but don't live] to pick that part up and fully activate it.

Projected uses for New Phone:

* Finally have an electronic device that I can use a Square reader with
* Also be able to pull up coupons reliably at craft stores without having to haul my Nook around
* The Habitica app! I do not for a minute trust my internet to never go out again in the middle of the night before I've checked off some of my Dailies
* Same uses as Old Phone, which has been very good to me these past [#?] years.

Possible uses for New Phone:

* Pokemon GO??? I still haven't decided yet! The enthusiasm is very infectious, but I still don't know if it's for me? It's good to know that I have a phone that will work with it if I decide I do want to, heh, GO for it.
* Motivation for extending my pockets on a lot of my pants and shorts, because crap that thing is huge
* Unknown other things
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I finally have a TV in my room again! It's been over a year since I last had one in here, possibly two, and my DVD collection hasn't stopped growing in the interim. Unfortunately, my opportunities/motivation to watch DVDs only shrank without a convenient viewing apparatus in my room, as otherwise I have to camp out in the kitchen (inconvenient for viewing, since I usually sit at a ninety degree angle to the screen) or the living room (usually staked out by my parents, primarily my dad, and with a DVD player I haven't bothered to learn the ins and outs of).

I found my new TV at a secondhand store months after giving up on finding one with a built-in DVD player - I'd checked all the local secondhand stores as well as Target and Best Buy (including their websites) with no luck. I'd rejected my laptop as relatively inconvenient, since I usually like to hold my crafting supplies in my lap, and none of the portable DVD players were any more appealing to me, having much smaller screens than my laptop. I'm still somewhat amazed that I finally managed to find one, and that it wasn't outrageously expensive.

Anyway, with my new TV, I should be making progress on my various crafting projects as well as my extensive DVD collection. ...Though I am taking a brief detour to watch something I've already seen once before I start anything new. I guess we'll see after that!
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Greetings, all! Today is the twenty-seventh anniversary of the joyous occasion of my birth :3b Here are some things that I have gotten/ways I have celebrated:

* My first (non-drawing) tablet! )

* Beautiful, beautiful kitchen hardware )

* At work today, I got out two hours earlier than usual, which was probably only coincidence and not actually because it was my birthday. There were some cake scraps available, though, and as soon as I got to a good stopping point in my work, I snuck off with a bit of it for a Cake Break :Db

* Half-Price Books gave me a "15% off your entire purchase!" coupon for my birthday that expires in two weeks, and they've got a "40% off, or $15 off if it's $15 or more" coupon going on today and tomorrow, so I might swing by there after work tomorrow afternoon and see if they have anything I want.

* Once I get my load of laundry in the drier, I think I will give myself the gift of a nap. (Stayed up too late reading fanfiction off the Nook last night ^^a) Ah, sleep...
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One of my favorite stories that I've written is a short original fairy-tale I called Courting Yuki-Onna. The idea came to me one day when I had been walking in the falling snow and started thinking of the activity as "courting Yuki-Onna". I wrote the story shortly after that.

Then, a while back, [ profile] ashiiblack offered her podficcing services in the Buy It Now section of a fandom charity event. I had been thinking wistfully of getting Courting Yuki-Onna recorded for a while, and her offer was in my (very limited) price range. After giving one of her podfics a quick listen to see if I liked her style (and I did), I pounced on her offer.

Ashiiblack did an amazing job on my story. She reads it like a legend or fairy-tale, which is how I wrote it, and with perfect emotion. I squirmed with delight when listening to it the first time, and am very much looking forward not only to listening to it again (and again, and again), but to sharing it with my RL friends and family.

You can find the podfic available both in streaming and to download below. The version with music is really wonderful; the song Ashiiblack chose is an excellent match, and it enhances the fantastic nature of the story. If you have audio processing issues, though, do not fear, for Ashiiblack was kind enough to provide a version without music as well. I've also linked the original written version, if listening is not your thing, for whatever reason.

I hope you enjoy my story and, if you are able to, Ashiiblack's wonderful recording of it.

