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Part of feeling better and being more productive means that I'm actually watching some of my (horrifyingly massive) back catalogue of anime now while I crochet. Currently on the docket is Wedding Peach, because I am a shameless Magical Girl addict.

Tonight I just got to an episode where one of the main Devils is all, "The power of the angels' love will never be a match for the power of the devils' hate!" And I just thought, "Man, quadrants would put such an interesting spin on that."


If you can't tell that this now means I want concept art and/or an outline/description for an Alternian Magical Girl series, you don't know me at all.
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I started re-reading Homestuck the other day, because I needed something a little frivolous to do with my time and none of the fanfic summaries I'd browsed looked particularly appealing. Plus, I'd just checked the site, just to see if there had been any updates of any sort (there hadn't), and figured, why not? I mean, it probably means that the ultimate update will occur when I'm halfway through Act 5-1 or something, but whatever.

It's actually pretty refreshing, and I'm really enjoying the re-read. I like picking up on things that I either missed before or don't remember, and since it's been a good while since I've read any of Homestuck, it feels a lot less stale to me than my previous attempt at a re-read.

Anyway, I've been thinking mentioning my re-read for a while, but I just got to something that I've really gotta know about. Has that arm in the upper left hand corner always been there, or did AH seriously go back through the entire archive and re-post appropriate panels? Either way suggests serious dedication, but one of them implies a lot more forethought and seriously detailed planning than the other.

Oh, also, the instructions for summoning the zoologically dubious are incredibly hilarious. I hadn't read Problem Sleuth yet on my first reading of Homestuck, and that is just really fantastic.

Edit: Arm count: two, three, four*, five, Red Herring**, six, seven, eight, nine (when the plane is crashing and breaks the Hard Rock Cafe guitar), ten

* Arm count four also appears very shortly after a (the?) yardstick
** That's Nannaquin's hand, but it does bear a striking resemblance to John's

I'm probably missing like, a billion of these.

Edit 2: Check it: Early troll-convention naming style :O

Edit 3: Jade contemplates that dog ears might suit her.

Edit 4: Chocolate Boonbucks should totally be a candy bar y/y? That horrible flashing thing in the middle can be a holographic sticker.

Edit 5: This is ominous, right? It's not just me? "You have bound a subloop to the lifespan of the code's author, which is you. Any routine at the end will execute when you die. You figure this might be handy for coding something to release a final will and testament. Or maybe some doomsday virus." (I'm more worried about the 'final will and testament' than the doomsday virus, though I may have forgotten stuff.)

Edit 6: Hmmmm!
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Okay, I know it's been approximately a hundred and one internet years since I've even nodded at Homestuck fandom, but someone, someone please!

I desperately need the story of the chaotic evil male human wizard and the lawful good demonic temptress from the underworld, the former finding himself enamored by a spirit of equally great beauty and thus striving to better himself in the hopes of pulling her out of the Hell in which she was born. I would read like a million pages of that. Double bonus points if the male wizard is a female wizard in disguise. (If you want to scrub serial numbers off and make it an original story, I would in no way object if the male wizard were trans* instead. I would probably celebrate, actually, and might even shower you with crocheted goodies, depending. It wouldn't be the first time.)

Alternately, the sexy fic in which Rose and Kanaya roleplay that in the bedroom would be equally acceptable.

(I have shipped some things hard in my time, but Rose and Kanaya are my ultimate OTP, my ship of ships, the pairing of my heart, and I don't think I will ever stop loving them.)
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Esteemed readers,


Stitch Two Together, as recorded by the marvelous [ profile] Opalsong

This is going on my new mp3 player immediately, OMG.

Everyone else in the universe who is even remotely fond of Homestuck and/or knitting fic (with token crocheter, because even if the knitting!fic plunny overpowered my natural inclination to favor crochet there was no way I was going to let my chosen craft go completely overlooked) is encouraged to give it a listen and praise the hell out of Opalsong's recording.

And now if you will excuse me, I am off to battle the terrifying sequel!plunny that has just hopped into my thinkpan. NOT BEFORE FEBRUARY, TREACHEROUS LAGOMORPH!
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I've had this image in my head for a while, and the other day I decided I'd finally get to work getting it out of my head.

