Jan. 19th, 2019

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Heard from my mechanic just as I was leaving work on Thursday; apparently a "critter" chewed through something in my gear shift cable. (It wasn't entirely my fault, hooray!) Got it all fixed up and replaced by late Friday afternoon; cost me around $400 for my trouble, which was $200 less than I was bracing myself for, so I'm reasonably okay with this outcome.

My car was also fixed right on time for me to get to the hotel where I work ahead of the horrible snowstorm we got last night, where I got to stay for free since I was opening in the morning. Thank you, boss! I can't say I slept terribly well, but I can't say I was expecting to, either, so it balanced out. I'm planning to make up for lost sleep tonight, so: Lights out in 30 min at the latest!

Between the snow and work and general tiredness, I missed most of the special Feebas research for PoGo today; I got two stops worth, and have caught one so far, no shinies. Apparently the rate was pretty crap for them; somewhere between 1 in 60 and 1 in 75? The tasks were not at all designed for quick turnover, either; Hatch 1, Earn 1 Candy, 15 Nice throws, or 10 Great throws. They also fixed the issue from Squirtle Day, where stops that gave one person a shiny, gave everyone a shiny - which I'd honestly expected, so. Anyway, it ultimately sounded like it was largely disappointing all around, so I'm not terribly sad to have missed most of it.

Welp, time's a wastin'! I need to get some more quick 'net surfing in before lights out :P More later!

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