Jan. 17th, 2012 02:39 pm
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Griffin time, woo!

Griffin pics )

Another quick reminder, I've got an offer for custom crochet work up for bidding here at [ profile] help_mindanao. It's open through the 20th, so take a glance if you've got the cash to spare on flood relief.
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Presenting: crocheted Jig the Goblin, from the series by [ profile] jimhines.

I've other pics to post, but Jig gets his own entry, since otherwise it's going to be an all-you-can-eat bandwidth buffet, and I already learned the hard way that that's a bad idea. Bandwidth cafeteria is much better.

Plush Jig the Goblin )

As a reminder, the crochet pattern for Smudge (with instructions on how to make the fire) is over here. Jig's pattern is not up yet, but should be by the end of the week - feel free to bug me if it isn't. It is very similar to Dobby the House Elf's pattern, though, if you want to give alteration a try.

As a second reminder, I've made my crochet services available for the fannish charity auction [ profile] help_mindanao right over here. So if you think you'd like something crocheted by me, this is a great opportunity to get it!
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So, you may or may not remember me mentioning a secret plan I possibly had back when I made that thar dolphin amigurumi, like, a week ago-ish? Well. I did have a secret plan, and now I am here to show you the results :Db

From [ profile] jimhines's Jig the Goblin series, I present Smudge the fire-spider )

Anyhow, Smudge. Yes.
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It's time for more amigurumi! Yaaaay \o/

These are the cute ones. My NSFW one (if anyone remembers Chinko, this is is het partner), who I have finally photographed, will be reserved for my next post.

One of these is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever crocheted )

In other news! Point Three of this post may have finally sold me on DreamWidth. Mostly because my main issue with any given journal site is how I never seem to follow my friends/watching/reading/whatever list on those alternate journals :| The only thing that could possibly sell me more is if they fixed that one thing where you have to post multiple times to crosspost* anywhere. Having said that, I have done no actual checking out of anything at the home site, so they may indeed have fixed this already.

* Ideally, in my mind, you'd be able to just ctrl + click the places you'd like the post to show up, as with things like tags and memories, and then all of them lead to the same damn page (though I suppose the problem there would be the question of which page it would lead to, especially if you're not also posting to your own journal - maybe it would be a post on your journal that would show up as private on your journal? IDK). Clever coding might also be able to tweak things so the entry will show up only once on friends lists, rather than the multiple times crossposting on LJ will get you (provided you have these places friended).

I have no idea yet whether I'll be trying to whore for an invite, or whether I'll just be waiting until the service is open to people buying accounts.

Oh, and someone please remind me to get off my lazy ass and make a post to the AI forums and reply to emails. I need a kick in the pants :/

Edit: Dear Self,

If you're going to be using your Gmail account for important things, like, oh, AI FORUM STUFF, please to remember to check it more than once a month.


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Today [ profile] socchan made a very interesting trip.

On the way from the blood donors' she was abducted by aliens )

This message has been paid for by the Brain Slug Party of Earth. Please contact your local representative with intents to visit the Brain Slug Planet as soon as possible.
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You may recognize this particular character...

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I have been selected for jury duty! ...Now watch as I completely fail to fill out the stupid required paperwork. If anyone had told me that filling out forms was involved, I never would have wanted to get involved with it, s-sob T-T

Other things I am currently failing to do: type up minutes for Mindbridge metting, o-orz. It's been more than a week, I need to get off my lazy ass and type the damn things up already DD: ...On the other hand, I'm pretty sure they all realized I was a hard and reluctant sell to the idea of being secretary in the first place, BUT STILL. I ACCEPTED. I NEED TO BE RESPONSIBLE ALREADY. Someone nag me plz, kthx.

I also feel I should mention that school was canceled Wednesday through Friday. Yes, you read that right. Three days in a row, canceled due to "inclement weather". I can't help but think Friday was at least partially due to the unlikelihood that the teachers would even get their students' attention for two minutes, given that we've got a long weekend ahead of us on top of their previous two days off, but still. It's a little much :/ God, my paycheck for this week is going to be so pathetic DD:

In other news, I've been at the hook again. What can I say? I'm hooked :P *shot* I crocheted a small lion and tiger, whose body styles were inspired by that "Only In Kenya" flash vid (though, for the record, tigers are native to Asia, not Africa). I'm torn on whether to make my next amigurumi a zebra or a bear.

Oh, I also gave TeenyThulhu to a coworker who I identified for the longest time by the local sci-fi convention shirt she occasionally wears X3 It was. Amusing.

Me: This is for you!
She: Oh how cute! I always wanted a green, five-legged octopus thing!
Me: ...I thought the color would've given it away :/
She: *looks at it again* Oh. Oh! *sputter, snicker, sporfle*
Me: :DDD

This was followed by her trying to explain Cthulhu to a few of our other coworkers, which did not quite go as well as it might have.

On a completely different note, is anyone on my f'list looking for an apartment at the moment? 'Cuz my aunt's looking for a tenant herself (right now), and Pat's probably leaving Chris and me to our own devices come August (Hi, Pat!), and well. I can't object to having friends in town, now can I? [ profile] candy__chan? [ profile] kaitodoushi? I can't convince you to move to nice, liberal My Area, can I? *eyelashbatting*

And now, off to. I don't know, actually. Maybe get around to doing something I'm supposed to be doing? Well, hopefully, I guess. Oh, and third manga rec coming... later. Eventually later. I swear.
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...Well, I did it.