Cut for large image )

There's a lot I have to say about this image, but I'm going to put that under a separate cut, so people who like to open things separately with the nifty little DW side-arrow thing can do so. Especially if they have bandwidth concerns.

Image thought process )

And, uh, that's all I have to say about this pic, I think. Er. I hope you like it?
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Epic photo dump ahoy! Not only are there three projects I've been sitting on pictures of for far too long, I just finished another three within the past week or so. I've really been booking on my projects lately, which is good :3b

Anywho, pictures.

Kittehs )

Pyralspite )

Senator Lemonsnout )

Bearbee )

Kaien Cross )

Rose and Kanaya )

Today I got to work on FFVIIVincent!Pony. Or perhaps I should say back to work, as his basic body has been done since before AI 9_9a Anyway, I've been using this pic as a reference, and he now has hair and some very fancy horseshoes going for him. The gold isn't quite the right color, but I figure it's probably close enough. I plan to tackle his cloak tomorrow, maybe get his eyes and cutie mark on Tuesday? We'll see how things go. My current goal is to have him done by this weekend, so he can go to his new home (and hopefully I'll be able to start work on one of his buddies).

I also wanted to say that I've been thoroughly encouraged to put together some good crochet works and take them by our local ritzy 3D art shop, see if they wouldn't be interested in selling them :) At first I was thinking things along the lines of Tiny Tiger, but my parents suggested I go with Woman With Plant(s) and the like instead. So now I need to think of other paintings to imitate with crochet. Any suggestions, lovely f'list/circle?

Final thing! Just a quick reminder that I've got a charity offer up at [ profile] fandomaid to benefit Somalia, which is suffering from a terrible drought, famine, and cholera outbreak. Please consider bidding and/or offering to show your support, or at least spread the word.


Jan. 18th, 2011 12:20 am
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Grumpiest troll is essentially done, yay! )

And now, we'll see if I can actually manage a self-imposed twenty-four-hour crochet break. After which, I've got two commissions for friends, which I can hopefully finish before I have to start the stuff for [ profile] qldfloodauction. I may also sign up for [ profile] helpbrazil2011, because I am apparently just that much of a masochist into making things for charity. I mean, I already feel guilty that I haven't signed up for it yet, and I just found out about it tonight - though I was expecting something as soon as I heard about the flooding and landslides there as well. Even if I do sign up, I'll probably still feel bad, because I don't think I can handle more than one more winning bidder, though I will feel less bad than if I don't sign up (yay, Catholic upbringing!). Sigh; maybe something awesome will happen and I'll get a windfall of cash to bid with instead/in addition...

Which reminds me; I need to bug the AI execs about that one thing some more. *commences plotting*

Edit: Thread for Help Brazil is up here. I couldn't bring myself to say "only one winner", sob sob :( I hope my various winners are understanding and flexible about time/deadlines and such; I don't want my hands to quit on me ;_;
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Holy fuck, that Homestuck update. Holy fuck, that Homestuck update...!

Well! In order to celebrate the many and varied ways in which that update was absolutely mind-blowing, I feel the need to share some crochet WIP pics. Remember that present I mentioned wanting to finish for my brother before his birthday yesterday? Y-yeah, didn't manage that. I blame sleeping through most of Friday. But I am a lot closer than I was this morning!

Anyway. Grumpiest troll )

Anyhow, I'm hungry, and so are my rats, so I'mma get to work on taking care of both of those things. And then probably sleep. Because I like sleep. Here's hoping all the html will work in the actual post here and on LJ... And work it does! Score :Db
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Blarg, gotta get to sleep so I can get up in the morning and go to work...!

Really quick amigurumi time :Db

Bubby the Bubble Boy from Sister Claire )

Squiddle HorrorTerror )

Anyway, yes. Sleep. That. *flops over into bed*
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You know what? Yes. Yes, I am going to use my Tentacles icon for this post rather than my Creative Process icon. Because I can. Also, I happen to think it looks quite smashing in Pragmatic/Neutral Good (DW's new default layout, though I picked it anyway).

Pictures time!

From that meme forever ago that I haven't actually forgotten: What I sent to Inarticulate )

For my younger brother, for Xmas: A pair of Tangle Buddies from Squiddles/MSPA/Homestuck )

Leaving things there for now. Time to sleep, if I can manage it.

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