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I kinda felt like I was spamming yesterday, so here's a couple more belatedly:

The Pokemon Chandelure

Chandelure (I don't have a good title for this one)

Guess who finally figured out a good Pokemon color match for the Nonbinary Pride flag? This person!

Now a shirt!

Gardevoir, Milotic, and Chandelure say that Trans is Beautiful

Trans Is Beautiful Trio

Updated from the first version, which only had Gardevoir and Milotic. (I absolutely cheated on sizing for Chandelure; I'll probably tweak it a bit for the final version that'll go up on TeePublic, but this works better for coloring, IMO.) I always planned to go back and include the Nonbinary Pride colors as soon as I could figure out a good match for them, it just took a bit longer than I expected - plus there was the Redbubble merge, and I was a bit paranoid about that, so. Anyway, finalized TeePublic art is forthcoming! In the mean time, feel free to print and color :Db

Edit: Shirt now available! It turned out really fantastic too, OMG ♥
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At last, the culmination of months of sporadic work: The Pokemon Ragtime Show!

Ragtime-themed Totodile

First is Totodile, originally drawn for Pokemon GO's Totodile Community Day.

Ragtime trio Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile

Here's the whole trio together, all ready for the show. It feels like something's missing, though...

Ragtime-themed Pichu

That's it! That's what we need! We need one more Pokemon to make this...

Ragtime pokemon quartet Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, and Pichu

...A Pokemart Quartet! Appearing soon at the radio station in Goldenrod City!


Pichu running for a hug

The Pichu I had to draw first so I could get the hat right :P
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I decided to go through and simplify my first batch of Pokemon coloring pages, removing the concentric lines to make them easier to color. I've got a few more to post after this, including the conclusion(?) of the Ragtime Pokemon set, but some of them still need some editing, and I don't want to do an absolutely huge image dump right off the bat.

Here we go! Click on the thumbnails for nice, big, printable versions of the coloring pages.

Gastly spooks Cyndaquil
"Astonish (Simple)"

Bulbasaur smiling at some cherry blossoms
"Petal Dance (Simple)"

Spinda plays the tambourine
"Own Tempo (Simple)"

Piplup looking up at some bubbles
"Calm Mind (Simple)"

Bellsprout looks up at Solrock
"Solar Beam (Simple)"

Butterfree sniffing a Floette's flower
"Sweet Scent (Simple)"
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Woo, got these all finished and scanned!

Ditto meets Mimikyu


What happens when a look-a-like meets a look-a-liker? Instant cute, that's what! Ditto is mid-transformation so it's easier to tell which one it is. I... really couldn't think of any better ideas to display Ditto in all of its Ditto-ness.

Lineart of Cyndaquil, Quilava, and Typhlosion

"Cyndaquil Family Portrait"

Companion piece to the Chikorita Family Portrait, because why not. Starters are popular, and I really liked the way the first one turned out, so I figured I'd continue the theme. Also inspired by next weekend's PoGo Community Day. We'll see how people like it :) (I really did want to do something similar for last month's CD, but it turns out that Beldum is pretty hard to draw!)

Lineart of Cyndaquil with a straw hat and cane

"Hello My Cindi"

Part two of the four(?) part Pokemart Trio set! Another companion piece to a previous Chikorita page. I'm really pleased with how this one turned out; I was really unsure how I was going to pose Cyndaquil before I drew it, but it looks super cute, and a lot more confident than I initially expected. Totodile will be next to round out the set. and then I plan to smoosh them all together into one image for the full effect.
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Chikorita in a Mismagius costume


In honor of Halloween, and because it's cute and it rhymes. Also Chikorita is surprisingly fun to draw? No complaints here!

Charmander handing an egg to Murkrow


One of my local Pokemon Go friends is quite fond of my coloring pages, and mentioned that if I ever had any of Charmander, Murkrow, or Ditto, she would love them, since those are her son's favorite Pokemon. I had actually been vaguely looking/hoping for some more non-Community Day/non-Pride shirt coloring page ideas, and promptly took her remark as a prompt ;) I could only manage these two in one drawing, but Ditto will be following up shortly in a pic with Mimikyu (that I still need to scan).

