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Woo, more amigurumi pics!

By commission from my brother, a character requested for Act II of Plush Sleuth. She turned out great :3

Katia Managan is from the MSPA-prompt-style webcomic Prequel, AKA Making A Cat Cry: The Adventure. They are so not kidding about that subtitle, by the way. Every single time you think things are going well for Katia, life completely ruins them. As of this posting the story's back on an "upswing", but it's likely only a matter of time before everything comes crashing down again. Consider yourself warned!

By commission from new Quire member R. I think he turned out rather well; R has followed up with a commission for Link from the Zelda games.

The colors aren't showing up at all, which is tragic, but this dragon totally sparkles with green and orange. The yarn it's made from is a wool/poly blend, which kinda muffles the sparkles anyway. I'mma hafta re-take some pictures, see what I can do to get the colored sparkles to stand out more for its Etsy listing.

In addition to the black opal dragon, I added another two plain-colored griffins to my Etsy store, one in black and one in brown. I figured I'd skip pics of them for now, though :P With any luck, I'll be adding my Tetris blanket there sometime soon as well.

Quick reminder: I've got offers up at [profile] fandomaid to raise money for Superstorm Sandy relief. My customary offer is up here; I'm also making Dr. Hooves available in the auction.

Edit: Now with Etsy links! (Good grief, self...)
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