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Difemina flavor:

* One of them is an ultra-studious smartypants
* One of them is a super sweet sugarlump
* One of them is a sarcastic snarky so-and-so
* One of them is a vampire

I’ve got three so far (Hollstein, Bubbline, Rosemary); tell me if you’ve got more so I can add to my addiction. (I’d especially love to add Studious Vampire/Snarky Sugarlump to my collection. (Though that might be less snark and more nonstop goofy jokes.))
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Hello! I am back from Texas. I have actually been back from Texas since veeeeery early Saturday morning (and I know from early mornings), but I have been lax about posting.

(Ironically, this trip to Texas was less stressful for me than the one that was actually a vacation that I took in November. I'm guessing it's a combination of actually being on my meds now, and also not having to rush back before the rest of my family for a huge holiday bake sale.)

Going to rec a few things before I go to sleep tonight, and then share some big news.

For all my fellow fans of femslash/yuri/stories about girls who are into girls, I recommend the following:

* Carmilla, the original video series on YouTube; it's inspired by J. Sheridan Le Fanu's Novella of the same name, and is just amazing. The first season is complete, and I watched it last night with Steve the chainmail guy at his regular crafting get-together; there are thirty-six episodes in season one, but they're all really short (two to six minutes long), so you can get through it in a matter of a few hours. Totally worth it! Link to the first episode. (The second season has just aired its fourth episode, but I'm holding off on watching until the entire thing is out. Or I am for now, at least. We'll see how long I last.)

* Cute Demon Crashers, an ultra short dating sim with a focus on consent and comfort, and a no-sex ending as an option! It is super duper cute, with a female main character, and while three of the four potential "love interests" are dudes, one is definitely a lady. The game is technically unfinished, having only two routes completed (plus the no-sex ending), but one of them is for the lady, so! I'm counting it. The art is perfect, the writing is fantastic, the music is lovely, and you have the option to stop the sexy times at any point with no negative consequences. Learn more over here.

* Shira Glassman's Mangoverse! I've already reviewed the first book in the series, The Second Mango, here, and there are currently three books out, plus a couple of short stories. BONUS: This month, the electronic version of all of these books (plus more!) are ON SALE at the publisher's website! Simply use the coupon code PRIDE2015 during checkout to drop the price of these already very affordable books into downright amazing territory - $3.37 USD for the first and third books, slightly more for the second, slightly less for the short stories. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: In honor of a homeless teenaged trans guy in the third book, A Harvest of Ripe Figs, Shira is donating all of her first and second quarter royalties from it to Casa Ruby (a shelter for homeless trans youth) and Trans Lifeline (a trans-specific crisis hotline, staffed entirely by trans people). If you like femslash, lady friendships, and dragons, this is definitely the series for you. This is also the series for you if you are interested in Jewish characters with absolutely no danger of antisemitism, happy endings for all LGBTQIAP+ characters, characters with food allergies (the main character is gluten intolerant and also can't have poultry), and positively depicted fat characters with no dieting or shaming narratives. There are way more reasons this is totally the series for you, but if I keep listing them, I'll be up all night, and I have to open tomorrow. Learn more about how to buy these books and possibly others right over here, at the author's Tumblr. (Also check out her tags for more art of all the characters!)

Okay, recs done. Time for big news! )
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*folds face into hands and groans* See, world, this is why I need home internet: so I can know about hugely important Anime Iowa related meetings before what I can only assume is an hour into the meeting itself. (On that note, Pat, if this sort of thing happens again and I don't send a response e-mail by 8:00 pm Friday, c-could I maybe get you to give me a call about it? 'Cuz yeah. *now has study buddies during normal Friday computer hours, f-fail*)

In other news, I spent money yesterday! Lots of it. More than I would have liked. The frugal person in me is totally having buyer's remorse right now. The fangirl in me, however, does not care in the slightest. After having spent probably two hours trying to find specific new manga titles in Waldenbooks and Barnes & Noble, I had finally given up and just bought the second Avatar season three DVD at Best Buy while it was 1/3 off the regular price. (Sadly, the NickBuck from the previous DVD had expired at the end of December, so it was only $10 instead of $9.) It was with a resigned air that I headed back home in the snowfall, finally remembering on the interstate why I kinda liked driving in the stuff in the first place (it was like I was floating out there, guys *_*).

That ended my spending for a while - but only until after study buddies, at which point I met Dad at Prairie Lights for a ride home and decided to browse for a while. Imagine my surprise when I found the first volume of Next Exit (which I had rather wanted, but didn't have the guts to search out individual magazines for) on the racks of our nice locally-run bookery. Continuing my search - faint hopes bolstered by the completely unexpected find - I managed to dig up all three other volumes of manga I'd been faintly hoping to find earlier in the day (Strawberry Panic, Voiceful, and First Love Sisters, all as translated by Seven Seas). I left the store an additional $50 poorer, but four books richer.

Then I proceeded to read them all last night before getting any sleep. Failure, me. Should've stretched it out a bit more. Ah, well. At least I have Avatar audio commentaries to look forward to. (For the record: Strawberry Panic still needs to win me over 100%, though I do agree with Erica Friedman regarding the adaptation, esp in regards to how Nagisa refers to herself; Voiceful was a little less yuri than I expected/would like, and the author also acknowledged it; and First Love Sisters was absolutely winning and adorable, would re-read.)

