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Okay, this is a post I've been meaning to make for a while now. It's also something that's really important to me, so I hope you'll give it a read.

Right now, and probably through at least the 25th of December, Michael's is selling 100 piece art sets for $3.00 USD each. Some days, it's lower; some days you can get a coupon that will let you take "[some percent] Off Your Total Purchase Including Sale Items!". The regular price is $7.00 USD. The kit includes a drawing pad, but the pad in question is teeny-tiny; if you look around at drugstores, or visit whatever dollar store is near-by, you may be able to find a supplemental drawing pad that's an actual decent size, for as little as a dollar.

So, for under five dollars, you can potentially give a child in need the following:
* A creative outlet
* A way to communicate
* Something to help them develop or refine their motor skills
* Something they can own
* A door to a world, or many worlds, that they have complete control of

This list is incomplete. I'm sure that you can think of other items that can go on it, and I'm even more sure that any child who receives such a gift can find at least as many of them on their own. Some of these benefits can last a lifetime. Something like this is a great gift for any gender and many ages, as well.

Please spread this around! I feel like it's a great way to help kids in need that not a lot of people have considered, and a very affordable one at that. Even if you personally can't afford it, spreading the word helps and is very much appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who stopped to read this, and in advance to anyone who chooses to signal boost :)

(Tumblr version is here, for easy reblogging that way.)

Oh right!

Dec. 7th, 2013 09:32 pm
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My offers are up at [ profile] sterekcampaign for their Wolf Pack Charity Project. I'm offering one fannish Ship in a Bottle, winning bidder's choice of ship (limit to two characters due to size constraints), and one custom crocheted item (size/level of detail goes up with bid amount; bid total can be split between multiple items). I've already got someone on the minimum bid for both items, but I would love it if either or both of them (preferably both) went for more than that. I am equipped to help out with shipping package transportation at this time, if that makes the option more viable for you.

The auction closes on Monday, December 9th at 10:00pm EST.

And now it is time for sleep, as I worked nearly thirteen hours today and will likely work more than eight tomorrow. I think I've managed to the trick of not hating things from being associated with trying times, but the "cookie staycation" my workplace is hosting is really going to put that to the test.
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Because apparently nothing can stop my quest to raise money for disaster relief.

In addition to rare-patterned Vivillon, infectable with the Pokerus, and my flying pig amigurumi pattern, with unlockable goals, I am now offering a signed paperback copy of [ profile] jimhines's book Libriomancer. Right now all it's got is his signature, but if someone "buys" it in the next forty-eight hours-ish, I can get it more specifically inscribed.
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One of my favorite stories that I've written is a short original fairy-tale I called Courting Yuki-Onna. The idea came to me one day when I had been walking in the falling snow and started thinking of the activity as "courting Yuki-Onna". I wrote the story shortly after that.

Then, a while back, [ profile] ashiiblack offered her podficcing services in the Buy It Now section of a fandom charity event. I had been thinking wistfully of getting Courting Yuki-Onna recorded for a while, and her offer was in my (very limited) price range. After giving one of her podfics a quick listen to see if I liked her style (and I did), I pounced on her offer.

Ashiiblack did an amazing job on my story. She reads it like a legend or fairy-tale, which is how I wrote it, and with perfect emotion. I squirmed with delight when listening to it the first time, and am very much looking forward not only to listening to it again (and again, and again), but to sharing it with my RL friends and family.

You can find the podfic available both in streaming and to download below. The version with music is really wonderful; the song Ashiiblack chose is an excellent match, and it enhances the fantastic nature of the story. If you have audio processing issues, though, do not fear, for Ashiiblack was kind enough to provide a version without music as well. I've also linked the original written version, if listening is not your thing, for whatever reason.

I hope you enjoy my story and, if you are able to, Ashiiblack's wonderful recording of it.

Version with music: Listen | Download
Version without music: Listen | Download
Written version: Courting Yuki-Onna
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I have donated $40 USD at [ profile] fandomaid's Buy It Now campaign to support the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, and am officially cutting myself off. It wouldn't be financially wise for me to continue, more's the pity.

I do have a birthday at the end of the month, though, and if someone were to donate $3-5 to "buy" me one or both of these, I can guarantee my delight. Edit: Thank you, [personal profile] chash! You are 100% concentrated awesome ♥

Oh! Also cool! I made the spotlight list with my Vivillon offer :D You should definitely check out some of the other stuff on that list, too. Not in a hinting-for-a-gift-for-me way, in a you-should-actually-take-a-look way, if only to see some of the interesting things people are offering (and maybe get ideas yourself!). The list includes hand-rolled, flavored chocolate truffles. Excuse me as I drool.

Edit: What the hell, why not. Now offering my flying pig crochet pattern in exchange for donations, with several "upgrades" available.

Edit 2: OMG, check these out. Jim Hines talked about the first one over here. *whimpers quietly* Want.
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[ profile] fandomaid is running a Buy It Now fundraiser to support relief efforts for Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. You can find the fundraiser here.

I now have disposable income and there are so many things I want to "buy". (The 6500 word original story for a minimum of $3 is particularly making me boggle, though the "het only" requirement is making me sadface pretty proportionately.) I'm currently crossing my fingers that some kind soul will see fit to offer an original music composition - hopefully with optional lyrics - because for years now I've been craving a legit 'Song of the Lioness' that I can actually hum/sing/listen to.