Version with music: Listen | Download
Version without music: Listen | Download
Written version: Courting Yuki-Onna
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A while back I shared what I thought my clinicals schedule was. I was wrong! Instead I had three weekend breakfast shifts, the last of which was today. I've got two more weeks with breakfast shifts (MTW), and then I'm off breakfasts forever. And by "forever" I mean "for the rest of this semester".

Cut for griping about breakfast shifts and my class schedule )

I've mostly been having a great time at the hotel breakfast shifts, for all I have to be up and out the door by predawn o'clock; the actual bakery employees are a lot of fun, and we get along pretty damn well. We do have a new head pastry chef, who is... less fun, but we hardly see her, so. (That's actually part of what makes her less fun, IMO. She's not around enough to gain a real understanding of how everyone/everything works. She did teach me how to "peel" a watermelon today, but that's about the best thing I can say of her.) For whatever reason, we're no longer allowed to play music in the lab/bakery (it's "not professional enough" or something?), but I'm still enjoying myself and am looking forward to getting back there after my cafe breakfast shifts.

After I got off my breakfast shift today, I decided to treat myself to a trip to Half-Price Books. I wanted to see if that used DS Lite was still around (I can't seem to find my secondhand GBA and want at least the option of playing Emerald/Fire Red), and maybe do some browsing. The DS Lite was gone, but I did find a box set of Mushi-shi for only twenty bucks.

This box set is simultaneously the fanciest box set I've ever had, and the most ridiculously over-packaged. While I do have several DVD sets that include individually packaged DVDs, each in their own box, with a box to hold them all and an oversleeve to go over that, this one also has cardboard sleeves for each of the individual DVD boxes. And there are six of those. My next most fancy have, at most, four. Each DVD is also boxed with a postcard and a booklet with character designs. Color me impressed. (And slightly incredulous. There are four layers between me and any DVD. I appreciate the art, don't get me wrong, but that's a little ridiculous.) Now I just need to find room on my shelves for it...
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As of 1:30pm US Central time today, I have officially Caught Them All. All 649 Pokemon, registered in my 'dex and stored in my in-game PC.

Hardest to catch: Kyogre. Damn thing just kept knocking itself out. I was seriously frustrated with it by the time I finally managed to catch it. I totally would've used my masterball on it, but I'd already used it on Latias. Rassa-frassa roaming Pokemon. Rassa-frassa Double Edge.

Hardest to acquire: Porygon-Z. Every other solitary evolves-by-trading-with-an-item-attached Pokemon I managed to get by offering its pre-evolution holding the necessary item for the same Pokemon, hoping that someone out there would understand what I was after: a trade for the same. Every other Pokemon that I tried this with, I got what I was looking for within three trades. Hell, the Scizor I ended up with even had the Pokerus! For Porygon-Z, though? I traded out six Porygon2s and still didn't get what I was after. I finally quit when I was down to my last Dubious Disc, and resorted to trading with myself when I picked up a DS from Half Price Books for ultra cheap. Not my preferred method, but it got me what I wanted.

Getting the Shiny Charm: Still a less frustrating method of increasing the chance of finding a shiny Pokemon than chaining in DPPt. [/two cents]

Of course, come October 12th, I'll have a buttload more Pokemon to catch, but I suppose that's part of the draw.

I followed up my Pokemon acquisition by stopping by Target to investigate their stock of Lego collectable mini-figs. I've a friend who works there and who let me know that Series 9 was back in stock, and we (by which I mean my dad, who is the actual collector) are still missing the plumber from that set, so off I went. I made it through one whole box, then noticed there were two more on the next end cap over. Having learned from a fellow collector/searcher that Series 11, the latest, was also available, I decided I'd had more than enough of Series 9 and needed some variety in my life.

I then spent close to an hour feeling out different mini-figs in the Series 11 display. When I'd finally gotten fed up with that group, I'd identified fourteen of the sixteen different figures by touch alone. Somehow a duplicate managed to migrate into my pile of singles before I made it to the cash register, but one duplicate for fourteen figures is still pretty damn good.

