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I just made around thirty vials of various magic potions. It took me over two hours. Holy hell, I seriously didn't expect it to take this much out of me!

On the plus side, I've got twelve more vials of Unicorn Flatus ready to go for RodCon next weekend, which is great since I expect it to be quite popular. (Sparkly rainbow fluff in a glass vial with a snarky name and fun description? And at a very reasonable price? What's not to love?)

Three of the vials were self-indulgent fanart for Poison Kiss by Ana Mardoll, which I really do need to write a review for at some point. Also I need to take pics of them, and of the new addition to my potion set, Dryad Sap. ...Which also needs its own description. Something about promoting strong and healthy growth? Beware of leafy side-effects if used on non-plant organisms? Ooo, I like that, I think I may use that.

Eight of my twelve spice jars are also now filled with various potions: My four Harry Potter themed potions (remind me to cross-post those here), Bottled Dream, Dryad Sap, Unicorn Flatus, and Pure Sweetness. I'm planning for the other four to be Distilled Phoenix Flame, Essence of Night, Mermaid Song, and Powdered Dragon Scales. Gotta have both Phoenix Flame and Dragon Scales for the complimentary descriptions. I also need to look into either buying or putting together a small book to go with the magical spice rack, with the descriptions and art I usually put on tags, plus a note about how all of the ingredients are collected humanely ;)

Anyway, more of that tomorrow perhaps. ...Or maybe I should do more laundry, and make some nonbinary/genderqueer Pride Piggies for They Day. Probably the second one - though if there's time, definitely more work on the first :3b

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