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Another sample from Metamour or Less, to try and see if anyone is interested in sensitivity reading for it. First sample can be found over here.

*tease tease tease* )
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Part 3 of Him/Me/You/Her is going pretty well at the moment. It might be finished as early as tomorrow night, though I'll still probably want to wait a day or so after finishing it before posting, if only for editing's sake. It helps that I had it almost entirely blocked out before I was even half done with Part 2 9_9a

Part 2 itself was pretty well received, as far as I can tell. I really do want to have Part 3 out there sooner rather than later, since it ended more suspensefully than Part 1. I told myself from the beginning that I wouldn't post Part 2 until I had Part 3 almost ready to go, just because I knew when the break would happen, and also know in intimate detail how my attention span does (or rather, doesn't) work. I'll admit, I didn't expect to be mostly done with Part 3 before Part 2 when I made that plan, but if it works, it works.

I definitely want to dive back into Metamour or Less after I'm done with this. More info plus teaser )

I'd estimate the fic's around half done, with two-ish scenes left to be written, and some extra work to be done on the one in the middle. I am happy to talk about it, though, if anyone wants to know more :3

At any rate, Him/Me/You/Her needs to be finished first, but I'm excited about both of them, and also whatever comes after :3
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So I was gonna post this link with an explanation of what I'm using it for, but decided against it. Then I was going to make a private post with the link, because the main reason I'm posting it here at all is so I don't lose it again. But now I've decided to post the link publicly without any other context besides the tags below, because it amuses me to do so.

They had feathers you coward!

Story Idea

Feb. 18th, 2018 10:23 pm
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This is probably more of an "I enjoy thinking about this" idea than an "I will actually sit down and write this one day" idea, but stranger things have happened.

The premise, in ten words or less: Fairy Godmother Gone Rogue )

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