Of course, after Dad finally got home so we could unwrap them, he went back on our previous deal of: "You find me any figure I'm missing, I'll reimburse you the cost of it plus a dollar. Any duplicates you bring home, I reimburse you minus a dollar." He went with half of that, which annoys me, but I did know going that he's a cheapskate before this, so. I'll probably lay down a firmer agreement for the next set, though. Probably a sliding scale, of cheaper for early and more expensive for later. I'll have to give it some thought.
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At long last, pictures of my cheetah griffin.

Cheetah Griffin! )

Bonus pics! Here are some of the "cat charms" I made, with some of the attachment options shown: Front, Back. From left to right: Hair clip, magnet, pin, keychain.

Also, here is that amazing leather mask I traded my white griffin for, made by Squirrel Creek Creations. I now totally want a stylistically similar corset and a flowy green dress to wear with it.
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I ordered a whole bunch of plastic safety eyes from GlassEyesOnline last week, and they showed up this afternoon. They look fantastic, though the 12mm and smaller eyes have a different washer style than I'm used to. I'm totally looking forward to using all of them ♥

I ordered: 55 pairs 12mm slit-pupil eyes (20 pair green, 15 pair gold, 15 pair blue, 5 pair clear); 15 pairs 12mm round pupil eyes (5 pairs each blue, gold, and brown); 15 pairs 10mm round pupil eyes (10 pair black, 5 pair brown); 50 pairs 6mm eyes (all black); and 15 pairs 15mm iridescent slit-pupil eyes (1 pair of each color). The 12mm eyes are for cats and dogs, the 10mm eyes are for itty bitty piggies, the 6mm eyes are for exactly 50 mini corncobs that my mom is having commissioned to send out to our various family members, and the 15mm eyes will be for dragons and possibly griffins as well.

I seriously need to make at least three more griffins soon. Two of my solid-colored griffins are out of stock (black and white), as well as my seal-point griffin. I also need to re-take one of my cheetah griffin pictures, so I can list it on Etsy (and also show it off here, because cheetah griffin). And I reeeaaaaally wanna make another dragon, but they aren't exactly the fastest moving plushies on the market. Which is a shame, because they're GORGEOUS. /biased

I also need to be making more cats and dogs. They've been moving at a decent pace via a local shop I sell them through, which was a pleasant surprise. I've had a couple of people ask after Minions a la Despicable Me as well, so I'll likely be whipping up one of those in the near future. And I really, really wanna try "tapestry" crocheting sometime soon; I've thought about doing a Pokemon sprite, but I think I'm going to try making the Welcome to Night Vale logo instead. And the enter it in a contest or something because CONTESTS!

Which reminds me: I need to look into vendor registration for that local speculative fiction convention. Maybe someone there will shell out for a dragon or two...
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I have just returned from the outside world, where I purchased a copy of [ profile] jimhines's latest novel, Codex Born, with money made off of selling mostly kittens but also some puppies at a local art store. I predict that I will spend most of the rest of the day reading it and also that I will review it after.

Also, if someone would care to write the Teen Wolf/Magic Ex Libris fusion-crossover where Stiles is a Porter and Derek is still a werewolf so I don't have to, it is entirely possible that I would love you forever. Just sayin'. (Check out this taste of Jim's first draft of Codex Born to see where the idea came from. You will totally know it when you see it.)

You can find my spoileriffic, feminist-oriented review of the first book, Libriomancer, here.
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Let's get this taken care of.

The Good )

The Bad )

The Haul )

That's pretty much all for this year. Still looking forward to the next staff meeting and the next convention in general.

Aw yisss

Jul. 8th, 2013 08:02 pm
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[Content note: Blood donation, mention of institutionalized homophobia]

I dunno if blood donation requires a content note, but I figured: Better safe than sorry. Anyway!

