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Brain: Hey.

Brain: You know what you should do.

Brain: You should write a fic.

Me: ...That is a great idea, Brain, and I am all for it, except that right now I'm at work. I'd like to continue to be employed here, so ceasing all work-related activity to write a fic is probably not a good idea.

Brain: Cool, cool, cool. That's fine. You said before that fic ideas would keep you entertained at work, I'm just going to keep you entertained.

Brain: But you know. If you don't write down this really great and important line right now, you'll probably lose it forever.

Me: *whimpers* *grabs a scrap of paper and writes as quickly and coherently as possible*


In all seriousness, though, I am so glad to have a fandom again. Fandom!Socchan is the Socchan I am happiest being, the Socchan who is most content. Even if I do have to wrestle with my attention span from time to time, this is... This is the way I like best to be and the way I feel most myself.

I'll have to work to remember that.
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