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You may recall from my most recent Amigurumi pic dump that I had a very special story behind the corn that I wasn't mentioning?

Well, today I'm finally going to talk about it :D (Online, that is. I already spilled the beans IRL several times over, but it's harder to internet search RL conversations ;) )

See, a few AI staff meetings back, the head of our Guests department approached me with a request. She knew I crocheted neat things, and had seen the cheetah griffin I was working on; would I be interested in maybe making something to give to this year's guests of honor? Maybe a little kernel of corn or something? She/the convention would be paying me for my work.

Of course I said yes! I estimated a price and told her I'd come up with a pattern by the next meeting. I managed it easily and showed up with fifteen mini-corns ready-made. The guests head loved them and paid me on the spot, while asking for another two now that she had the final number count of guests.

The guests head stopped by today to tell me that most of the guests had gotten their bags by now, and that they'd all loved the mini-corn. They loved them even more when they found out about the husk thing! Greg Ayers, well known for dying his hair in bright colors, was particularly tickled that I'd given his mini-corn rainbow cornsilk ;) I am so pleased by the results. I hope I can do something like this again!
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