Bidoof leaning on a log with a bi pride symbol

"Bi Doof"

Speaking of Pride shirts, here's Bi Doof Bidoof! I'd been wanting to do something with that pun ever since it occurred to me, lol. I am a bi doof, and I own it. My only regret is that the purple stripe in the bi pride flag is such a dull shade, even compared to the navy blue; I really wish it popped a bit more. Maybe I'll re-color the shirt if I manage to find someplace other than TeePublic to take my stuff.

Gardevoir and Milotic say that Trans is Beautiful

"Trans is Beautiful"

Holy cats, I almost missed this one! Anyway, [personal profile] redsixwing initially suggested Milotic as a subject, since its colors are basically the same as the Trans Pride flag. After some thought, I came up with Gardevoir as one with colors nearly the same as the Genderqueer Pride flag. Since Gardevoir is commonly thought of as a particularly lovely Pokemon, and Milotic is traditionally only available by making a rather shabby looking fish as beautiful as possible, I thought this was a fitting theme for the two of them. I have yet to come up with a Pokemon who is nearly Nonbinary Pride colored, but I'm sure I will sooner or later. (Pachirisu, maybe...? Turn those stripes purple, lean a bit more on the outline...)

Absol, the Disaster Pokemon

In addition to Milotic, [personal profile] redsixwing suggested tying Absol into the popular "Disaster Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Etc" meme. I loved the idea, but hadn't gotten around to incorporating text or anything before the announcement that RedBubble had acquired TeePublic. If I ever find another site to sell through, I'm planning on doing some recolors of Absol for the Disaster Queer shirts.

I had really hoped to have Absol laying down with a paw over its face, as if hiding from the world, but couldn't make the pose turn out right on paper. Still, Petulant!Absol is a pretty good compromise in my opinion.


I think that's all for now. In addition to the upcoming Ditto-and-Mimikyu pic, I've also got a Cyndaquil family portrait I'm working on for November's PoGo Community Day. I've got the rough done already, and really just need to tighten up the lines before I start inking. Hopefully I'll have a new shirts-and-stuff site before I get around to a Totodile family portrait.


Dec. 27th, 2017 10:37 pm
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*pulls self out of the dregs of December, panting* Okay, I made it!

So I'm officially calling myself "mostly back to normal for me" and have a cute new coloring page to celebrate. Behold!

Cleffa in the moon and stars


I feel like this is a good one for the upcoming new year :3 Also it's just super cute. It was originally going to be Suppi-chan, as a companion to Kero-chan/Guardian of the Sun - then I remembered that Suppi-chan is also sun-themed, but didn't want to erase the pretty darn good moon I'd already drawn, so I decided to use it for someone else. Someday I'll get to Suppi-chan, but it may take a while :P

I may also make a more complicated/detailed version of this with my concentric fill-in lines at some point, but I really liked it as a simple drawing, so I decided to scan a "cleaner" version of it first. This version can hang out with Unaware in the Easier To Color pile. ...Possibly I'll also turn it into an icon; it's got good dimensions for it.
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The Pokemon Vivillon with wings that resemble the Puerto Rico flag, lower wings with inverted red and blue

Puerto Rico Pattern Vivillon are complete! I decided to go with my second version, which I liked better anyway, but even moreso after coloring them both in. I also colored a version with all four wings like the flag instead of the bottom ones with colors switched, which you can click to here:

The Pokemon Vivillon with wings that resemble the Puerto Rico flag

And the lineart if you want to color your own can be found by clicking this pic:

Lineart of the Pokemon Vivillon with wings that resemble the Puerto Rico flag

I am 100% cool with these being used for general FLPR promotional stuff, if anyone is interested in doing so.
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Who likes coloring? 8D Here are all of my coloring pages so far, since AI is over, all in print quality (once you click the pictures).

Butterfree sniffs Floette's flower
"Sweet Scent"

Lineart of Bulbasaur and some cherry blossoms
"Petal Dance"

Spinda plays the tambourine
"Own Tempo"

Bellsprout stares up at Solrock
"Solar Beam"

Gastly surprises Cyndaquil

Piplup contemplates bubbles
"Calm Mind"

Kero-chan sits in front of a stylized drawing of the sun
"Guardian of the Sun"

AnimeIowa's mascot, Buu-chan, holding balloons next to the letters AI

Slowbro is confused; Shellder is angry

Shellder: It's our anniversary you big pink nitwit! I can't believe you forgot! I have half a mind to unfuse with you! *chew chew chew*
Slowbro: Was there something I was supposed to remember...?

Happy coloring, everyone!

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