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Grah. I'm this close - this close - to finishing my brother's Xmas present. So close! Just one more tentacle, and then I have to stitch them on, and then add the eyes and the mouth, and then they're done! And I'll be able to post pictures of them! Just - SO CLOSE al;sdkfjsdl!

Of course, I was totally irresponsible and put off Mom's birthday present(s) to work on Tom's thing(s), never mind that her birthday is on the twenty-seventh. Just. Dachshunds are slightly more boring to crochet than Tangle Buddies? IDK IDK IDK. Maybe if I skip writing the damn pattern as I go and do that after instead...

And then once I'm done with that, I'll need to make Xmas presents for both her and Dad. But Dad's is pretty easy to figure out, probably, so I should be relatively okay. And then I can get to work on things like the Tetris blanket (which I finally got all my colors for today) and possibly also commissions so I can have a little bit more financial breathing room. Possibly I might even be able to rearrange those a bit, but I'm not 100% betting on it.

Speaking of financial breathing room and suchnot, I'm possibly potentially going to maybe perhaps get an interview about designing T-shirts tomorrow? I'll definitely be turning in the app tomorrow, if nothing else. And lining up design stuff (like my past Quire poster/flier things, and a few T-shirt designs I made for myself, etc) just in case. Flower business is supposed to pick up soon as well; I think I'll need to write cheat-sheets for myself to study while I'm away from the store so I can be somewhat competent while I'm there, sigh. I imagine my half-a-milligram Rx of "take as needed" lorazepam will be getting quite a workout shortly :(

We are not speaking of that "NaNo" thing. You have imagined it.

2772 / 50000
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Had an absolute mess of a weekend and also somewhat the past few days 9_9a I think things are settled down for now, though.

I think there was a decent turnout at the friending/adding meme, and I'm glad to be following more of you now :)

Need to get back to work on my NaNo. I still haven't written anything since ~1:00 AM on Monday ^^a I'm also pretty sure I jumped a bit ahead of myself timeline-wise, and should go back to work on the assassination, and probably also meeting the stepmother and all that. Working with computer documents certainly makes things easier in that respect >_>

Psych appt tomorrow. I think I'm going to see if I can't get my generic-for-Prozac moved back up to 60 mg; since the gfP wasn't actually making my trich/dermatillomania worse, and can in fact help with it, there's no reason I shouldn't be back where I was. Strattera, on the other hand, I think I am liking where it is; I'm feeling much less tired than I used to, even if my sleep schedule is for shit anymore. I'm pretty sure I can blame that on stress, but wev.

Voted today. Sadly, I forgot to check the conditions for that contest N. K. Jemisin is having, so I don't have a picture of myself either at the polls, or waiting my turn to vote. Oh, well. I'll still buy the book - or put it on my birthday list. Just, you know, contest! Signed copies! *Kermit flail* (Hmm; my roommate, who had to wait longer than I did on account of needing to re-register in the district, got filmed while there. Perhaps if she does make it on TV in a place I can access it, I can ask her to submit that on my behalf? We will have to see...)

Anyhow. Word count meter, woo!

1220 / 50000
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At the time of my writing this, it is approximately three hours and forty-some minutes into November (my time zone), and I am 1220 words into my novel.

I hate most of them, but they're written, so I'm not going to complain too much. Worse comes to worst, I'll look back on this later as an incredibly detailed outline.

On the plus side, I've done some pretty cool art for it thus far.

Sleep time now. Job stuff/more writing/work tomorrow.

(Socchan over there, if you're interested/feel like adding me. I'll stop failing at forums eventually.)
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Well, it's happened again: I've opened my account at NaNoWriMo. This year, I completely and totally blame [ profile] irisflower81 for giving me the (admittedly gentle) push I apparently needed to do so. I'm sure that, as the month wears on, there will be much fist shaking in her direction. In any case, I can be found over there as Socchan, if anyone wants to be writing buddies or whatever.

I'm also going to be attending my local meetings this year, it looks like. I've got okay-ish hopes for this, as working in a group has been known to bolster my productivity. Hopefully we'll be able to pick a meeting date that doesn't conflict horribly with anything else I might be doing.

As for what I'll be working on, I'll be picking up where I left off in last year's novel. I barely got started in the main story, so I'm definitely not worried about having enough to do. If I get burnt out on that, or just need a break from it, I'll get back to work on my failed Kinked story. If I don't want to touch either of them, there's still that 500~ words I need to write to finish the next installment of Communications 6_6; (It's closer to two years than one since I last updated, and I am so full of writers' guilt >_< But that's for another entry entirely.)