I think I'm going to offer one custom crocheted kitty and possibly also some of my rarer duplicate Vivillon. Edit: Vivillon offer is up here; custom crocheted kitty offer is up here. [Edit] Kitty is sold! [/edit]

On a completely different note: I seriously want a story about a Native American culinarian (of a particular tribe) who specializes in traditional flavors/dishes/preparation methods, and I want it to be called Sioux Chef. You cannot make me unwant this. (Well, you can't make me unwant this if it's done well. If it's done disrespectfully, then I don't want it.)
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Trying to track down the total I've raised for charity for the "volunteering" section on my resume/portfolio/whatever. I think I've gotten the gist of it, but I could certainly be wrong about any of the numbers. Regardless, I'm fairly pleased with my success.

Cut for list/totals )
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Over 900 people in Mindanao, Philippines, have died in the floods that Typhoon Sendong (local name)/Washi (international name) just days before Christmas. Hundreds more are missing.

Please help us in putting together donations for these people who desperately need your help.

[ profile] help_mindanao

Well, you know me; I'm always eager to help out a good cause. I know money might be a little tight since a number of big holidays just ended, but please do consider taking a look around. Or maybe offer something yourself!

If nothing else, please spread the word. The community itself is in an S2 stile, comments likewise, so LJ's new default comment form shouldn't be a problem.

My customary offer is up here.
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Just a small picdump this time. I would've included pictures of Dragon, since it's done, but I ended up not liking any of them :/ He'll be in the next one with Dr. Whooves and PegaCid (and hopefully also wedding cranes).

Mechazawa Beta )

Nitori )

As far as my other projects go:
* Dr. Whoof and Epic Dragon are done and ready for their photo shoots
* PegaCid has his jacket and scarf finished and his mane and tail attached; I still need to make his face and cutie mark, as well as boots and googles
* Wedding cranes are on my to-do list immediately after PegaCid is finished
* They are to be followed by Time Trial/Constellation epic dragon, who will be gorgeous
* Somewhere in there, either before or after TT/C dragon, will be either something more artsy (I'm hoping for Venus de Milo, though I'd also go for nailing down the pattern on Woman With Plants) or something cute (fruit! with faces!)
* Anything else :P
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Epic photo dump ahoy! Not only are there three projects I've been sitting on pictures of for far too long, I just finished another three within the past week or so. I've really been booking on my projects lately, which is good :3b

Anywho, pictures.

Kittehs )

Pyralspite )

Senator Lemonsnout )

Bearbee )

Kaien Cross )

Rose and Kanaya )

Today I got to work on FFVIIVincent!Pony. Or perhaps I should say back to work, as his basic body has been done since before AI 9_9a Anyway, I've been using this pic as a reference, and he now has hair and some very fancy horseshoes going for him. The gold isn't quite the right color, but I figure it's probably close enough. I plan to tackle his cloak tomorrow, maybe get his eyes and cutie mark on Tuesday? We'll see how things go. My current goal is to have him done by this weekend, so he can go to his new home (and hopefully I'll be able to start work on one of his buddies).

I also wanted to say that I've been thoroughly encouraged to put together some good crochet works and take them by our local ritzy 3D art shop, see if they wouldn't be interested in selling them :) At first I was thinking things along the lines of Tiny Tiger, but my parents suggested I go with Woman With Plant(s) and the like instead. So now I need to think of other paintings to imitate with crochet. Any suggestions, lovely f'list/circle?

Final thing! Just a quick reminder that I've got a charity offer up at [ profile] fandomaid to benefit Somalia, which is suffering from a terrible drought, famine, and cholera outbreak. Please consider bidding and/or offering to show your support, or at least spread the word.
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[ profile] fandomaid has a fandom auction set up for relief in Somalia, which is currently suffering a horrible drought, famine, and a cholera outbreak. My offer is up here.

Please spread the word and consider offering and/or bidding yourself.
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My offer is up at [ profile] help_haiti! If you've ever wanted a plush thing made by me, and want an excuse to donate to the Haiti relief effort, this is the perfect opportunity ;) (So nervous, omg *_*)

While you're there, feel free to take a look around the community as a whole, or consider donating something yourself. There's a bunch of people offering all sorts of different things, from BNFs with offers of fics and/or art, to Little Kuriboh of YuGiOh! Abridged fame offering a video with vocals. Check it out :3b


Still working on cleaning my room. I've made considerable progress since when I started, but there's still a ways to go.

Among the piles, I managed to find some of the flashcards I made for myself in the one semester of Spanish I took. I've got eight verbs, fourteen adjectives, and one-and-a-half seasons(?). They're completely adorable, if I do say so myself :)

I also found the Zatar bread recipe I thought I'd lost forever ago. I'll be sticking it up here, in case A) I lose the paper it's written on again, and/or B) someone else is interested in making it.

The recipe is as follows: Zatar Bread )

I'd best get to distracting myself, now; otherwise, I'll just end up staring at my computer screen, waiting and hoping for my inbox to become un-empty.

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