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Howdy, kids! It's time for the next episode of the Humorless Feminist Nag show!

Some pretty amazing folks have come out with a pretty amazing statement about feminism and acceptance and being accepting of trans* and genderqeer/non-binary folks, and I wanted to make sure I signal-boosted here.

A Statement of Trans-Inclusive Feminism and Womanism

Go check it out. If you agree and it's safe for you to do so, please consider signing it.

If you don't agree to the core principles at least, please re-consider your irrational intolerance until it goes away.
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Disclaimer: I haven't actually gotten around to reading anyone else's posts on the episode, because I wanted to record my thoughts "uninfluenced", as it were. There is a good chance that other people, including some of my brilliant friends, have already written some of what I'm about to transcribe, and probably better. I'm not claiming I got to any of it first, only independently. I'll be reading other peoples' posts about the episode once I'm done here.

Cut for SPOILERS [Content Note: Racism, Sexism, Disableism, Implied past sexual assault, Discussion of unrealistic beauty standards] )
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[Content Note: Racism, misogyny]

Five minutes in )

And now, the rest of the episode )

More commentary after the episode, I just wanted to get this out now. Now with more commentary!
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Spoilers through 3x07 )

In related news, I made it to the first commercial break of the after-episode discussion thing before I had to turn off the TV and run away. IDK, maybe it's related to my general live-action-related weirdness.
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Heaven help me, I'm posting it.

A Serious Case of Bad Timing on AO3. Teen Wolf, ~2000 words.

Now I'm going to go pick up some rat food, which will get me away from the computer for a little while and hopefully distract me from fic!nerves.
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I've been meaning to post about this for a while, actually, but haven't gotten around to it until now.

See, for the next-to-last AI Staff White Elephant, I ended up with an unopened copy of Studio Ghibli's Tales from Earthsea. I really wasn't sure how to feel about it. On the one hand, Studio Ghibli! Unopened, even! On the other hand...

Well, I'd seen the DVD around in stores. I'd been reluctant to pick it up then because the characters on the cover were of a light pink shade. Is it just another case of the Do Manga Characters Look "White"?, or is the studio taking a page from the SciFi Chanel?

It took me entirely too long to remember that, yeah, Le Guin explicitly described Sparrowhawk and Arran as "mud brown". And no, I don't care how you spin it, light pink isn't mud brown.

The DVD is still sitting unwatched and unopened in my room, cardboard slipcover still in place. If I took it to Target, do you think I could get store credit for it without a receipt, or maybe exchange it for something? Or should I just toss it on the stack to take to Half Price Books, see if I can't find something there I like?
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So, guess what book I just finished? 8D Ahahaha, yeah, pointless question.

Before I get started, I'd like to offer some general Content Notes for the book itself, for those who choose to read it and might have triggers to deal with. They are pretty significant spoilers for the book, so I've hidden them under spoiler blockers. Highlight to read. [Content Notes: Violence, consent issues. Scroll to the sixth big paragraph under the cut for more detail on the latter.]

Now, be warned for YET MORE MASSIVE SPOILERS as I go over some details of the book itself 8) They're hidden under a cut, so if you don't want to be spoiled, go no farther.

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Personal con report and pictures will come later, I just wanted to share some of the progress I'd made in establishing the Accessibility Department, some of the ways I still need to improve, and some minor personal teaspooning [Content Note for link: Rape, violence] I did over the weekend.

[Content Note for post: Ablism, Ageism, Binarism] Convention Teaspoon Report )

Edit: After some deliberation, I decided to come public with which convention it is. (You could probably tell anyway by searching through my archives.) I'm on staff for AnimeIowa, which is no longer "Iowa's Best Kept Secret". We seriously need a new tagline, LOL. On the off chance that you're interested in helping out at all, let me know and I can give you details on when and where the staff meetings are. At-con volunteers are also welcome.
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First things first! In acknowledgement of April as sexual assault awareness month, author Jim C. Hines is running his annual Fundraiser for Rape Crisis Centers. There are reportedly more authors offering books for prizes than he knows what to do with, with new prizes made available to win at every $250 USD mark up through $3000, and prizes currently listed through $4000. So far, over $2000 has been raised, and nine prizes have been unlocked to nine potential winners. The contest is drawing-style, and you don't actually have to donate anything to be eligible, since there's raffle laws and such that are a pain to deal with, but it's a very worthy cause with some great prizes available. I'm probably going to be too strapped for cash to donate myself, but I encourage everyone who has the means to consider donating.