I'm not actually sure if I'm going to go the "by hand" route this year. I'm leaning towards not, since I seemed to have better luck writing on my laptop than by hand for my aforementioned Kinked attempt. This may end up in a complete reboot of the story, but again, it's not like I got much done of that part of it last year ^^a

And now I think I'll give sleep another try. I really should invest in more calcium chews sometime...
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It has been a long vacation so far, with far too much getting lost, and to top it off, the Half-Price Books tour we had planned for tomorrow is now canceled. I need something to make up for it (especially since I'm not sure I'll even be able to do my back-up "what I want" tomorrow of going to the new books store and, say, Best Buy), so I'm typing up a piece of what I've written for NaNo. It is fairy-tale-ish, and involves lesbians and bears. Responses would be quite happy-making.

Origins of the Highbear Family )

Anyhow, back to actually writing my NaNo now. Really. I swear. Okay, no, I'm sleeping and/or reading other people's books. Happy now?

Edit: Have just added a NaNoWriMo tag to my tags on DW, yay! It is now the tag I have used most so far. I am unsure how I feel about that.
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Right, okay, I've got three things to talk about. I know I've got three things to talk about, because I could list them this morning. WHY CAN'T I STILL REMEMBER THE THIRD THING, THIS IS INFURIATING.

Ah, well, guess I'll just go with two things for now, then.

Thing the first: Tomorrow morning, at roughly Early O'Clock (or Wake-Up Time for Socchan on a Normal Weekday), I will be leaving with my parents and younger brother for Texas. Y-yay, vacation?

Well, at any rate, I have permission from Mom to cry "Wordcount!" (or whatever) if I ever feel like things are getting too awkward, so I guess I should be okay. And hey, if anyone in the area wants to do a meet-up sort of thing, I think that might be arrangeable even :3b

Thing the second: NaNoWriMo! Man, I need a NaNo tag already. I'll get to that next.

I am way behind on wordcount, whee! That's okay, though, I can get it next year if I don't catch up on vacation. Or something.

I think I'll type up and share at least one piece when I get to December. 'Cuz I can. And I think a good percentage of my f'list will like the story of how the Highbear family came to be/got its name/wev. Or maybe I'll do that later tonight, I'm not sure. We will see where I am in regards to packing and such, I guess!

Speaking of packing, I should probably do that sometime soon, so I might actually be able to get some sleep before tomorrow. And possibly also researching podcasts my family might like/free audiobook downloads/wev. Toodles!

Edit: Wheeee, procrastination!
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Ain't got no inspiration
No idea where to go
Bet you can read it in ev'ry sentence
How I tell but I don't show

Don't know how long I'm gonna make it
Think today I'm gonna lose
Can't get words onto paper
Got those NaNoWriMo Low Word Count Blues

First day in I made my quota
Made it there and then some more
Second day I fell behind, though
Day three, can't even see the shore

Got four pages left to write now
So I can try not to lose
Gotta get back to my quota, meet the deadline,
Beat these NaNoWriMo Low Word Count Blues

Now I don't know how they do it
The winners of years long gone
Can't get phrases order
Guess this conclusion's foregone

Not gonna make it in today
Not expecting any rescues
Someday I'm gonna beat 'em, though
Those NaNoWriMo Low Word Count Blues

Yeah, I'm givin' it all I've got now
Goin' huntin' for the muse
All to beat these God-forsaken
Stupid f*cking NaNoWriMo Low! Word! Count! Bluuuuuuues---!

Thank you, you've been a great audience, thank you!

(Yeah, these are so going towards my wordcount.)


Nov. 2nd, 2009 10:23 am
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So, um. I've been thinking almost since I started that my handwriting on my actual NaNo work so far looks smaller/denser than it did on my test page. With that in mind, I decided to do a words-per-line recount this morning, just in case.

It turns out that I was right, and I'm writing more words-per-page than I thought I was.

Test WPL: 10 (mode, assumed mean)
Test WPP: 290 (WPL * Lines Per Page (29))

Actual WPL: 13 (mode, assumed mean)
Actual WPP: 377

So yeah. That's a good eighty-seven more words per page than I thought I was writing. And since I wrote about five and a quarter pages yesterday...

5.25 x 377 = 1979

Holy crap, I almost made my personal per-day goal of 2000 after all; and 1979 is totes close enough to round up, so! Go, me!
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First day of NaNo: almost complete!

I don't think I quiiiite got to my word count goal for today (yet*), and there's also some other stuff**, but. I am actually writing, and more than I can remember doing in a single day for quite some time, so I consider it a success!

About my novel: People keep asking me this :/ "What's your novel about, Socchan?" I'm at something of a loss how to explain it as yet, especially since I haven't quite finished the outline completely or started it, but uh. It kinda fuses Snow White with Snow White and Rose Red and some Red Riding Hood on the side? Oh, and apparently lots of "original" fairy-tale elements. And I'mma aim for making Snow White ugly/Not The Prettiest, as mentioned somewhat here (DW only, locked). Also, there will be lesbians :Dbb

...Speaking of, all I've got so far is a prequel-ish thing. With lesbians. And, uh. Kinda were-bear sorta stuff? Yeah. But I'm enjoying it!

