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Wow, this took way longer than I meant it to. His pics are resized now, though, and ready to share!

Clothed Sephy-kins! Due to various contributing factors, including but not limited to how I'd been crocheting tighter than ever and didn't want to over-stuff the dude, he ended up smaller than Cloud-pony. Everyone at the unveiling was quite amused.

I went with very slightly different colors of yarn for his coat and mane/tail, because it made my teeth itch to think of them being the exact same color. I also think his mane and tail ended up a little long even for him, but whatever, they look fine.

Naked Sephy-kins! Oh Maude, this is hilarious. So when I was making him, I spent a horrible amount of time interrogating my friends and AI co-staffers about what exactly that green-and-white thing on Sephiroth-pony's haunch in the original picture is, and the closest we were able to collectively come is "A sword on some sort of green field". Other guesses included "A sword with wings" and "I have no fucking idea". Finally, the commissioner decided to just google image search for Sephiroth Cutie Mark and found out most people had assigned him that comet thing, so that's what I went with.

Here's where the hilarity comes in: A little while ago, the artist of the original pic got into contact with me (!!!). While Sephiroth-pony had been finished for some time, I was finally able to ask what they'd intended Sephiroth's cutie mark to be, just so I'd finally know. They then confessed that they'd deliberately tried to cover it up because they couldn't think of one. (And also for Vincent, whose was easier if only by virtue of not having even a partial image to try and puzzle out.) I am seriously still lolling over this, and will probably continue to do so for quite some time.

Sephiroth's accessories! His coat was major a pain, especially in the wing area, and eventually I decided one continuous strap for the belts would be more practical (especially for dressing purposes) than two short straps, but it's not without complications. For one thing, when properly applied, it's long enough that you have to tuck it under his tail to make the straps look right in the front ^^a It all turned out pretty well, though.

Three part photo dump complete! Now I just need to take pictures of everything I've crocheted since then and get started resizing and uploading them 9_9a This could take a while.

Date: 2012-05-24 08:17 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] redsixwing

I like the length of the mane. <3

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