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Finally - finally - I have finished watching Wedding Peach. I forgot how much I'd enjoyed the manga, and the anime followed suit pretty well (in terms of enjoyment; I can't remember whether all of the plot points mirror, though I suspect they don't), though it got pretty intense towards the end. The OVAs were a nice refresher, though not without problems.

The important thing is, it's time for me to start watching a new anime! And boy do I have a lot to choose from.

Anime I've watched part or most of but haven't managed to finish for whatever reason:
* Cardcaptor Sakura (I'm close to the end of ...season one? All the episodes with the first ending, I think.)
* Tactics (I got about half-way through and then got bogged down when it switched from Monster Of The Week to Actual Plot Type Things Maybe)
* Getbackers (I got half-way through and then got distracted by I don't even know what)
* Yu Yu Hakusho (I got bogged down in the Dark Tournament, because it was going on for-fucking-ever; seriously, it's more than a whole season long, and tournaments are not my biggest draw in anime)
* Maria-sama ga Miteru (
* Kaleido Star (I watched a few episodes and it wasn't holding my attention enough; possibly I was just out of sync with anime storytelling cliches, though, since it is very much that)
* xxxHOLiC (I don't even remember why I stopped watching)
* Grenadier (I am judging myself hard enough for everyone, okay)
* My OTOME/My Zhime (I think there was romance-subplot-related embarrassment squick on the horizon, so I pursued something else for a while; now I can't seem to find the DVDs (or for Mai HiME, which I actually enjoyed rather a lot), which distresses me; there may be Cleaning in my immediate future.)
* .Hack//Roots (I think I got about half-way through this? My brain is insisting that I did, and then quit because the MC was Making Bad Choices, but I remember very little about the series itself :/ That may be A Sign.)

Anime I own all of but haven't really watched any of yet:
* Cowboy Bebop (I managed to miss all of its Adult Swim and/or Toonami runs, and it's one of the Big Names)
* Rahxephon (Just picked this one up recently from Half Price Books. I know nothing about it besides the disc summaries and one AMV I saw. It looks cool and well animated, at least?)
* El Cazador de la Bruja (HPB purchase. Read about it on Okazu; the third of what Erica Friedman categorized as BeeTrain's "Girls With Guns On The Run" thematic trilogy.)
* Noir (See immediately above. The first of said thematic trilogy. I've already watched the second, Madlax.)
* Sukeban Deka (I'm pretty sure I read about this on Okazu as well, but damned if I remember anything about it. Badass lady character getting into fights. Also it's just a movie rather than a whole series, so.)
* Mononoke (This looks really pretty? And I'm pretty sure I remember at least one of my friends here loving it...)
* Saiyuki (I've actually seen a bit of this, but it's been so long that I'm not counting it.)
* Antique Bakery (Well. I know it's GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY and did I mention GAY, and also probably food porn? I don't usually go for contemporary dramas, but I have heard it's very good.)
* Big Windup (I followed the manga for a good while, and relate to Mihashi so hard. Sports anime about baseball with a main character who has an anxiety disorder (I think), and also there's hella gay subtext. Also, the lady who formed the team is hella badass and awesome and I might have a tiny crush on her.)
* Saint Tail (I've finally read all of the manga! The anime may take a little while to get through, though. Minor point against: No dub track. I like to crochet while watching, and dubs make it easier on me.)
* Utena the Movie (...Yeah, I have no idea. I found it at a Planned Parenthood Book Sale a number of years ago before even seeing the series, and I still haven't watched it.)
* Toward the Terra (Another one I have almost no idea about. It also appears to be in its original packaging, and I'm not entirely sure I want to change that without learning more about it.)

I think that's it? I've. I've got a lot of watching to do. I need to figure out what I'm in the mood for.

(Way up high on the Definitely Gonna Watch This list is Tokyo Godfathers, since I checked it out from the library today. So at least that's one decided.)
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