And now I'm going to scurry off in hopes of downloading another episode of OoFuri somehow before the lab closes (unlikely, I just downloaded two from MU (they're up through episode 17 now, holy crap o_o)).


Aug. 21st, 2007 08:16 pm
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And also a little bit of whining, but that'll be over with after just another sentence or two. First day of classes at CR campus, which is large and confusing, and I think I like the IC campus better; also, the IC campus comp labs have not yet changed their schedule to read "8:00 AM to 10:00 PM", leading me to believe that the 8:00-8:00 thing is somewhat more permanent than I at first thought and would like. So, boof. Whining over, yay!

B♀y Band arts )

Time Traveling Thing )

And I end it there. Want to update before my time completely runs out anyway. Note to self: make artsy icon.

Edit: *tags the hell out of the entry* Ell oh ell.

Edit 2: Holy figs and pudding, there's a lite version of Morton's List! And it's freeeeeee.... o_o *...downloads* Someone buy me the complete book, or even the box set or something! Maybe for my birthday?
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You know, it is amazing what sort of difference twenty milligrams of Prozac can make.


I'll most likely be making puppy eyes for last-minute rush-job app beta-ings later tonight. I'd be making them now, but I don't have the revised version of my app with me. In fact, I still have to finish revising it =_=


Okay, my hate-on for MegaUpload is officially back and going strong. Geez, they don't even mention free accounts in their stupid ads, just free downloads and premium downloads. It should really not take four hours for me to download one episode of PGSM. SendSpace could go faster, and they have a 50kbs speed limit for free accounts! If I had money, I'd probably break down and pay about now.


After a fit of digging and scrounging and irrational fear that I had lost them, I finally managed to find my Boy Band notes and drawings yesterday. ...They were in my backpack. (What can I say? Thinking about/planning for original stories will pretty much inevitably lead me to think of my other ones.) I don't know if I've mentioned my plan for Simon to pass the swimming unit in gym yet, but I am still far too pleased with it. Oh Simon, your grandpa was such a card ♥♥♥ (The band, by the way, will have gotten out of the lessons entirely through some BS excuse.) Also, I've decided that Nat is going to have at least one older brother, and possibly as many as three. Except she will have told people that her brother (or one of them) is actually her sister, so she can explain some of the strange things she got from home. "Oh, my older sister is also going to school away from home; Mom must have mixed up the addresses or something ^^a" Which will lead to wacky hijinks and fun with wardrobes when it comes time for said brother-sister to appear in the story :Db

...No, I don't think this story has too much crossdressing yet, why do you ask?

Edit: As of 2:51pm, we have a tornado watch until 3:15.

Edit x 2: Watch upgraded to warning aprx 2:58; students and faculty ushered to a downstairs hallway, released aprx 3:30; last I heard, the warning was supposed to last until 3:45, but the tornado(s) supposedly aren't going to get too close to us, knock on wood.

Am heading for home anyway, what with my four-hour download interrupted. Rassa-frassa MegaUpload...
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On Lililicious' front page:
April 25, 2007
Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA 3: A Breath of Fresh Air (joint with Otenba)(anime).
Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA Special 3 (joint with Otenba)(anime).

Hot damn, another two are up! Now if only I'm able to download the both of them in the time I have...

On Okazu:
Taishi Zaou and Eiki Eiki's collective yuri work now has a title, hooray! Er, I think. And I can't believe I didn't notice that name thing before...
(Here's hoping they do more in the future... and also that they do so with less sekuhara.)

...I just realized that I need to have a "Yuri makes everything better :D" tag. *goes to make it*

Image dump

Apr. 23rd, 2007 09:32 pm
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This image dump is mostly to cheer me up, as I am slightly frustrated with life right now (grrrr, stupid transfers, why won't you stick right? DD:), but also has a fair helping of "Oh, hey, I should really scan and post this, shouldn't I?"

Anyway, much like the reason Phantom of the Opera isn't actually an opera but a musical because it has (gasp!) two whole spoken lines in, this post is not an art post because it has one photograph in ¦Db So we'll get those out of the way first ♥

This was going to include a picture of my mom wearing a Blue Means Click shirt, but I... seem to have failed to save it to my USB stick. *fail* )

This is just two (fairly early) scribbles of My Darlings ♥♥♥ Look and enjoy )

Some stuff from that Claire thing )

Remember that crossdressing girl band thing? Yeah, there's more of that under here. )

Much better ^__^ And now, as that took somewhere in the area of an hour and a half to type up, I'd better post this before it drags on longer.
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...Why is it that files of similar nature and size can take forty minutes to upload and then two hours to download? 'Cuz I'm kinda used to it going the other way around. I also kinda have a headache, but that's not important ¦D

Anyway, meant to post some of this yesterday, and then talk too much about it, but I was low on time, woez. It's a number of character sketches for this manga that I want to draw/write sometime soon-ish. Lyzz has already heard a little about it, as I ganked a name from her ♥

Still thinking of a name for the little bugger )

Anyway, I'm interested in hearing thoughts, I guess? Or not, either way is cool.

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