* My daily goal is 2000 words, so I can (hopefully, knock-on-wood) finish up a few days early and get the darn thing typed up. I've written something like 1700 words today, I think, and I'm hoping to get maybe another hundred or so down before I go to sleep, and it's my first year anyway, so I'm thinking it's looking reasonably good so far? Well, aside from the aforementioned Other Stuff**.

** See, I'm not actually writing the novel part of my novel yet. I never quite finished stuff like character backgrounds and outlining last month, so I'm finishing that up this month and counting that towards my goal. Nothing written last month, of course, but anything not-actually-part-of-the-novel for this month? I'm counting. Yay, sorta-cheating! \o/ ...This will also be helpful if my story only reaches "novella" length, but I'm not worrying about that for now.

Anyhow, off to bed for me, I think. And probably only ten minutes of writing; I wanna be up early tomorrow. Maybe I can get to work early, and get some more writing done with fewer distractions than I have at home...
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Okay, I've done it. I've signed up.

I am now Socchan at

...I have no idea what I'm doing! 8Dbb Someone hold my hand please.

Since I'm planning to write by hand, I guess getting a good words-per-page estimate would be a good idea? And/or finding someone to help me count words ._.a I'll scan the damn pages if I have to! ...Alternately, I will work with the estimate, and aim to be finished on the twenty-fifth, so I can have a good five days to type it up.

I'll also be researching the heck out of things like chronic pain. And stuff. Oh, and purchasing drinks with caffeine. Lots of them.

Clearly, my birthday being on the last day of November is divine will, as being done with NaNo will likely be the most wonderful present ever.


Oct. 13th, 2009 07:57 pm
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So, um. This year, I think I may give in and go for NaNo. I have a plot, I have characters, I have vague worldbuilding-ish, I may even make it to fifty thousand words. Not necessarily all in November, and it will likely be quite hard to tell anyway, what with me planning on writing by hand anyhow, but. It's possible! I acknowledge it! (Someone gab at me about this more, I need more info :|a)


Dude, cheap stuff. I love getting stuff cheap. Even if it's crap, I like paying less for it! Deep discounts? Awesome. Quite possibly the only thing better than cheap stuff is cheap stuff that comes with free stuff (or, rather, Bonus Content At No Extra Charge). The only thing that's better than that is actually free stuff, and the only thing that's better than free stuff is stuff they pay you to take, but I digress.

I loooove cheap stuff, especially if it comes with bonuses-at-no-extra-charge. Which is why I just picked up (the?) two "Zenses" DS games from K-Mart (Ocean and Rainforest if there's more than two, which there may be, given that they've got rocks with console buttons on the side, and one has Square and one has Circle).

Are they any good? Who knows! I've heard diddly squat about them. They're described as six addicting puzzle games/brain challenges set to relaxing music, which seems like a contradiction to me (how are you supposed to relax while playing addicting puzzle games with fifty levels, I ask you), but wev. They were only five bucks apiece, and for a new DS game, that's a pretty good deal. (Incidentally, the price is a good argument against their being good, but it also lowers my expectations considerably. Something can be five dollars' worth of good a lot more easily than, oh, thirty dollars' worth of good.)

In any case, if I end up thinking they're crap, I can always sell them at Half Price Books.


I think I might have had more, but if I did, it escapes me for the moment. Hopefully I will be able to re-capture any elusive information later.


Edit: Can't believe I'm editing already, but. Found information on Zenses. Most importantly:

Target Age: Females 25+

Seriously? Seriously? Wow, no wonder I haven't heard of it before. If there's one surefire way to make sure that no big gaming magazine is going to pick up a copy to review, it's to blatantly market a game towards women.

From the web site: "Zenses Ocean is the first in a series of games targeting one of the fastest growing segments of the videogames industry - 25+ females. [...] The result? A brand new and totally fresh gaming experience for the modern woman, offering spa-like escapism in your handbag!"

Wow. Wow. Has it occurred to them at all, I wonder, that women twenty-five and older are perhaps the same women who liked to play video games before they were twenty-five, and liked the games available already (except for the over-the-top misogyny, etc)?

Still, the web site has pretty enough graphics, I guess. Although, for a game aimed at women, they could be quoting more from us in the "Words of Wisdom" section. And while I find the picture of the Spa Attendee playing the game more than a little amusing, it is rather telling that she is quite white and thin. Criticism (mostly) revoked? There's a woman of color pictured on the page that offers free downloads of the soundtrack, and she's actually more clothed than the white woman. They're both still thin, but. One step at a time, I guess.

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