Teeny, Tiny Amigurumi Cthulhus )

Futurama Brain Slugs are on my list for when I find the right color yarn - which shouldn't be too hard, once I go out and look for it. Until then, the list is kinda open.
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Dear Self,

Despite what you may think, a dinner of chocolate frosting and peanut butter cookie dough is not an appropriate dinner, especially to "ring in the new year".

Try something with actual substance.

Common Sense

What might be appropriate for ringing in the new year is my first amigurumi :Db ...I didn't actually use a pattern, except for the head. After that, I made it up as I went along. Still, I have hope that I can maybe make a squid or a cuttlefish next with this method :3

Brain: Or you could make the same thing again, except in that dark green from you Objection Gloves, at least three fewer (and shorter) tentacles, and a unibrow.
Socchan: ...Amigurumi Cthulu. I'll. Think about it?
Brain: :DDD

1) Do not hate on things I haven't actually seen/read/whatevered to an irrational degree
2) Work more on saying "no"
3) Also get to work on disagreeing politely and in such a way that won't prolong the conversation
4) RATS! Consider training, maybe?
5) Actually finish a few of my WIPs already, sheesh

I've already signed up for [ profile] fic_off for the fifth, and hopefully I'll actually manage to pull it off this year (with a little self-discipline); as for the rest, it's really up to me.

Unless I go ahead and create that "nagging" community. Then I could foist some of the responsibility off onto my fellow members ♥
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I forgot a craft! Shame on me D:

A very manly hat )

One day, what I would really like to see, is the Interplanetary Travel Sci-Fi Show where the main character is a single mom who's caught up in everything for some reason and is probably dragging her kid(s) along for the ride as well.

Also, if for any reason I ever get around to making a hentai series, I want my first one to be a series as told from the point of view of a group (or possibly just one? IDK) of traveling Aliens Who Make Them Do It. Like... they're part of some interplanetary cupid/matchmaking thing that is basically never wrong, and they've just decided or figured out somehow that the easiest possible way to take care of getting the various folks together is to arrange for circumstances in such away as previously mentioned.

Y-yeah. Guess who's been watching too much dorky sci-fi/reading too much fanfic of series in said genre! I have just discovered Farscape. My love for Jim Henson and his related works grows by leaps and bounds each day, it seems.

...I think there might have been something else, but I can't seem to remember it at the moment. Oh, well! Time to go play with (and then medicate one of) the rats!

Edit: OH YEAH, that's what it was! ...I got about $45 in iTunes gift certificates for Xmas. H-how do they work?

Edit 2: DAMMIT, ARI! Just because I'm force-feeding you icky medicine, that doesn't mean I don't love you! In fact, it's because I love you that I'm force-feeding you icky medicine! (I even mixed it up with apple juice, just for you, but you didn't like it DD:) SO WOULD YOU STOP POOPING ON ME ALREADY?!

Ari: ...D: If this is love, then I don't want it! *poop poop poop*
Socchan: -_-#

My good family sweatshirt, sob sob DD:
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H'okay, let's make it official, at least: It appears that I will in no way, shape or form be following through on my "twelve days of stuff" plan. Oh, well! Now that that's off my chest, time to move on to other things! Things like...

Crochet! )

Duct Tape )

In other news, Ari has an ear infection DD: Took him to the vet's this morning since he had a bit of a head tilt going, and they confirmed my guess and gave me some antibiotics and a painkiller for him to take. The course'll run two weeks, though if he gets worse I'll need to take him in. Sadly, while there is a good chance that the antibiotics will at least help the head tilt some, the vet said that in her experience, only 30% of rats ever lost it completely. Still, she did say that rats with head tilts seemed to do fairly well - and given that Ari still has most of his coordination even with the infection, I'm inclined to take her word for it.

So cheer up, Ari! Get better! First meds dose tonight so I can get on an every-twelve-hours schedule I can keep when work starts again, okay? Okay.
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I've finished Mary-Sue!

Pictures under here )

Have not yet gotten to any other craft projects, but I hope to soon. Also, my brother and father are now in Tuscon, so Tomas can do his work with NASA! \o\ Go li'l bro! Find out stuff about those crazy Mars rocks that you will not actually see in person but will only be interpreting data from but are still very cool!

(Special bonus! Phone call today:
Dad: So, [ profile] socchan, anything I can bring you from Tuscon?
Socchan: Well, IIRC, I do have a number of friends in the area :DDD
Dad: I don't think they'd fit too well in the overhead compartments.

...Which translates as "Hi!" to anyone in the area. Hi! By proxy! Of... my family sorta being there (and not me).)


Jul. 8th, 2008 03:39 pm
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Finally got around to demolishing that discarded copy of Twilight and turning it into art. By now I've got the hands of Mary-Sue completed, plus the book she'll be reading, in addition to the head, but the head is all I've got a picture of at the moment.

Mary-Sue seen here )

Other things I am planning/hoping to make in the near future:
- Plush kodamas, with heads that really spin and rattle! (I have not yet figured out a way to make them jerk/click into place as they do in the movie, but hey! Spinning and rattling!)
- Yarn-and-pipecleaner pompon soot sprites, with googley eyes
- More anime/recycled manga purses; I'm planning on making at least a few with old Pokémon cards, too :3
- Wall-E and Eve earrings ♥ They'd have to be tiny, but they'd probably be worth it. Socute!

AAaaand that's all I can think of right now. Pictures of things forthcoming as I make them.

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