In fuzzier news, have some pictures of my pet rats sniffing some daffodils: Fuzzies! )

And that's all for now. I imagine I'll actually be doing an amigurumi pic dump soon-ish, to include Pony!Sephiroth and a seal-point griffin, so look forward to that.
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personhood for people with uteri
[Image: Backround text is a single word: "Personhood"; foreground reads "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness... for people with uteri. Sign the petition at" Bottom line: "autonomy | dignity | respect | the right of consent | safety | security | opportunity | access | equality"]

Click the image or here to sign the petition. Though it looks like you do have to include a street, you don't have to use your street number if you want a smidge of extra privacy.

For more information on the Personhood Amendment for People With Uteri, go here.

To post this in your own blog, copy/paste the following:


For a fun(?) chaser, go check out the Bad Romance/Women's Suffrage video here, from the people who brought us that Too Late To Apologize/Declaration of Independence mashup. [Content Note: Video contains scenes of forced hospitalization/institutionalization and violence.]

Lyrics are available here, and I'm willing to copy-paste if you have trouble reading them on the site. I'll see if I can't get my hands on an mp3 for those who can't access YouTube.
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[CONTENT NOTE: Discussion of all sorts of -isms and marginalizations]

Immediately after my previous post, I started wondering to myself: What sort of unique problems might a superhero of color face? After coming up with a few, I started asking myself about other marginalized groups: LGBTQIA folks, women, PWD, and people in lower income brackets were the ones that came to my mind, though that's far from a comprehensive list, I'm sure. After a little bit more thought, I started wondering what answers other people might be able to come up with, what insights they - YOU, really - could share: How many things am I missing due to my own privilege and having been raised in a kyriarchy?

In the hopes of inviting respectful discussion and observation, I decided to open a post on the subject. I hope this will generate more thought on the topic, on how intersecting identities, secret or not, will affect their life experiences in and out of costume, and ultimately that it will inspire more people to incorporate these issues directly into superhero-related media. In that light, I'd like to invite you to link this around, since the more exposure it gets, the more discussion and thinking it's likely to generate.

Note that while being respectful is required, being polite is not; I won't be here all the time, but I'll do my best to shut down any trolls as I become aware of them (knock on wood). Meta issues are welcome, but please preface them with the word "meta" in brackets and all caps like so: [META]. Thanks in advance for your cooperation, less than three!

I'll get us started here... )
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[CONTENT NOTE: Discussion of homophobia, misogyny, racism, ablism, and transphobia, mostly in the 'passive' sense.]

Disclaimer: With only one read through under my belt on an as-it-comes-out basis, and nearly ten years' worth of almost daily comics to go through if I want to check anything, I'm probably forgetting stuff! A bunch of stuff, even. Everything in here is to the best of my memory, and I welcome corrections.

Cut for length )
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Haha, take that memory! I've outsmarted you! I listed the things I wanted to write about while I still remembered them, and then the automatic draft saving thing took care of the rest! I am triumphant!


Humorless Feminist Tidbit: There's going to be this Dan Savage/It Gets Better event sorta thing in a couple of weeks that the Quire has been invited to participate in. I have slightly conflicting feelings about participating in it myself. For one thing, as I'm fairly certain I've mentioned before, the It Gets Better project itself is steeped in privilege. For another, Dan Savage is a giant asshole.

On the other hand, it could be a legitimately fun time. There might actually be nothing that makes me cringe (or at least no more than anywhere else in life - look at my low standards!). It's definitely in support of the community, and while Savage himself may be transphobic and misogynist, not everyone involved in the event will be, I'm sure. And who knows, ways to make it better might actually come up.

So yeah. Conflicted. Humorless feminist tidbit over, for now.

Time now for crochet pictures, yay! Ted Kord, AKA the Blue Beetle II )

Anyway, he, the Hetalia boys, and Dobby are all now in a box, ready to be whisked away by the USPS to their new home <3 And I am ready for a break from crochet. Er, as soon as I can convince my craft-hungry brain of the idea, that is.

My current crochet-related plan(s) are as follows:
1) A month off from crochet to let my hands have a break. This will be somewhat difficult, as my brain is currently fully in Crochet Mode, but I will be doing my best.
2) Two Despicable Me minions for my mom.
3) A legitimate medium-sized person plush or three. (Princesses, maybe? I've been meaning to get to them for a while, after all...)
4) [MLP:FiM] Ponies, probably. (Fluttershy and Rarity, perhaps? Though how I'll manage Rarity's curls, I've no notion.)
5) ???

All of that is in order, though one or more things may be interrupted if [ profile] help_japan has a second full round. I mean, I'll probably try to avoid putting off giving my hands a break, but if it comes down to it...

That's about all from my end today. I'll probably try to distract myself from crochet with Pokémon White (and/or Black, etc) for a while, though hopefully I'll also be able to distract myself with writing, drawing, and updating [personal profile] hooked_on_anime. I guess we'll see how it goes.
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[Trigger Warning for transphobia, homophobia]

Background for this is over here; same trigger warning applies.