Had an appointment to donate today. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but quarterly is totally working for me 100% better (50% better? 66% better? I'd have to do the math, but considerably better) than bimonthly. For the first time in ages, I was confident enough to schedule my next appointment before getting my iron level checked, and it totally paid off! I didn't have to remind anyone that I still needed to register for next time while I was eating cookies, nor did I have to reschedule for a mere two weeks away because I'd missed iron count. I believe I may be raving about going quarterly for a while now.

Oh! I completely forgot to mention it while I was there, or at all until now, but the question about whether I'd ever had sex with a penis-owner who had also had sex with a penis-owner was no longer in the questionnaire! I mean, I can still totally skip over every single question asking if I'd had sex in the last twelve months, let alone ever, but the fact that that particular question is no longer a potential deferral issue is totally awesome. (The fact that it was in the questionnaire in the first place was def. bullshit, especially in this day and age, but I suppose that's one reason it's gone.)

I also attended with my very first e-reader! Half-Price Books had a half-off-your-most-expensive-item coupon that was good yesterday, and they had an old Kindle whose sticker price was ~$45 USD. As a result of cleaning off my bookshelves somewhat, I ended up with $29 USD for what I turned in and even had a couple of bucks left over after deciding to get the Kindle ♥ I mention my e-reader because I now finally had something I could do with one hand while the other was busy squeezing a stress ball on-and-off to help pump blood more quickly. The clinic has a television they keep going, but honestly, the show they had on just didn't interest me. Being able to read something was pretty fantastic.

One of the best things? Today I donated my 24th pint at this particular clinic, bringing my total donations up to three gallons! I am super proud. In addition to the t-shirt the clinic gives away to all gallon donors (galloneers?), they were giving a different t-shirt to every donor as part of a summer campaign, which meant I left the clinic with two t-shirts instead of one, as well as a "I donated 3 gallons!" window decal and pin. I haven't put the window decal up, but the pin is adorning my hat band in a little cluster with my 1 gallon and 2 gallon pins ♥

The donation itself took a little longer than usual, but considering all that I left with, as well as the chocolate-with-M&Ms cookies available after? Soooo worth it. Totes looking forward to the first Monday in October (my next appointment time).
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Remember how proud I was to have severely cut down my yarn stash?

Yeeeaaah. Guess who got upstairs today to find two garbage-bags full of fresh yarn?

Dad, I love you, I really do, but you do not need to buy my every skein of yarn you happen to see at a garage sale. Ditto kitchen utensils and cake pans.

Weeding through this new collection for stuff I might possibly keep is made more difficult by the fact that I'm vaguely planning to tapestry-crochet the Zekrom and/or Reshiram PC wallpapers from Pokemon Black and White Version 2 (seen here, bottom row, two rightmost wallpapers), and 75% of the yarn is orange or blue. Another 25% is white or in various human skin tones (two peachy-pink and a range of browns), which I'm probably keeping all of because I can seriously use that stuff. Hopefully I already have something close to most of the rest, because this is ridiculous.

Well, back to the hook, I guess. That corn won't crochet itself.
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Y'all remember me writing about a trade I made on Saturday, right? Right. Well, it's time to share a picture of it!

CONTENT NOTE: Musical instrument reconstruction, fake gore ("stabbing", fake blood, fake internal organs).

It's kinda gory, is what I'm saying )

The artist is Jody Stoffer; she can be found on Etsy at PaJama Love. There's nothing listed there at the moment, but she said she has another violin and two cellos (all beyond repair) in the wings waiting to be re-purposed, so if you're interested and have the funds, I suggest contacting her for a commission.
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So, guess what book I just finished? 8D Ahahaha, yeah, pointless question.

Before I get started, I'd like to offer some general Content Notes for the book itself, for those who choose to read it and might have triggers to deal with. They are pretty significant spoilers for the book, so I've hidden them under spoiler blockers. Highlight to read. [Content Notes: Violence, consent issues. Scroll to the sixth big paragraph under the cut for more detail on the latter.]

Now, be warned for YET MORE MASSIVE SPOILERS as I go over some details of the book itself 8) They're hidden under a cut, so if you don't want to be spoiled, go no farther.


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