Socchan VS Roommate J's Internalized/Unconscious Transphobia: Round One )

Unfortunately, Round One used up my "Remember that story you told the other day" approach, as well as (potentially) the What You Did conversation. I'm going to have to re-strategize for Round Two. Current plan is to approach from the other side by explaining the idea of Internalized -Isms. I have no idea as yet what to do if that fails. (Maybe I could attempt to shut down her "I'm not transphobic!" derail/shut down with "Shut up and listen to what I'm actually trying to tell you"? Gah... I'm so much less organized in immediate conversations than respond-as-you-have-time conversations (e-mail, LJ/forum/blog comments, etc).)
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So my roommate J is back from seeing her family/hometown friends over American Thanksgiving. And she wanted to tell me some funny stories about it! (I, on the other hand, never left the area, and just didn't tell any stories on the internet, like a champion. Let's go play the Not Update Game! Anyhow, back on topic.)

Cut for stories, length, rant [TW on one of the stories for homophobia/transphobia] )

In the end, I suppose that I'm just not interested in a lot of things she wants to talk about that she thinks I would be interested in, and I just feel like saying something more when she's being offensive.

...While I'm at it, Privilege Is: Being able to let her walk away from a conversation like that. Which I guess I will be confronting tomorrow, but privilege still allows me to do so at a later time, rather than lay awake for hours upon hours, worrying what she would say about me if she unexpectedly saw me dressing in drag about town or something. Now I guess I just need to figure out what exactly to say/how to approach this =_=
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For those of you looking forward to it, I am happy to announce that I now have a guest post up on Shakesville about that horrendous female character flowchart from last week. It can be found here: The Solution Is Obviously to Write No More Female Characters at All

It's got a number of great links of its own, and is almost certain to have some great commentary. It may even help spread the issue a bit more (hope, hope).

On a somewhat related note, Privilege Is: Being able to walk down two flights of stairs and one block uphill to a public facility to use the restroom, and back, when the water is turned off for maintenance in one's apartment.
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Hey all you gamer dudes out there! If you're wondering why there aren't more women/girls into gaming, this post might be for you! Just remember, you have to actually read and take to heart some of this stuff, or it'll stay that way FOREVER.

For everyone it might affect, this post carries a Trigger Warning for misogyny.

Herein is The List )

Have a link to something you think I should have here? I'd love to add it! Drop it in a comment and I'll put it up when I've got the time/energy :)

Disclaimers: Yes, so far this list is only addressing misogyny. That's mostly because I'm pretty sure the question(s) "Why aren't there more gamers of color/queer gamers? (etc)" don't come up nearly as often, though that in no way means posts like this one for other marginalized gamer sub-groups shouldn't exist. It just means I'm only addressing the one question at this time (intersectionality acknowledged), especially since the question is usually framed in such a way that suggests that women/girls are a commodity, rather than people.

This post is also skewed heavily towards video gaming in particular, and probably more than a little US-centric.

Edit 9/20/10: Thank you everyone for all your input so far :) The list is currently on the backburner, but I'll definitely be getting back to it eventually.
Edit 10/8/10:
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Putting on my Hurmorless Feminist hat for a moment here (yeah, I know, as if I ever take it off):

Obama orders hospitals to grant same-sex couples visitation rights

SPOILER ALERT: I am a killjoy under this cut )

Here's hoping it's the first step of many in the right direction.

(Hat tip to a frequent commenter at Shakesville.)

* Not a Fahrenheit reference; today's Obama's 451st day in office.
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I was totally going to do a post warning about how the main auction at [ profile] help_haiti was closing soon, except A) I slept in until noon today, since school was canceled, and B) I got the closing time mixed up, not realizing it meant noon instead of midnight. W-whoops.

In any case! Bidding ended today a few hours ago. Here's something you may want to take a look at: Auction Closing Procedures. I will definitely be reading it closely myself at some point in the very near future.

In other linkblogging news: Liberal Bloggers to Obama and Dems: We Told You So

Also, while I normally have the utmost respect for Neil Gaiman, I really can't approve of his use of the word "bitch." (Trigger Warning for last link.)

Thanks to a [ profile] lightbird777, I was expecting the Depp-seems-to-be-on-Team-Polanski thing. Even if I don't care much for Gaiman's solo work, however, this feels like more of a slap in the face.

Edit: Neil Gaiman, when negative reactions to his use of "bitch" were presented to him, has just said he will try to do better in the future". While he doesn't seem to feel contrite about its use in the George R. R. Martin post (where it is definitely used to mean "Someone who is at your disposal to use however you like", with the sexual implications all but out loud), it is at least slightly encouraging.

Edit 2: Aaaaand now we're moving backwards. *sigh*

Trigger warning )

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